21 Fun Music Games for Kids


Children love to play and they love music too. Well, how about if you merge both of them together and let kids play music games. Voila! It’s super fun for them. You can use music games for kids to play on their birthdays, Christmas or any other party. It is one of the best ways to keep them engaged and not bored with a function.

21 Fun and Active Music Games for Kids

music games

Instant mozart

A series of new music games for kids and software are designed to engage children who may have little or no experience playing a musical instrument in the act of composing. This game enables children with no prior musical education to experience the joy of composing on their own. In this, there are sixty cards featuring musical notations that can be combined and rearranged into thousands of different permutations and combinations. Children can compose their tune with cards and then can immediately hear what their creation sounds like on a computer or a mobile device by plugin the numbers on each card into the game’s website.

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Spin the microphone

This game of all music games for kids is a fun version of the most common and favourite game “truth and dare”. Kids do love this game. Let the kids sit in a circle, and you need to rotate a microphone in between. When it stops rotating, then the kid to whom it is pointing has to choose between truth and dare.

Musical balloons

For this game, you need balloons and this music game can be played with all kinds of gatherings. The number of members can be 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50. You need the balloons according to the number of members. Here is the way of playing: if there are 15 members, then you must take 11 balloons and spread it on the floor. Then, ask all the members to stand in the centre. After that, start the music and as soon as the music stops all the members must collect one balloon each. The members whose balloons blow-out will be eliminated. Like this further rounds will be played, unless a single winner comes out.


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Disco musical statues

This game, out of all music games is the most fun. It’s a simple game and you don’t have to purchase or prepare something for this. Get the kids to bop to the music and once the music stops they need to stay as still as attainable, anyone moving is ‘out’. To add more fun, attempt to build the kids giggle by actuation a funny face or looking at them.

Musical chairs

A game that kids love. Place a row of chairs back to back and acquire the kids to bop around them. Once the music stops they need to sit down on a chair. Next time take away one chair and also the kid who is ‘out’.

Freeze dance

Let’s play the party freeze game! In this game, music will be played and kids will dance any way they please, but as soon as the music stops they need to freeze. If any kid fails to freeze or get imbalanced, he/ she will be eliminated from the game. The game continues until one final winner is coming out.

The high and low game

In this game, two types of music are played, one high and one low. If kids hear a high sound they are supposed to reach for the sky and if they hear a low sound they are supposed to touch their toe. Trust me, kids love this game out of all music games.

Limbo games

Limbo is actually testing for kids and created all the additional fun with spirited music. Simply ensure there are some soft cushions or rugs for the rough landings or maybe play it outside wherever the grass is softer.


Musical conductor game

Here you have one child in the middle of a circle and they get two sticks that they get to play with and you explain to the children when the conductor has his hands up high with the sticks that mean you’re going to play the music really loud and when he puts his sticks down that means you’re going to play really soft and when he signals straight that means you’re going to stop the music entirely. Some instruments that you may want to use that are fun to play with preschool children are sticks you can make different noises with if you rub them together or clock them. Another one is a maraca and this is our favourite it makes the loudest noise are the symbols, and bells, a little mini tambourine, a clapper and a little drum.

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Musical noises

Collect a variety of musical instruments like a free-reed instrument, recorder, tambourine, mini keyboard or triangle and demonstrate the instruments to the cluster, telling them what everyone is named. Then hide behind a settee and find the youngsters to guess the sound of the instrument you’re enjoying. Everybody gets a sweet once all the sounds are guessed.

Passing the parcel

In this game, children pass the ball in this cooperative music game, and when they hear a “new” sound, the ball is passed in the opposite direction. This musical activity fosters cooperation in a fun, non-competitive way.

Strictly come dancing

Divide the kids into groups of 4 and obtain them to return up with a tiny low dance routine along. Offer them a number of dressing up accessories like dark glasses, feather boas, hats and fake microphones to begin things off. Award prizes for the simplest cluster of dancers, most original dancers etc. To avoid an excessive amount of sulking.

Musical toy piano for kids

A very attractive and interesting animal keyboard for babies with different modes and animal sounds. Specifications: plays different sounds, rhymes, music. Helps in developing a sense of hearing and understanding. Plays in 3 modes – piano, animal sounds and melodious instrumental songs. Flashes lights while playing. Amusing and exciting gift for kids and children. Develops musical, touch and hearing senses in children.


Party island

This has a similar construct as musical chairs however once the music stops, kids need to stand on a celebration island. You’ll have to use sheets of newspaper to act as your island and every around the kid has got to fold the newspaper to a smaller size, eventually, some can’t balance on the little piece of newspaper and then ‘out’.

Brown bear, brown bear

This music game can actually help kids to game so much knowledge. Children need to sit in a circle with one animal toy. One kid starts to sing naming the animal toy in someone else hand and then that kid recites the song. Like this, a chain continues and children get to learn as well as play at the same time.

Find a word and sing

In this music game two teams are made. One team sings a song, the other team needs to pick a word from that song and sing another song that contains that word.

Dancing competition

Play a song and find the kids to bounce then recognize the most effective and talented dancer and give a prize to the best dancer.

Gargle a song

Fill a glass, sing a song. The others must try to guess which one.


This is nice for younger kids. However, take a sing-along cd instead of simply vocal therefore the songs are instantly recognizable.


Pass the clothes

Pass a bag of dressing-up clothes around the circle. When the music stops, take an item and put it on. Continue until everyone is wearing something daft.


Put on the music, get everyone dancing, press pause. The first one to move is out. And so on, until one person is left.

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