12 Delicious and Healthy Eggplant Recipes for Kids


As kids are growing up, they are gradually introduced to the different kinds of foods and nutrient groups. Often, parents avoid giving certain fruits and vegetables to their children, because they think the kids might not like those things. But this is not right. You need to teach your child to eat every kind of fruit and vegetable, unless your kid is allergic to something. Eggplant or Brinjal is one such thing. This vegetable might not be liked by your kids, but unless your kid is allergic to it, there is no reason to not feed them eggplant dishes.

Eggplant has a unique combination of textures that make it a versatile ingredient in many dishes and it’s loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and potassium. Plus, who doesn’t love that rich purple color? Get ready to embrace eggplant after you check out these exciting, healthy, and delicious eggplant recipes. From pizza and dips to soup and chips, you’ll want to include eggplant at every meal.

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12 Healthy Easy Eggplant Recipes That Your Kids Love

Almond-Crusted Baked Eggplant

Crispy eggplant sans frying is possible. Grounded almonds are used in place of traditional breadcrumbs to coat eggplant slices and then are baked to achieve ultimate crunch. Serve this to your kids with marinara sauce, in a sandwich, or with a salad.

To make this recipe, slice the number of eggplants you require in round slices. Coat them with a mixture of ground almonds and a pinch of salt and sugar. Arrange these slices in a microwave proof plate coated with butter in a preheated oven. Bake them for around 15-20 minutes. Keep turning them at intervals for an even browning. Serve hot with any dip or as a part of any dish your kids like.

Baba Ganoush

This Middle Eastern staple, made by blending roasted eggplants with spices and olive oil, is perfect for dipping crackers, veggies, or spreading on a sandwich. Broiling the skins adds a smoky flavor to the dip. Serve this to your kids and watch them eat with relish.


The instruction for this recipe is very simple. Roast eggplants on fire. After letting them cool, peel them and blend them with garlic, chilies, olive oil, salt and pepper. It is a perfect dip for any snacks that you kids like.

Balsamic Roasted Eggplant

This delightfully simple healthy recipe is full of flavor thanks to Dijon mustard, garlic, fresh thyme, and, of course, balsamic. Try adding other veggies like zucchini, onions, or carrots for a hearty side dish. Your kids will love this for sure!

To make this, thinly slice garlic and fry them in a tbsp of oil till golden. Add veggies like zucchini, onions, carrots or any other veggies your kids like. Then out chopped eggplants and let the vegetables cook for five minutes. Serve it with fresh thyme.

Cashew-Less Vegan Queso

If your kid is lactose intolerant or simply doesn’t like dairy, then this recipe is for them. This dip tastes super similar to traditional queso dips except it has no cashews, soy, dairy, or gluten. But thanks to roasted eggplant as its base, this dip does have lots of creamy, spicy goodness. Top it with smoked paprika for extra color.

To make this dip, simply roast eggplants and blend them till smooth. Serve them with any dish your kids like.

Chicken Eggplant Lasagna

Skip the gluten, carbs, and calories normally found in lasagna and add in tons of taste with this dinner. Eggplant slices stand in for noodles while a mix of meaty mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers take the place of ricotta. The result is guilt-free lasagna everyone will enjoy. Hint: Omit the chicken to keep this vegetarian-friendly.


To make this, line up the pan with alternate layers of sliced eggplants and mixed vegetables of your choice. Top with cheese and bake it for around an hour. Serve it hot.

Chinese Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce

Homemade Sichuan-style eggplant is the perfect antidote to greasy takeout Chinese food. It’s also crazy quick to whip up, great for busy weeknights. Serve it with a side of brown rice, veggies, or even eat it solo (but make sure to use coconut oil!). You won’t regret it.

To make this beauty, prepare the garlic sauce by blending roasted garlic, onions and chilies. Cook this sauce for two minutes. Then add the chopped eggplants and other veggies and let it cook for five more minutes. Serve with a plate of tasty Hakka noodles.

Crisp Eggplant Chips

Put down the bag of store-bought chips and make your kids snack on these instead. Eggplant slices are slow-roasted in smoky seasonings for a perfectly crisp chip. And because an entire eggplant is just 150 calories, your kids can snack on these.

Thinly slice the eggplants and marinate them with a pinch of salt and pepper. Bake them till they are crispy and serve them.

Crispy Eggplant and Tomato Hash

Forget potatoes and swap in eggplant in this breakfast hash. Drying the eggplant before cooking will help it reach ultimate crispiness. Try this for a weekend brunch or on breakfast-for-dinner night for your kids.


Dry the eggplant slices before coating them with breadcrumbs and frying. Serve them hot.

Cumin Rice with Eggplant and Peas

Brown rice is baked with eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes in this easy main dish. Because of spices like turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon, it’s packed with flavor. Sneak in more veggies or swap in your favorites.

Eggplant Benedict

Make a restaurant favorite at home — and keep it low-carb and gluten-free — with this Benedict recipe. Eggplant slices stand in for English muffins in this impressive breakfast. Use turkey or beef bacon and, to make this extra special, serve with asparagus on top or on the side.

To make this, poach and egg and prepare hollandaise sauce by beating egg yolks and butter in a double boiler. Roast the eggplant slices, place a slice of bacon (any choice of meat), place a poached egg on it and pour the sauce on it. Serve it hot.

Eggplant Gratin with Tomato, Herbs and Crème Fraiche

With such few ingredients required to make this gratin, sticking to fresh herbs will turn this main into a show-stopping meal. Pair this with a side salad for a warm, filling meal.

Eggplant Parmesan with Fresh Mozzarella

Eggplant Parmesan sounds like a healthier alternative to the chicken version but after dredging and frying eggplant slices, it’s easy to load up on calories, too. This baked version is good for you and easy too: eggplant “boats” serve as the bases while the other delicious ingredients gets stuffed right into them — no slicing or dicing here. Opt for gluten-free breadcrumbs or almond meal.


Therefore, to conclude, if you are looking for delicious and healthy eggplant recipes for your kids, then this article will help you for sure. Happy cooking!