12 Cool Toddler Twin Bed Ideas for Parents


It takes a lot to raise a set of twins, in terms of your engagement, resources, care and love, but it can also be a fun. In fact it is a joy to see the munchkins growing up together amidst all the childhood trappings. Parents really enjoy the toddlers walking together, playing together, competing with each other or vying for parents love and affection.Having twins is also a blessing sometimes. Children always search for mates to play with. So if you have twins rest assured that they will disturb you the least.

They will play with each other and mostly keep to themselves until they have a bickering or fight. Nonetheless, you may have harrowing time placating both of them if there is a fight amongst themselves. Another advantage is that you can really raise the kids with the help of some shared resources that are integral to the growing up of children.

This will save the cost on individual upbringing to some extent. You can get some twin beds for your toddlers and help them sleep together and enjoy the company of one another. Such twin toddler beds are in great demand as they come for less than the cost of two beds and are an attractive idea for kids themselves.

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Easy and Practical Toddler Bed Ideas for Your Twins

 You also have the option of spicing up the design and concept of your toddler twin bed so that the toddlers just fall in love with them. Usually, twins have similar preferences so you need not sweat it out regarding individual preferences. There are a number of ideas and you can go through the 21 toddler twin bed ideas for selecting the most suitable one for your twins. Here are just some of the smart ideas to decorate your kid’s living space.

1} Wooden bunk beds

Bunk beds have been a favorite item and cost corner for children. Your children will love to really dwell and slip in these wooden bunk beds. With red mahogany finish and Varathane Polyurethane coating these are elegantly attractive to spend some quality time on together. There are a lots of ideas in this category and you can look up to 21 toddler twin bed ideas for selecting the most appealing one.Wooden bunk beds


2} Car beds

Cars have always been favorite with boys. So if you have twin sons then you can really make a great pair of beds with beds in the form of cars. It will double up as a place to play, spend some quality time with one another and sleep.Car beds

3} Disney finding dory beds

For toddlers Disney themes are always attractive. A Disney finding dory bed is ideal for toddlers who have just started pecking at the doors of cartoons and adventure world. These beds usually come with comforters and two pillows. The materials are usually polyester and are machine washable.

Disney finding dory beds

4} Star wars theme beds

Star wars themes are very attractive for younger kids and they would just love to share a stars and galaxies theme bed. These beds have detailed images of star and galaxies and are available in twin as well as queen sizes. These are machine washable and makes your job of upkeep easy.Star wars theme beds

5} Reversible superman theme bed

These are ideal for kids who are dreaming of their adventure with Superman. These are reversible Superman themed beds. It will help them get a good nights’ sleep while dreaming of Superman’s adventures. They can also make several shapes out of the bed. These come with twin size comforter, flat sheet, pillows and bed skirt.Reversible superman theme bed

6} Disney cars with light

The Disney cars with lighting Twin bed with lights is ideal for twins of all ages, especially for boys. With authentic superfine racing car finish and style resplendent with realistic artwork these beds will evoke the sense of sleeping in cars along with being in touch with their favourite cartoon characters. The functioning headlights with batteries add to the charm of the beds. It is made from durable plastic and can accommodate a twin size comfortable mattress.Disney cars with light


7} Cargo trundle bed

Kids rooms are messy because they need to store their toys and others dear to them. Cargo trundle beds can be handy in this respect. This is a piece of furniture for your twin toddlers which are sturdy, can coordinate with any room style and is available in a variety of colours. Let them use it as a bed and as a storage furniture as the need arises.Cargo trundle bed

8} Step2 twin bed with storage

These beds have large storage area, side rails for safety and real wood texturing. Transitioning the bed is easy due to high side rails and your kids themselves can do it. There is ladder to go to loft bed. You can fit a standard twin size mattress in it.Step2 twin bed

9} Upholstered low headboard and foot board twin bed

This upholstered twin bed with low headboard and foot board is bound to inspire dreams of adventure and courage in your toddler boys. It adds superhero style to their living space and at the same time offers them a cozy corner to live and sleep.Upholstered low headboard

10} Disney Pixar Cars 3D Plastic Twin Bed

Decorate your children’s room with this funny twin bed and see them get engaged with it from day one.  Made with sturdy plastic and steel frame and two removal guard rails, these beds are an ideal fit for toddlers that have just started their journey of the cartoon world. These safe beds let them spend ample time on it and get a good night’s sleep.Disney Pixar Cars 3D

11} Kids Isabelle Twin Bed 

These are perfect for your little princesses. They would just love the look and feel of these beds. It really transforms your children’s living space into a fairy tell. The bed comes with drawer dressers, mirrors and nightstand to make it a complete living space for your princesses.Kids Isabelle Twin Bed

12} Braylon Twin Bed – Espresso

It keeps the look of your children’s living room simple with simple designs. It features headboards and footboards along with side raisl for safety and slats. Sturdy wooden construction, espresso finish along with modern details such as arched open slat headboard, block style legs along with simple designs makes this bed a perfectly practical and adaptable bed for your twins.


These toddler twin bed ideas will make sleeping and bed time one for both your little ones. Twins are wonderful and rear, so you must make everything special for them. Make your twins rooms creative and fun looking with these amazing twin bed ideas that will make your kids yearn to go to bed.Braylon Twin Bed

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