21 Fun Places to Visit in Toronto Before Your Kid Turns 11


Toronto is definitely one of the most attractive and fascinating tourist spots in the world, and if you love travelling, a vacation to Toronto will certainly be an integral part of your bucket list! The largest city in Canada, Toronto is the capital of Ontario, and home to a dynamic and interesting mix of tourist attractions. From museums and galleries to the Toronto Islands just off-shore, it is a package of your dream vacation. This is not it, you get to enjoy the latest musicals and other performing arts in its Entertainment District. The city center is extremely convenient and easy to navigate through, with some spots even within walking distance of each other. There is also a subway system in order to cover longer distances which cannot be walked.

You will certainly be overwhelmed with the wide variety of options when looking for tourist attractions in Toronto. But at the same time, if you have a small kid, you would obviously want to visit a place where your kid will have fun equally. Well, don’t worry! You will be happy to hear that most of the tourist places that are for adults, like galleries, museums, etc. Also have special areas or programmes, especially for the kids. So here is a list of a few places that you have to visit before your kid turns 11!

21 Best Places to Visit in Toronto 

Best Places to Visit in Toronto 

Canada’s Wonderland

Let your kids experience the best rides in town including the best and the highest rollercoasters. The 93-metre-tall (306 feet) Leviathan, the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Canada, is located here. This place is thus a must visit with your kids.

CN Tower

Your kid will never forget climbing up the 447-meter-high tower in a glass elevator to experience Toronto’s highest rise. They will get sweeping views of the Toronto region and the beautiful Niagara Falls from the observation deck and Sky Pod respectively.

Casa Loma

The huge castle of Casa Loma was once a private home, but now it is an attraction where your kids can make-believe you are in a magical kingdom. They can experience everything that they have read in fairy tales, from knights in shining armours to princesses and even dragons, all in one place. So, do not forget to visit this.


Royal Tyrrell Museum

We cannot deny the fact that every kid ever is fascinated by creatures such as dinosaurs and so, this museum is something which will take every kid’s breath away. The Royal Tyrrell Museum is a home to over 1,30,000 fossils that were once found in the Dinosaur Provincial Park. The kids can wander about in the huge Dinosaur Hall which features more than 40 skeletons of dinosaurs.

Toronto Zoo

The largest zoo in the country with 5000 animals from 450 different species is sure to fill your child with awe and wonder. From Indian rhinos and clouded leopards to Sumatran orangutans and Grevy’s zebras, kids will never want to miss a chance to watch so many animals!

Kid’s Market

This is one of the top family-friendly attractions in the town with activities, services and shops, aimed just for the kids. The ‘Virtual Ride’ and the ‘Adventure Zone’ are things that they would never like to miss.

Centreville Amusement Park

Located on the Centre Islands of Toronto, this place caters to desires of the little ones with pony rides, an antique carousel, and much more. This will surely add up to an idyllic day trip filled with fun and frolic.

Ontario Science Centre

Find the long searched answers to all the mysteries of this planet, be it related to electricity, outer space, wildlife, gravity, any many more. Visit this place with your kids and raise their inquisitiveness and curiosity that will help them in the future.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

This is home to unique and strange creatures that your kids could never even imagine of. They could go fishing or watch the world famous teeth of piranha in action during a live feeding session right in front of their eyes.


Brampton Treetop Trekking

Experience top-notch trekking at this place with the guidance of staff that will satisfy you to the fullest. If you are here especially during the summer season, your kids will surely have an experience of their lifetime.

Gardiner Museum

Experience one of the oldest and traditional art galleries in the Gardiner Museum of Toronto. Your kids will also love to visit the bay which too is open to the public.

Harbourfront Centre

Take a walk along the waterfront with your children or check out the summer camps, festivals, sweet treats and free concerts. Our kids are sure to enjoy them and remember the experience for a very long time.

Royal Ontario Museum

This place is a blast to visit with children, as they will surely love the dinosaur and prehistoric mammal skeletons, sparkling gemstones, Egyptian mummies, and more. The CIBC Discovery Gallery has even more things to offer for the little ones, like dress-in costumes, dig for dinosaur bones, and rub fossils.

High Park Zoo

This free-entry zoo is one of the biggest parks in Toronto. This charming part of the park allows the children to see and interact with llamas, bison, deer and other animals. This surely adds to the level of excitement of the kids.

Hockey Hall of Fame

If you or your kids love hockey, then this is surely your place. The greatest collection of hockey artefacts and activities in the world can be found here and you will definitely have an amazing time discovering them!


Humber Bay Park

Located in Etobicoke, part of Toronto, this park has picnic tables, trails and a beach front. The butterfly habitat is something which you can explore with your kids and would be quite an interesting experience.

Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market, a major public market in Toronto, Ontario is one of the greatest tourist attraction for kids. They will want to buy a host of things from here and will love to see what they have wanted to buy for long.

Little India

Stroll through the largest market in North America with your kid and you will get everything that your kid can ever wish for! From toys to sweets, this area has it all. Do not miss the burfis and jalebis or you will surely regret later!

Toronto Railway Museum

Learn about each and every train that has ever crossed Ontario and let your kids enjoy their time riding the mini toy trains that are found here. Do not miss this fascinating place.

Bata Shoe Museum

Your kid is sure to be fascinated to see how small Marilyn Monroe’s feet really were in this museum. With the wide range of shoes at display here, even adults will be surprised, let alone the kids.


Your kids will enjoy the games here more than they enjoy their video games back at home. This specially designed game parlour contains almost every arcade game they could want to play, including a Laser Maze and go-karts.


You should certainly visit these places along with your kids or they would miss out on a lot. Travel experiences are things that children carry with them for a long time and they will certainly cherish these happy memories for many years to come. Therefore, keep these places in mind when you plan a vacation to Toronto with your little ones. Bon Voyage!