15 Surprising Benefits of Children Growing Up With Pets


Most of the children today love dogs, cats and other animals. They are cute, friendly, cuddly and makes your little one a lot more adorable. These little pets, be it a kitty or a puppy can undoubtedly bring their owners plenty of joy and happiness. But there is lot more than cuddling and cuteness. There are certain benefits of having a pet beyond this, physically and mentally. Given below are some of the benefits of pets in your little ones and your life. Read below to find more:

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Benefits of Children Growing Up With Pets

Less Likely to Get Sick

As compared to babies with no pets, babies who spend the first year of their lives with dogs are less likely to suffer from any sort of respiratory illnesses, as reported by Kuopio University Hospital in Finland. One reason behind this can be the exposure of dogs to mild amounts of germs, that further increase the ability of the immune system of the baby to prevent them from sickness.

Healthier hearts

It has been reported that pet ownership eventually leads to an increase in the cardiovascular health which may be because of low stress, blood pressure and heart rate when you are around your pet.

More exercise

Considering the present scenario, when kids hardly want to get out of their home and play outside, pets prove to be the best way to deal with that. When you have a pet, you indulge more into physical activities like walking around or playing with them etc.

Sibling bonding

When you get a pet into your house, it is equally like having another child. Not only this, but this also helps in a closer bond of brothers and sisters because you both have to share the responsibilities of playing with him, get him cleaned and everything else.


Learn social skills

Not only social skills but a pet also enables your kid to learn impulse control and improves their self-esteem. It is very likely that when you or your kid will walk around with your pet, more people will approach you and these few moments will teach them patience and generosity towards others.

A loving companion

There can be nothing more better than the fact when you know there is someone waiting for you to get back home. Their love for you is unconditional, which is why they prove to be a best companion to you.

Learning responsibility

It is completely your responsibility to teach your child that he has to care of certain things that his dog does. Of course, this requires a lot of hard work and patience but you have to remind that at certain points that to be a dog’s provider is an honor.

Even cuter

We all know how well dogs and little kids bond together and the cuteness they share when they are together. This serves as a constant source of smiles and laughter in your home and honestly, what can be more better than this?

Less likely to have eczema

As reported by University of Cincinnati, children who live with dogs when they are young and have an allergy to dogs, are comparatively less likely to have eczema than those who don’t have one. The main reason behind this is that dealing with a mild energy will make your kid more resistant to the effects of eczema.

Lesser cases of asthma and allergies

According to some studies, kids who grow up having a dog around them are almost 50% less likely to develop asthma and allergies as compared to those who grow up without a dog. This can be defined by the fact that a child who grows up around a dog will have a much sturdier immune system.


Gain confidence

As your child grows up and learns to read aloud, he is likely to get self-conscious while doing that around other people. But when he does the same around a dog, he gains more confidence as he is basically reading it to the dog.

A happy childhood

This is probably the greatest benefits of pets. When your little one spends his childhood playing and having fun with his/her own pet, it simply brightens up his day and he feels a lot happier just interacting with his pet.

A caring nature

As and when you get a pet into your house, your child starts to take care of the pet and eventually develops a caring nature towards others as well. This will further make them better humans in the later future.

Provide comfort

Your pet is a great source of comfort for your child. Every time your little one feels angry, sad or afraid, they have someone to talk to and someone they can share their grief with.

Deals with Autism

If your child suffers with an autism disorder, the stress hormone levels are consequently reduced when living with a trained dog. Although studies are still continuing regarding this subject but there is no doubt that having a pet in your house can do wonders on your kid’s health.

Growing up with this cute little creature enriches your child’s life in so many ways. This is probably one of the greatest and the best gifts we can give our kids. But there are few children who are allergic to certain pets, so it is better if you consult a doctor before getting one into your house.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!