How to Keep Your Child’s Pet Healthy in 2023?


Your child may have asked for and even demanded a pet for years. Eventually, you may decide to give in and get them the pet they have always craved. However, while your child may help with their care a little, you will be taking on most of the required care. Therefore, to ensure that you and your child can continue to enjoy a lasting friendship for years to come, here are some of the best ways to keep your child’s pet healthy in 2023. 

Find a Good Animal Hospital 

Before your child’s pet even becomes ill, you must have registered with an animal hospital or vet. This will stop you from having to scour phone books and the internet if you panic about your pet’s health. Finding a good animal hospital run by vets you trust can be difficult. You should ensure that these vets are qualified and experienced, and you should check the reviews of the animal hospital before you decide to send your pet there. You should also check that they offer all the services your pet may need, such as spaying, neutering, and dental care, as this will ensure that your pet can get the best care. Saltwater Animal Hospital could be a great option if you are living in Des Moines, WA, as they provide a range of services from when your pet is a puppy or kitten to when they are a senior. This will ensure that you do not have to worry constantly about what will happen if your pet falls ill. 

Give Them the Right Food 

You should also make sure that you always give your pet the best food possible, as this will ensure that they are bright-eyed, energetic, and less likely to fall ill. You should try to opt for natural food options that have a generous percentage of meat and avoid cat and dog foods that are extremely cheap and that contain a lot of additives. These could leave your pet without the nutrition that they need and could also make them put on weight. However, it is not enough to simply get your pet a good brand of food. You also need to make sure that it is the right food for them. For instance, different age groups of pets need different food, and your pet may need a special diet if they have a medical problem, such as kidney issues. Buying the right food for them will ensure that they stay strong and healthy and prevent any health conditions they have from worsening. 

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Stay Aware of Symptoms 

You should also stay aware of your pet’s most common symptoms of illness. Any marked changes in their behavior could signal that they are feeling unwell, especially if they are lethargic, quieter or louder than normal, and reluctant to play, eat, or go on walks. You should also be concerned if they are drinking more water than normal or if their feces are an abnormal color or consistency. By staying aware of what is and is not normal for your pet, you will be able to get them seen by a vet as soon as possible if they are feeling under the weather, and you will be able to work out when they are ill even though they cannot tell you this themselves. 

Get Them Vaccinated 

However, one of the best ways that you can keep your pet healthy is to get them vaccinated on a yearly basis. Although you might think vaccinating your pet is unnecessary, especially if they stay indoors or do not mix with other pets a lot, vaccinating your pet is the best preventative measure you can take toward a range of common and potentially fatal illnesses, including rabies and feline leukemia. This will ensure you never have to worry about these illnesses, even if your pets spend a lot of time out of sight. If you are worried about affording these vaccines, some vets offer plans allowing you to pay monthly throughout the year for the care your pet receives. 


Give Them Exercise 

Another step that you should take to keep your child’s pet healthy is to give them regular exercise. Luckily, exercising with your pet can be fun and can keep you and your children fit and healthy too. Whether you take your dog for a walk or get your cat energized by playing with a ball, this will help them to stay in shape and ensure that they are not prone to issues such as heart attacks, arthritis, and liver disease, all of which can end up costing you a lot of money if your pet falls ill with them.

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