11 Symptoms of Iron Deficiency You Can’t Ignore


It is important that you understand what iron is, what it does, and how to recognize the warning signs that indicate a deficiency.  Preventing iron deficiency and replenishing their presence when their levels fall is essential to avoid health alterations of all kinds.

Often, people who suffer from iron deficiency anaemia do not notice it at first, but despite this, if the situation is not solved, it can cause several complications throughout the body.

Iron Deficiency: 11 Silent Signs that All Women Should Know

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency in women


With a daily requirement of only 8 to 18 mg (depending on gender and age of an individual), iron is classified as a micro-nutrient. However, it is one of the most important elements of a healthy diet. Iron is essential for the production of haemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen through the bloodstream to every cell in the human body. Iron is also essential for new tissue growth, cell regeneration, and even the production of certain hormones. Needless to say, without a sufficient supply of iron, all the organs do not work.


Here are 11 symptoms of Iron Deficiency you can’t ignore


This is the most common symptom of iron deficiency and perhaps the easiest to overlook. Fatigue is often attributed to overwork, lack of sleep, stress or a long list of other common problems. Since iron-deficient red blood cells cannot carry enough oxygen throughout the body and up to all of your cells that need oxygen to function, iron deficiency is the leading cause of general lethargy.

Physically weak

If you find that your muscles are unable to lift any object, that you can no longer clean and that you can not walk long without feeling tired, you may be lacking iron. If you want to regain your strength and fitness before, eat foods rich in iron.

Nails become more fragile

If your nails become soft or brittle for no apparent reason or if you notice the presence of streaks or splitting, it is likely that your body is deficient in iron, and the impact is found on the dander.


Lack of concentration

When the body and mind are deprived of oxygen because of iron deficiency, one of the most subtle problems that can occur is a decrease in concentration. Again, this symptom is a fairly common phenomenon with a number of other possible causes and therefore is often misdiagnosed.

Feel impatience in your legs

If you feel electric shocks or tingling in your legs, especially at dusk, and if this little, unbearable problem pushes you to move irrepressibly, it’s restless legs syndrome or RLS that may have occurred because of deficiency in iron.


The human body stores its iron in the liver and intestines via an intracellular binding protein called ferritin. Ferritin releases iron into the body to facilitate certain basic functions, one of which is sleep regulation. When the body suffers from iron deficiency, a person may develop sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Have trouble retaining information

If you start having trouble staying attentive during a conversation, if you forget to do the tasks you are used to doing or if you miss important appointments, iron deficiency is not to be dismissed because the lack, directly impacts the cognitive functions.


Dry or cracked lips

Ferritin proteins also release iron into the skin for cell regeneration and the growth of new cells. For this reason, dry or cracked skin, especially around the lips is another great indicator of a possible iron deficiency.

Dry Skin

If recently, your beautiful skin has become dry, and you have a few rashes, it may be a lack of iron since it can have impacts on the skin and makes healing difficult. Be careful because this iron deficiency can even cause cracking of the skin.

Swelling of the tongue

Iron deficiency can manifest itself in the form of glossitis, pain, inflammation or discoloration of the tongue. If your tongue is pale or smooth, it may be due to a lack of haemoglobin in the blood, a consequence of low iron levels.

Accelerating heart rate

If your body lacks iron in the long term, anaemia may develop, causing an abnormal, irregular or rapid heart rhythm. If you do not treat iron deficiency quickly, you will have heart problems like swollen or enlarged hearts.


Most of the signs mentioned above may be the one that you might be facing. But it doesn’t confirm that you are iron deficient. It is important to remember that only a health professional can perform the necessary tests to absolutely confirm a deficiency. You can easily increase your iron content by following an iron-rich diet.

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12 Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency You Must Not Ignore