Ideas for Throwing an Ingenious Baby Shower


Baby showers are a quintessentially American tradition, but did you know that their popularity is soaring in countries like the UK, where the average mother-to-be is expecting a pre-birth celebration? The idea of gathering with friends a couple of months before a mom’s due date is seen as an ideal way for people to get together and celebrate their bond of friendship. A shower can also ensure that parents have a greater number of essentials (including diapers, toys, and clothes) for their new baby. If the baby shower tradition remains strong in the US, one thing that has changed is its nature. As more millennials and Gen-Z’ers become new parents, the focus is veering away from tradition and heading more towards personalization and meaning. If you’re interested in throwing an update baby shower, the following trends may inspire you.

ingenious baby shower ideas

Gender-Neutral-Themed Showers

Usually, parents hold baby showers when the sex of the future baby is already known. However, as Rated People’s Nursery Decoration Trends Report shows, many parents are opting out of the traditional ‘baby pink items for girls, blue for boys’ tradition and choosing gender-neutral designs. This trend is reflecting itself in baby showers as well, where some parents are opting for gender-neutral hues like yellow and green, and themes like nature, space, and wildlife for their decoration scheme. Let your guests know if you are into gender-neutral designs and colors so that gifts can be in accordance with your chosen style.

Creating a Meaningful Guest Experience

Future parents may have been deprived of the chance to socialize for the past two years, so they highly value togetherness and meaning-making when they celebrate special occasions like weddings and baby showers. Instead of making the celebration exclusively about the new baby, therefore, they are making it about friends as well, ensuring they have a great time. Many are choosing to invite guests to play entertaining baby related games like baby balloon, twister, which is just like regular Twister except everyone has to stick a balloon beneath their shirts and strike odd poses. Other ideas include sharing funny baby stories and asking guests to write something on the back of a diaper. The future parents can also write a short note to each of their guests, letting them know one thing their future baby can learn from them.

Delighting Guests with Healthy, Delicious Snacks

If you are celebrating your party at home, consider hiring a home catering service, so you can relax while still ensuring your guests enjoy a wide range of healthy foods. Ditch sausage rolls, mini pizzas, and other snacks and opt instead of plant-based and other healthy foods that will entice your guests with their colors and flavors. Ideas to consider include vegan carpaccio, stuffed Portabello mushrooms, air-fried tofu, roasted chickpeas, no-bake brownie bites, and vegan burritos. Surprise them with a wide array of mocktails, including virgin mojitos and caipirinhas.

Baby showers are a tried-and-tested American tradition that are now becoming popular across the globe. To shake things up, consider holding a party that is meaningful to you as a parent or future parent. Just a few trends dominating the scene include gender-neutral parties, fun guest experiences, and healthy, plant-based foods that are delicious and comforting.