10 Indoor Games That Increase The Intelligence Of Children


Childhood is the phase where one can learn anything and everything under the sun, if taught correctly. This happens because while you’re a child, your brain is still not fully developed and has a huge potential for you to explore. So it becomes important to nurture the minds of young ones as it is the best time to learn anything new. Children are often busy playing games as they need something to entertain themselves. 

indoor games to increase intelligence

Now amid the pandemic, outdoor activities and games have come to a halt but that is not the issue as there are plenty of indoor games you could introduce to your children which will not only entertain them but also increase their intelligence. Brain development games enhance the attention power of children, their ability to follow instructions and also develop their language. 

So let’s take a look at 10 such indoor games that your child can play and get smart with it. 


Chess is without a doubt a great indoor game to stimulate a child’s brain functions. This game teaches patience on all levels and the importance of planning forward. Playing chess can also improve the thinking skills of children. You can buy a family chess board game and play with your child. This game sharpens the senses of all age groups and helps bolster strategic thoughts. 


While puzzle may seem very plain and time consuming to some. It actually is very fun. Solving puzzles boosts up the brain power of the child and helps them in memorizing stuff. Solving puzzles also helps with increasing visualization powers and kids get a better understanding of vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions and they can learn how to align them in order to achieve picture perfect results. This leads to enhanced visual perception while making them happy. 



This game is known to increase neuroplasticity in humans and making them smarter. When neuroplasticity increases, the ability to view anything from multiple angle gets sharpened. With this, one can easily understand and anticipate new patters. So this game might be better than you thought it to be! 

Snakes And Ladders

Children of all ages love to play snakes and ladders. Playing this game leads them to learn numbers quickly and understand them as well. It also teaches them patience and they can detect the patterns well. Children also learn the concept about rules. All of this, while just counting the numbers and having fun! 


This popular board game is the classic example of learning and earning while having fun. Monopoly introduces children towards real life problems and challenges without imposing any real life stress. Children can learn about business, money and investments at a very young age. 

Rubik’s Cube

This colourful cube is the definition of keeping your brain active in a productive way. Children who play Rubik’s cube have improved concentration and allow their thoughts to move faster . This indoor game also helps in developing the eye-hand coordination. Playing it regularly also improves short term memory. It is a fun brain sharpening game. 

Word Building 

What is the better time to learn new words than childhood? Children who play word building games get introduced to new words earlier than their peers. This helps them in learning and thinking intensely. All this improves their brain function. They learn to make new words from existing letters and also learn to decode the jumbled words. Their presence of mind is improved by playing this indoor game. 

Treasure Hunt

This indoor game is very easy for the children to play. Even an adult can participate in this game to make it more exciting. All you have to do is hide any object anywhere at you home and ask your children to find it out. Ofcourse, you can give them a few hints about the location of where you’ve hidden the object. But it’s completely up to them how to find it. Playing treasure hunt will uplift the power of your child’s brain to think and reach the exact location with minimum hints available. This game will not only entertain them but also it is a great way for you to spend some time with your children and bond together. 



Including this indoor game in your child’s play routine is very important. When the little ones play this game, they learn how to tackle problems and the way to overcome them. When they are met with the obstacles in the game, it sharpens their memory power and helps them remember not to repeat the same mistake again. This lovely game improves their brain function as well. This game can also be played in gadgets. 

Building Blocks

This is among the first games that children play and love it. It is one of the ideal games to play inside the house. While playing this indoor game children learn to plan and build new models. Building blocks also helps in building concentration and encourages kids to put pressure on their brains. This leds them into thinking innovatively. Children also learn about different colours and models while playing this indoor game. 


Children have a very active imagination and sharp mind. If given good knowledge, they can grasp it easily and this improves their brain functioning. Including these Indoor games in their play time can help them increase their intelligence power and at the same time keep them interested. Playing indoor games is an amazing way to constantly improve in a way that doesn’t feel tedious to them. 

Apart from above mentioned indoor games, some other games like mind metrics, crosswords and scavenger hunts help in enhancing the child’s cognitive skills while keeping them occupied for hours.