Jilly Juice: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Jilly Juice is a binge cocktail drink made of cabbage wine, and seawater. It is left in a warm room for three days prior to the consumption. There are false beliefs that this juice cures many chronic ailments like AIDS, cancer, autism, along with many common bacterial diseases. But these do not abide by any scientific pieces of evidence.

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All You Need to Know about Jilly Juice

What is Jilly Juice Made of?

This newly discovered Jilly juice is made out of a simple recipe which includes Cabbage, water and sea salt. The three of them mixed and then are kept in a warm room to ferment. Thus, the main ingredients are cabbage leaves, sea water, and sea salt (a concoction of cabbage and Himalayan sea salt).


Who Created Jilly Juice?

The juice was created by Jillian ‘Mai Tai’ Epperly, an Ohio woman who claims to have assured medical training. Her degrees and certificates have been shown to be fake. Further, in defense of her juice, she says that all the diseases are caused by a gut parasite called ‘candida’ and this Jilly juice has the ability to draw out that parasite through ‘waterfall’.

What can Jilly Juice Cure?

According to the creator, Jilly juice can cure many ailments and can even switch one’s sexual preferences. This belief is unheard and impossible to carve out into reality as it does not hold any base in reality.

The creator says that the mere consumption of this juice can help out by:

1) Curing diseases or abnormalities like Cancer, Autistic disorders, Depression, HIV AIDS, many bacterial infections, etc.

2) Curing homosexuality.


3) Drawing out gut parasites through ‘waterfall’.

4) Enhancing the longevity of life.

5) Re-growing the lost limbs.

6) Giving it to newborn babies for better working of the intestine and immune system.

7) Killing diarrhea-causing germs present in the body.

All of these beliefs are not supported by medical professionals. They term these as nothing more than the rumors or false credence.


Benefits and Side Effects from Consumption


According to David Seres, director of medical nutrition at Columbia University’s Irving Medical center, states that there are no shred of evidence for such a juice being good to health, instead, this is highly dangerous. As there is no authentic base, this juice cannot be claimed to have any benefits and does not match the creator’s statement.

Side Effects

This juice has been reported as dangerous by many people who have consumed this. Few of the factual side-effects reported by people are given below:

  • People have reported high fever, dehydration, seizures, etc which Epperly claims to be the process of cleansing and body’s healing from the parasites.
  • This detoxification has reported a few deaths as well. One such case was of the man who consumed Jilly juice in a hope to cure his 4th stage pancreatic cancer. He reported being emaciated and severely dehydrated. Within a few days, he was found dead.
  • Parents who fed their babies with the Jilly juice to cure diarrhea found the diapers filled with blood the very next day.
  • The juice has been reported to slow down the functioning of the immune system and cause major burns in the digestive tract. This leads to the loss of blood in highly painful ways.
  • Jilly juice has also been reported to cause several neurological disorders which are caused due to the bacteria present in cabbage.
  • The concentration of sodium is increased in the bloodstream which can cause Hypernatremia. Such a condition involves dehydration, diarrhea, dysfunctional kidney, and diuretics. Thus, it is advised to consume sea salt in reasonable amounts.
  • Salt poisoning is one such side effect which causes the body to show multiple side-effects like nausea, headaches, dizziness, and dehydration. This requires urgent hospitalization and can even lead to death.

Self-Published Book called ‘Candida: Weaponized Fungus Mainstream Mutancy’

In her self-published book, she claims to have cured herself of many illnesses like Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, common flu, cold and many sorts of allergies. This book includes a few different recipes for making the juice along with a variety of benefits it offers.

Though the book has received severe criticism from medical professionals, often calling dangerous and lacking the scientific plus biological evidence.


The Petition Filed against Jilly Juice

A petition was filed to ban Jillian Mai Thi Epperly from Facebook and All over Social Media. This had 3,565 supporters and was soon brought down.

The juice was claimed to be destructive when a man with stage 4 cancer died in 2017 and photographs were shared wherein, children were being forced to consume this juice in unreasonable amounts. Many cases reported heightened disability and illnesses along with deaths in a few cases. But Epperly simply stated that people were dying because they were not following the protocol advised by her. She silenced people many times by providing wooing explanations or by blocking them away.

The petition also stated that administrators of her Facebook group used fake credentials claiming to be a medical professional. This was done to make the Jilly juice protocol legitimate.

She tried to set off the limits by blaming the government, scientific researchers, allopathic industries, biotech and academia for promoting ‘Candida’ among people by means of vaccines.

After the Petition was filed a warning letter was issued to Epperly which stated that ‘FTC prohibits false and misleading advertising claims and demands for the claims which are backed by medical evidence in which any sort of mentioned disease was actually cured”.


Even after this warning, she was seen promoting her garishly green drink in Dr. Phil’s show. This drink according to her is the best way to purge out the candida through diarrhea and explosive bouts.

People are driven by social media and certain people try to misuse this massive power without providing any scientific base. Therefore, one must never rely entirely on such self-tested medicines which are not recommended by medical professionals.


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