11 Foods that Harm Your Sleep


We all have a busy daily schedule and a constant tension in regards with what is next. The brunt of our constant busy schedules and a hectic lifestyle is faced by our sleeping patterns. From students to office going adults, all are seen compromising on their sleep. At times some of us are unable to sleep as when we lay down on the bed and keep on rotating either in hopes of a better sleeping position or to distract the mind and doze off to sleep. It is important to note that our daily work schedule is not the only thing that may disturb and hamper with our sleeping patterns rather there are multiple other factors that affect our sleeping patterns. Many food items are known to keep you wide-eyed at nights and make you stay up for long. Consumption of such at night or before going to sleep is bound to act as sleep stealers leaving you counting sheep in the farm. Some of the most common food items that are bound to leave you up at night are:

11 Must Know Foods That Harm Your Sleep

Foods that Harm Your Sleep


We all are aware about the fact that drinking coffee late at night is bound to keep you up for long without the chance of a good rest the entire night. It is important to note that not only will coffee disrupt your sleep if you consume it an hour before but also rob you of your peaceful hours in bed if you drink it 6 hours before going to bed. The amount of caffeine present in coffees keep you energized and up at night as proven by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

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Well, we all have heard that you can never go wrong with a gift of a good wine for your friend on a dinner. But drinking the same at night will definitely make you stay up late at night counting the stars. Drinking alcohol before bed increases brain activity thus preventing you from a good night’s sleep.

Green Tea

While many elders suggest a hot cup of tea if you are unable to sleep at night, it becomes important to understand that green tea or any other form of tea is not decaffeinated and has traces of caffeine in them. It is enough to trigger the heart and the nervous system that will keep you up at night.


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Ice cream and Desserts

Ice cream and all heavy desserts are laden with a lot of fat and sugar that is bound to leave you awake at night. Consuming a high calorie food at night does not give the body ample amount of time before bedtime leaving you restless. Therefore it is essential that you try and stay clear of sugary food at night.


Chicken is a direct and healthy source of protein to the body. It is important that chicken should be a part of our daily diet but consuming the same in the night surely will leave you sleep deprived. Eating high protein food has a reverse mechanism on the body that is instead of calming it down they leave you hyper energized and eventually in an irritant mood.


The bar of chocolate that you have secretly been gobbling over at night may be the reason why you lie awake in bed all night tossing and turning around. Dark chocolates contain caffeine that we all know will keep you up but milk chocolates also contain tyrosine which is converted into dopamine a stimulant that increases body activity making you restless and hyper energized.


Though the very thought of some cheese to garnish the food leaves your mouth watering yet the same must not be consumed at night. Aged cheese is a rich source of tyramine a form of amino acid which stimulates brain activity depriving you of sleep. This often leads up to migraine and severe headaches in children and adult.

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Spicy Food

Spicy food such as hot chillies and mustard must be avoided at night before bed. They are known to raise the temperature of your body and make people restless and unable to sleep. At times spicy food also causes acid reflux in the body leaving you suffering and unable to sleep.


Like majority of the food sources, citrus and citric acid are generally found in fruits that have high amount of acidic concentrates which causes disturbance in the sleeping pattern of people. Fruits are also high in sugar concentrates that makes sleeping an unimaginable task for individuals. Thus dieticians and nutritionist often suggest people against the consumption of tomatoes and lime which have a predominantly sour taste.

French Fries

Many of us crave a delicious midnight snack but it is vital to note that even though French fries may sound as a good midnight snack yet it at times hamper with your sleeping schedule. Junk food is high on fat concentrates and is difficult to digest at night. The high amount of fats as well as the unregulated calorie level in junk food promotes brain and nervous activity in the body. It often leads to heart burns in people also.


A cruciferous vegetable broccoli is suggested by all doctors due to its multi vitamin and rich health benefits. One should definitely include broccoli in their daily diets but avoid the consumption of the same during night before your general sleeping hours. Broccoli is high in its fibre content and high protein fibres are difficult to digest and take time by the body. Eating veggies at night therefore may cause discomfort and problems associated with the stomach. Thus one must avoid the consumption of leafy vegetables and high fibre food at night.

These were a few food items that hamper and disturb your sleeping pattern leading to problems of insomnia, anxiety, restlessness and irritation in people’s behaviour. Avoiding the consumption of these food items may come as a respite to many individuals and if the problem continues a visit to the doctor is always advisable.