11 Signs of Emotionally Abusive Parents


EMILY(Daughter): Dad I am unable to do this homework. It’s very hard to do these problems.please help me out. 

JOHN(Father): Oh my god ! can’t you do simple math also. This problem is just summing up all the digits and the result is out.This is so simple.It’s not hard. It’s you who is messing up with this.

REXIE(Mother): What again? Why is she whining again? 

JOHN(Father): She is unfit in everything. She doesn’t know how to do the simple math problem. I am just wondering how she will get into the next term.

EMILY: Dad, I am sorry. I will practice well this time. 

REXIE(Mother): Emily. Stop saying that. We wexed up with your words. If you are like this, you will become useless.


Emily silently cries herself and walks away.

emotionally abusive parents

In This Article:

Well guys, if you were a child like Emily what would you do? If your parents treat you the same way, how will you react?Have your parents ever criticized you ?

If they were constantly criticizing you, what were your thoughts? The reason  for all these questions is people generally say dealing  with children is not that easy, but  dealing with abusive parents is more complicated?Do you agree? In this article we go through the 11 signs of  emotionally abusive parents.How to deal with them ?

 What are the effects? What is the future of the affected children? 


What is Emotional Abusive Parenting?

Emotional abusive parenting is judging the children on the basis of their own perspectives, not trying to see from their children’s point of view, making them feel insecure and drowning their inbuilt energy and talents, not accepting the way they are instead pressuring them to evolve for their own benefits. Due to this annoyed behavior of parents, children tend to become more stubborn or more aggressive. Sometimes it leads to bad complications where they end their lives.

Most Common Emotional Abusive Parents Do

Have you ever had an accident in your life? Have you ever fallen down resulting in big injuries? How much time does it take for you to come out of that pain?

I am sorry if you felt annoyed asking you this, the reason behind this was to compare the physical pain with emotional pain. Don’t you think emotional pain affects you more compared to physical pain. Because physical pain deals with your body where it has some kind of functions to heal your body. So we can relieve the pain after a certain period of time. But what about emotional injuries? Will they also leave you after a certain period of time, definitely not. Because it has nothing to do with your organs but affects them indirectly.Emotional pain is something which has no medicine,instead exits us in a trauma sometimes which will never leave us. 

 For instance people sometimes go to unconscious(coma) stage because of some traumatic events like seeing  the live accidents, breaks up in their relations make them more affected, when their parents keep on insulting them before others they stress themselves and get into depression finally exits in a stage where none can expect


11 Signs Of Emotional Abusive Parents

  1. Comparing the child unfavorably, constant criticism and belittling – you cannot do it, you are worthless, you are aimless
  2. Gaslighting like  blaming the children even if they are logical, saying them that they are sensitive..putting some wrong notions on them
  3. Emotional negligence – Avoiding their feelings and emotions,refusing to listen to them, not showing interest in their actions
  4. Emotional blackmail – If u love me you have to listen to me , who is more important to you 
  5. Unpredictable responses: Sudden changes between emotional and hostile behaviors. When their child is not sure, triggering a negative response on them.
  6. Isolations: warning them not to go outside don’t have many friends, don’t do that and this
  7. Shaming and humiliation: making them feel annoyed and embarrassed before others
  8. Over controlling them – you have to do whatever i said should;nt that without my permission
  9. Verbal abuse like using derogatory words or passing derogatory statements like loser,worthless, useless
  10. Excessive expectations like setting up a scale where child can never meet, constantly pushing the child to achieve more
  11. Blaming them and scapegoating like I am disappointed in you. Never show your face. I feel bad when you come with me

Short Term And Long Term Effects On Children Ad Adults

  1. Children may feel worthless, value less and feel insecure in exhibiting their talents.
  2. Constant criticism  in front of others can create a chronic anxiety issues in them
  3. Feeling of sadness and hopelessness can lead to depression because of their parents emotional  neglect and abuse
  4. Sometimes they end up in being stubborn in everything or withdrawal victims in everything they love this is because of their parents behavioral parents
  5. Stress and low confidence can result in low concentration levels and bad performance in school
  6. Children  might isolate themselves from their peers and  fear for their judgements
  7. Anxiety and stress can result in sleep disordered leading to fatigue and irritability.

Long Term Effects On Adults

  1. Self doubt and confusions continue in adulthood even
  2.  Anxiety and depression can contribute to major depressive episodes
  3. Adults may struggle with forming healthy relationships, trusting others as they do not socialize in childhood 
  4. Mood Swings and emotional instability may result due to their difficulty with emotional regulations
  5. They may end up in becoming drug addicts alcohol addicts to stay away from the scenarios they dislike
  6. Negative mindsets develops eventually due to their past life 
  7. They might not face professional challenges and end up reflecting the personal life in professional also

How To Treat Them Or Your Self From Them?

  1. Seek support – engage with people here and then, feel free to ask support and explain them what’s going in your mind
  2. Set boundaries for yourself – tell them firmly that their behavior is hurting you . limit interactions. Brief them that you are not in the right moment to have a discussion
  3. Develop some hobbies – engage in physical exercise hit your heart rate high at least once a day to keep your mind active all the day, practice meditation or yoga to put yourself in composure
  4. Educate yourself – find stories , surf through internet do research on how people managing this
  5. Take therapy sessions once in month talk to the professional experts
  6. Be in positive environment, just stay silent when negative emotions drive you

Dealing with emotionally abusive parents is more complicated and tough but not impossible. When you are a victim, never be the coin in the carrom board. Be the star that twinkles in the night. Surround yourself in a positive world. Have sessions and educate yourself, do research and create interests by setting boundaries with negativity. Experiment yourself in dealing with things. Rank yourself. Strategize and plan accordingly. Influence your mind and manipulate their way of thoughts in the mind. Believe in yourself.tackle the problems strategically.Remember health is more than wealth, and mental health is more crucial than the earlier terms.