Can I Give Gripe Water to My Newborn Baby?


As a parent it is easy to get anxious about giving anything new to your baby. Especially in the case of letting him or her eat something. One of the most annoying problems of newborn is abdominal colic. New moms often do not understand the true cause of a crying baby.

Gripe water for newborn can provide natural relief to your baby from colic. it was used extensively by the English grandmas in 1850, later it become famous in USA. On the other hand it might lead to allergies, and constipation. It is always recommended to wait till your baby is at least one month old before using gripe water.

What is Gripe Water?  

Traditionally, gripe water was used as a herbal remedy used for new born babies to relieve them of colic and teething pain. The English prepared Gripe water from a mixture of bicarbonate, alcohol, dill, fennel, ginger, and chamomile. The packaged ones available in the market today are devoid of sucrose and alcohol. Sodium bicarbonate is usually the chief ingredient. However, it is best to buy gripe water devoid of this.

What are the ingredients found in gripe water for newborn?

The earliest gripe waters contained alcohol, sodium bicarbonate, and dill seed oil. These days, however, alcohol is not used as an ingredient any more. Sodium bicarbonate remains one of the key ingredients. It is best to opt for gripe water that is natural and made from natural and organic herbs. Ginger, cardamom, lemon balm and fennel are the popular herbs that go in gripe water. Glycerin is  added to lend it the sweet taste.

Is Gripe Water safe for my Infant?

Yes! Gripe water that is made out of organic ingredients can be given to new born babies safely. You can safely give your baby gripe water up to 6 times in a 24 hour period. It helps relive trapped wind and soothe your fretful little one. But always check with your doctor before using it.

When can I give Gripe Water to my little one?

Gripe water can be safely given to the baby as early as one month after the birth. It is a is a unique herbal preparation effective in treating tummy ailments caused by milk. These include flatulence, gastric trouble and bloating.


What Are the Benefits of Gripe Water for newborn?

Gripe water is still one of the most trusted cure for colic and other tummy troubles for mothers worldwide. This is because the benefits of gripe water in soothing your fretful infant far outnumber the disadvantages.

Here we discuss few of the benefits of using gripe water for newborns.

Safely Treats Acid Reflux

Sodium bicarbonate is one of the active ingredients used in manufacturing gripe water. It is a known neutralizer of stomach acid. Presence of sodium bicarbonate in gripe water works as an effective relief for babies with reflux. It is also a fast way to treat your infant if he or she is suffering from acid reflux

Helps in treating trapped wind or gas

If your little one is suffering from symptoms of gas, then gripe water is the best option for you. It contains dill seed oil, which is well known as a natural soother on stomach muscles. When administered through gripe water, it relaxes your baby’s tummy and breaks down trapped air bubbles. This is then passed through as wind – instantly relieving the symptoms of gas in your little one.

gripe water

Helps your baby sleep soundly

The relief that comes with giving gripe water to your little angel when he or she has been bawling for hours is priceless. This is exactly what they need to drop off to sleep. For new mothers this is the perfect time to catch up on sleep as well.


Gripe Water is the most popular treatment for colic

What causes colic is still unknown. But every parent who has seen their child cry uncontrollably from the pain knows the desperation. Gripe water is still considered one of the most popular and safe remedies for treating colic in newborns. It helps relieve both the baby and parents from a great deal of stress.

Gripe water for newborn helps your infant with teething 

When your baby is teething they are likely to be very fussy. Frequent bouts of crying and irregular breathing can be expected. This causes your little one to inhale more air which can lead to wind. Gripe water is an effective cure to help ease the wind. This in turn helps reduce some of the discomfort related to teething.

Helps treat an upset tummy 

When your child is teething they salivate overtime. This is due to the excessive functioning of the salivary glands. Salivary glands produce an enzyme that potentially upsets your little one’s stomach. Gripe water is well known for its ability to treat an upset stomach in infants.

It is good for your baby’s tummy 

Gripe water contains ginger and fennel. Both of these are known to sooth your baby’s stomach and help relieve the symptoms of gas. Ginger is also known as a cure for upset tummy. So when purchasing gripe water for newborn, make sure you choose a brand that contains both these ingredients.

What are the possible side effects of Gripe Water for Newborn?

While some parents rely on gripe water to help calm and soothe their infant, it’s not without its risks. Let us have a look at few of the possible side effects that you need to be weary of regarding gripe water.

Allergies: Always read through all the ingredients used in the particular brand of Gripe water before purchasing. Your baby might be potentially allergic to any of the herbal ingredients found in the gripe water compound. Chamomile is a common component of gripe water that can cause an allergic reaction in the form of skin rashes and upset stomach. Reactions are amplified in small infants. This can lead to severe allergic reactions. Your baby can even experience severe throat swelling and difficulty breathing.


Hormonal Effects: Gripe water can contain extracts from the fennel plant. These compounds have a chemical makeup very similar to estrogen. These chemicals can have negative effects on the sexual development of your child’s body. when administered for a prolonged period, these chemicals are capable of causing the premature development of breast tissue.

Tooth Decay: Be careful how much you use when treating your baby for teething issues. Gripe water contains high amounts of sweetener in order to improve taste. Exposure to these sweeteners in gripe water can increase your baby’s risk for developing cavities and other forms of tooth decay.

You must consult a doctor before giving your baby gripe water. Make sure to stick to the recommended dosage only. Gripe water has the maximum effect when given as itself, so do not mix it with formula or breast milk. Most gripe waters have a pleasant, sweet taste and is liked by babies.

If the doctor suggests so, you can safely use gripe water for your baby!