11 Best and Healthy Homemade Energy Drinks During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time when you need extra nutrients and calories to sustain yourself. During pregnancy, one needs to make sure they are eating right for themselves and their baby. Apart from a balanced diet, you need an approximation of 300 calories more than an ordinary person to live an energetic and healthy life during pregnancy which can be achieved through having energy drinks. However, you have to be on a very strict watch to see what is good for your body.

orange juice

11 Best Energy Drinks to Consume During Pregnancy


This might slip out of our minds, but water truly is what sustains our life. During pregnancy, one is prone to experiencing fatigue and nausea, and these symptoms can be reduced by consuming water. For your body to break down and use calories properly, 1-1.5ml of water is needed for each calorie. Water also replenishes the amniotic fluid around your baby. Mothers are also prone to having urinary tract infections during pregnancy, whose chances can be reduced by adequate consumption of water. One should consume at least 8-10 glasses of water per day, and after pregnancy, while breastfeeding, women need to consume around 14 glasses of water per day to ensure milk production.

Orange juice

Orange juice is a great drink that is packed with nutrients and for when you are craving something citrusy and fresh. Orange is a seasonal fruit that is filled with Vitamin C, which is great for pregnant women. Vitamin C helps in the absorption of prenatal vitamins and iron and reduce nausea. Orange juice contains high potassium levels which enable stable blood pressure in your body. High blood pressure can be very harmful to your baby and cause complications during pregnancy. However, make sure you have fresh orange juice which can be made in any home mixer or juicer. The store-bought orange juice might have added preservatives and sugar, which are harmful in large amounts.

Pasteurized milk

Pasteurized dairy milk is filled with carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals which a to-be mother needs in great quantity. Protein is essential for your digestive enzymes to work, and amino acids help our body to process the calories and break down the ingredients. These help them to assimilate it into our bloodstream. However, it is best to drink pasteurized milk and not raw milk, simply because pasteurization makes sure that all the harmful bacteria is dead.

Lemon-infused water

Lemon water is always a good drink to start your morning with. A slice of lemon in a warm glass of water on an empty stomach does wonders for your metabolism. It also reduces the symptoms of dizziness and nausea. You can include ginger shreds and mint leaves in this drink to reduce morning sickness. Lemon is a citrus fruit that is rich in Vitamin C which helps to absorb iron and increase red blood cells.


Coconut water

Coconut water is sworn by all health professionals because of its refreshing and cooling properties. It might look absolutely clear, like normal water, but it is rich in magnesium, potassium, and various electrolytes. Electrolytes help in reducing leg and ankle cramps, and they also help pregnant women to maintain the ideal balance of bodily fluids. The best bet would be to buy actual coconuts, but if you can not avail that then buy packaged coconut water that does not contain added preservatives or sugar.


Buttermilk contains the best of both worlds- it contains the good properties of yogurt and also of milk. So, it does contain protein and calcium like milk, and it contains probiotic elements of yogurt. Hence it helps pregnant women to maintain a healthy digestive system and avoid gastric problems. Buttermilk comes in many flavors but it is best to have the plain version because it has the best nutrient content.

Fresh pressed juice

Fruits are a great source of natural vitamins and minerals. Let’s be honest, sometimes we do crave some flavor when lemon water or buttermilk does not cut it. Instead of leaning towards caffeinated or artificial sweeteners, go for fresh fruit juices that are rich in antioxidants and electrolytes which improve your health during pregnancy by boosting immunity.

Herbal tea

Tea with milk and sugar is not the healthiest beverage, but nowadays there are so many fancy herbal teas that are filled with aroma and have a beautiful taste as well. You can of course try green tea, but also raspberry leaves, mint leaves, jasmine tea, chamomile tea. These are relaxing due to their aromatic properties and also boost your immunity and reduce symptoms of morning sickness. Just brew the leaves for 5 minutes in warm water, or use tea bags. They taste great even without sweeteners.

Vegetable juices

All vegetable juices are amazing for your health. Some of the healthiest veggies for juicing are cucumber, celery, kale, and spinach. Green leafy vegetables are an integral part of a balanced diet. It has zero cholesterol and is rich in sodium, potassium, vitamins, and minerals.


This is one beverage where you can free-wheel and add whatever you like according to your preferences. If you want to have a light breakfast, just grind oats, bananas, milk, cinnamon, and brown sugar to have a filling breakfast. You can add vanilla essence, berries, mangoes, or any pulpy fruit. You can also add some superfoods like chia seeds for all-round nutrition.


Iced tea

Something that is cool, refreshing, low effort, and tasty. Add any tea leaf you prefer, ice cubes, mint, and some cold water and voila! Your iced tea is ready. This really helps in improving energy levels, but consume it in moderation (one cup a day) since it contains some caffeine.

Homemade healthy drinks are your solution to a healthy and happy pregnancy!