Home Remedies to Stop Snoring in Kids


Snoring is a common problem among kids. Many kids snore at night. About 20% of children snore at night, according to research. This happens due to some blockage in the respiratory tract of your child. However, in most cases it is not a matter of concern. Snoring in children can be cured by some simple home remedies.

In fact, in most of the cases, the kids snore without any actual health. Child snoring solutions are abundant and if you are thinking how to stop your child from snoring then you are at the right place.

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If your child is breathing noisily at night, these are the few things that you can do to help him/her get some relief:

Home Remedies to Stop Snoring in Kids


There are many medicated vaporizers for kids, which you can use in order to clear any sort of blockage in your child’s nose. Since snoring in babies is quite common, there are plenty of safe vaporizers which you can avail from the stores. The warm and moist vaporizers can clear any sort of blockage present in your child’s nose.

Change Sleep Position

Changing sleep position often helps your baby to overcome the snoring problems. Rolling your baby sideways can help him/her to sort out such issues. If your child sleeps on his/her back then the chances of snoring increases.


If your child is a consistent back sleeper and fails to be comfortable while being in a different sleeping position, then it is advised that you should raise your child’s head and should to some extent to make him/her breathe comfortably.

You can raise the shoulder and head by placing a large pillow under the shoulder. Or on some occasions, placing two books under the pillow helps the cause. Higher placement of the pillow makes it possible for your child to breathe more freely.

stop snoring in kids

Add Air Purifier in the Room

Sometimes the quality of air, inside the room, triggers the possibility of congestion in your child’s respiratory tract. Adding an air purifier will allow the quality of air to improve. Add an air purifier and keep the door shut.

In this way, the dust and other allergy creating particles will be removed and filtered out from the room. This will help your child to breathe more freely. You should keep the purifier on, during the day and also the night. It is important for you to keep the allergens out of your room and maintain a clean air.

Keep the Room Air Moist

Diffusing some oil in the room air also helps in the process of curing snoring habit in children. Sometimes the dryness of the air, make your child to snore. This also makes the nose to bleed. Simple home remedies like this surely helps your child to breathe more comfortably.


Dry weather often causes a child’s nose to snore. So, if the air humidity, at your area is low, you can use a humidifier. Use a humidifier in your child’s room so keep the air moisturized. Wet and heavy air tends to prevent snoring in children.

If you think that snoring in your child is caused due to the dry weather, you can always humidify the room with peppermint oil. This will help your child to breathe in the moist air and clear his/her respiratory system.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil is effective oil, which can curb your child’s snoring habit. However, unlike the thyme essential oil, this oil is not for its topical usage. You should dab a bit of oil on a cotton ball and make your child sniff it before going to bed.

Alternatively you can also mix one drop of the tea tree oil in warm butter and put a drop in your child’s little Make sure that the mixture is dilute enough not to give any burning sensation to your child. If necessary dilute them further before pouring it in your child’s nose.

You can also encourage your child to gurgle, every night, before going to bed, with mixture of water with sea salt and tea tree oil. This will help him/her to clear any kind of mucus in the system. The mucus in the system causes obstacles in the respiratory tract of your child, which in turn triggers the snoring.

Tea tree essential oil can also be mixed with carrier oil and rubbed on your child’s shoulder, chest and feet. The topical use of the oil keeps your warm and healthy.


Saline Nasal Rinse

In order to avoid constant snoring, use a saline nasal rinse. This will help in keeping the nose wet. When the humidity level of the atmosphere is low, children can undergo heavy snoring. Saline water helps your child’s nose to stay wet all the time. This prevents the chances of rupture and breakage of the tender tissues of the nostril.

Nasal Wash

Use decongestants or nasal washes, which are appropriate to your child’s age. This will help your child to relax more and keep respiratory tract clean of any mucus formation. The nasal washes should be applied, right before your child sleeps.

Gurgle with Warm Water

If your child is old enough to gurgle then make him/her gurgle with warm saline water right before hitting the sack. In that way, the mucus gets washed off easily allowing your child to breathe more comfortably at night. This is a very effective home remedy to stop snoring at night.

Sometimes a hot bath before going to bed also helps in the purpose. However, make sure that your child does not catch a cold whilst bathing at night. The idea is to make sure that the child’s body remains warm and moist during the night.

Feed Vitamin K rich Food

If your child regularly experiences snoring every night, then feed him/her with vitamin K rich foods. Barley, oats along with dark leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin K. Vitamin K helps in the process of making the tender tissues of the nose stronger.

This aids in the process of breathing. It also makes the respiratory tract healthy and helps your child breathe smoothly.


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