Must Follow Hygiene Tips For Children


Personal hygiene is one of the steps towards good health and it is very essential to teach children about hygiene from an early stage so that these practices are inculcated in them. When introduced from an early age, these practices are bound to stay for a very long time.

An old saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’ is very much true to this day and it perhaps is the basis for inculcating healthy and hygienic habits in children from early on. Hygiene habits are needed these days because of the rapid spread of disease causing micro-organisms. By taking few hygienic steps, one can avoid serious illnesses and also life-threatening illnesses.

Hygiene Tips For Children
Hygiene Tips For Children

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Must Follow Hygiene Tips For Children

Most often, the first thing that comes to mind when someone speaks about hygiene is proper hand wash. But, there’s more to this than meets the eye. It can include a whole bunch of practices and habits. Some of which have been discussed below.

Brushing teeth

Brushing teeth is not just for the sake of it or just to mask bad breath. But, it is a healthy and hygienic habit to keep mouth healthy and teeth shining. Don’t let your kids brush in a hurry. You need to habituate them to brush slowly and steadily so that every nook and corner in your mouth and every tooth is cleaned to the maximum. Also, remember to make them brush in a circular manner or up and down manner as opposed to side-to-side cleaning. Brushing twice daily is recommended. Also, the habit of flossing on a regular basis is recommended.


Bathing is the next hygienic habit. Warm water is always best for bathing, especially in winters when a hot bath can actually make the day. Bathe your kids with soft soap and foam and also remember to use a scrub to thoroughly clean the body. Don’t overdo the scrubbing part, as it can hurt after a while.


Hair wash

Sometimes, bathing can include hair wash as well. In fact, during summers, it is recommended to wash your kids’ hair regularly. Washing hair with a good shampoo can make your hair healthy and shiny. But washing hair too often can also damage the scalp. So, limited hair wash is recommended for kids.

Underarm care

Underarm care is also an important part of hygiene. Even from the ages of 9-10, sweat can accumulate in underarms and can cause body odor. So, it is recommended to use mild deodorants and antiperspirants for kids.

Cleaning nose and ears

Nose and ears also need to be cleaned every day. Ears produce a wax that needs to be removed more or less on a daily basis. Do not use ear buds to clean your kids’ ears as it can damage the eardrum. Instead use a clean and slightly wet washcloth with ends twisted to clean your ears. Nose produces sinus which dries up. Though, picking nose in public is considered a bad habit, yet it makes sense to clean the nose while bathing.

Hand wash

Of course, we have come to the most common point of hygienic habits, the hand wash. Washing hands is very essential in order to keep away disease causing germs and bacteria. Good hand wash before and after every meal and after using the toilet can very much decrease the risk of falling ill with bacterial or viral infections. Also, after sneezing or coughing it is advised to wash hands.

Toilet Training

Apart from the above mentioned hygiene habits, toilet training is perhaps one of the most important of all. Train your kids on how to use toilet properly from a very early age. Tips such as how and when to use the flush, is it okay or not to leave the toilet seat up or not and such things. These can come very much in handy when your kids are growing up.


Nails are one place where good amounts of dirt can accumulate, if unchecked. So every week, make sure that your kids’ fingernails and toenails are trimmed properly. Also, it is recommended to clean the inner portion of nails on a daily basis so that any dirt that piles up there is cleaned.



It is also healthy to wear clean and washed clothes. Unclean and unwashed clothes are often breeding grounds for bacteria. The moisture from the sweat of a person is enough for bacteria to grow. So, it is advised to wear properly washed and dried clothes.

Shoes and socks

Shoes and particularly socks also need to washed regularly. Wear socks for 3 days continuously and they’ll start smelling. This also applies to shoes as well. More often shoes can also retain sweat and the moisture can help grow bacteria, which is the cause of bad odor. So, its better to wash them regularly.

Preventing teen acne

Teens and preteens, particularly girls will be more often worried about acne or pimples. Though, this is not a serious condition, yet acne can leave the face with scars. So, it is better to wash your face twice or thrice daily to prevent acne.

With these simple healthy and hygienic habits, simple illnesses can be avoided and good health can be maintained.