11 Best Books on Kindle Unlimited


If you are a Prime member and have Kindle unlimited, then it must be confusing to decide which book to read. This article is for you, for here we discuss 11 best books on Kindle Unlimited.

Top 11 Books on Kindle Unlimited

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Starting at the Finish Line: My Cancer Partner, Perspective and Preparation by Matthew Newman

Matt didn’t expect that at 39, he will be diagnosed with brain cancer. Luckily, he had someone to assist him through every terrible moment. Matt’s own father-in-law Larry had been diagnosed with carcinoma three years earlier. The two men found support in each other and their combined family as they worked to find normalcy in an abnormal situation. This memoir chronicles the journey that his entire family and support group took together which got him to an area of clarity, understanding and appreciation.

Hung Like a Seahorse: A Real-Life Transgender Adventure of Tragedy, Comedy, and Recovery by Quinn Alexander Fontaine

We each have a story, and that we aren’t limited to our story. So many of us get trapped by thinking we are less than others or unlovable or that we should not be taking up space altogether. This book will remind you that you are here for a reason. Quinn tells about the nitty-gritty of his journey of healing work to get over childhood trauma and multiple addictions, and his full acceptance of being transgender.

The Tenth Island: Finding Joy, Beauty, and Unexpected Love in the Azores by Diana Marcum

Reporter Diana Marcum is in crisis due to a long-buried personal sadness. But then she stumbles upon an unusual group of immigrants living in rural California. Following them on their annual return to the remote Azorean Islands within the Atlantic, she encounters bulls running down village streets, active volcanoes, and people celebrating to ease their saudade, a longing so deep that the Portuguese word for it can’t be fully translated.

Waking Mathilda: A Memoir of Childhood Narcolepsy by Claire Crisp

Claire Crisp had it all—a strong marriage, three healthy children, and her house in Bristol. Then came the H1N1 flu pandemic of 2009. It took only vaccine—one seemingly innocuous vaccine to Mathilda, the baby of the family—to change their lives forever. Diagnosed at age three as the world’s youngest child with narcolepsy, the joyful and energetic Mathilda rapidly dissolved into someone unrecognizable.


Five Years, Eleven Months and A Lifetime of Unexpected Love: A Memoir by Visakha Dasi

Visakha portrays her own and others’ experiences in India, Europe, and therefore the U. S. as they grapple with knowledge and a culture that’s directly utterly foreign yet also resonant with their hearts. Written by a fellow seeker who maintains a healthy dose of skepticism, this is a funny and informative tale which will help people see life from another perspective, one likely different from their own.

The Size of Everything: A Memoir by Erin Cole

Equal parts heartbreaking and hilarious, this book is a love letter to her surviving siblings, a how-not-to-parent manual, a testament to the power of positivity, and proof that where you come from doesn’t have to determine where you can go.

The Bridge by Jill Cox

Meredith Sullivan wants to study abroad. But when Pete shows up on her flight to Paris, Meredith starts to wonder if that scholarship covers a year in Antarctica instead. But because the autumn leaves begin to fall within the City of sunshine, Meredith learns thousand things about Pete she never knew.

The Kiss Thief by LJ Shen

All great love stories have a happy ending according to people. For Francesca Rossi, she had to erase and rewrite hers until the very last chapter. One kiss. Two men. Three lives. Entwined together. And somewhere between these two men, she had to find her forever.

Accidental Romeo: A Marriage Mistake Romance by Nicole Snow

Brace for everything to go hilariously wrong in this novel. The mysterious new hero in this book is no flipping joke. Rich as sin. Knockout eyes. A snarlypants single dad. Muscle, muscle everywhere. Too good for the quiet baker girl nobody ever noticed.

Say You’re Sorry by Melinda Leigh

Morgan Dane returns to Scarlet Falls after the devastating loss of her husband in Iraq. Surrounded by family, she’s finally found peace and a promising career opportunity, until her babysitter is killed and her neighbor asks her to defend his son, Nick, who is accused of the murder.


Love Me Whole by Nicky James

Twenty-eight-year-old Oryn Patterson isn’t like other people. Being an extremely shy, social introvert is only part of the problem. Oryn has dissociative identity disorder and his alternate forms are Reed, a protective, very straight jock, Cohen, a gay extrovert teen, Cove, a self-destructive terror, whose past haunts him, Theo, an asexual man maintaining order and Rain, a five-year-old concerned with Batman.

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