11 Remedies to Get Rid of Dust Mites at Home


Dust mites are  microscopic parasites that grow in soft furnishings in the house. They generally feel on dead skin cells, and if they prevail in large amount, it can create a problem for you.  It can be a good cause for allergies and asthma. So, it’s better to avoid these parasites or get rid of them as soon as possible. Here are some ways to get rid of dust mites from your home, I hope they will turn out to be useful.

Dust Mites:  11 Tips to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your House 

Tips to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your House 

Lower the temperature and humidity

Dust mites love moist and humid places. So, keeping your home dry and comfortable can be a key to getting rid of dust mites. Keep your window open for about an hour daily can help you maintain the humidity of your house as if the humidity level exceeds 50% dust mites may find a reason to make your house their home. Moreover, a room temperature of 65 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for your room to keep it safe from dust mites. It also allows you to have a sound sleep.

Clean clean clean!

Cleanliness is the key to healthy and safe living. So, if you make it sure to clean your house thoroughly twice a week, it can be the best you can do to get rid of dust mites. You must always use damp clothes because it helps to resist dust mites coming from air. Moreover, you should wash the cloth with boiling water and dispose it off later on.

Freeze Freeze Freeze!

Dust mites can breed into soft fabric items as well. As we know that, it’s not a wise decision to wash fabric items such as silk covers or soft toys at high temperature. So, here is a wiser way to wipe off dust mites, that is to freeze them. Freezing it for around 24 hours will stop the growth of dust mites, though it will not erase the allergens but it can at least stop them from spreading their effect.

Do not plant many house plants

House plants are indeed a great asset for you home. But, they are also a haven for dust mites, as dust can settle on these plants quickly. Air-purifying plants like Peace Lilies, Golden Pothos, Philodendron, Gerbera Daisies, Areca Palm, Bamboo Palm and Dracaena can be a great replacement for other house plants. So, it’s good if you can get these plants or reduce the number of house plants. Another alternative is wiping off the plant leaves regularly.


Use essential oil

Many people prefer using dust mites spray which are generally loaded with chemicals. A perfect and less costly replacement for this is essential oils. Tea tree oil has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which eliminates dust mites and the allergens produced by dust mites and other allergy causing bacteria as well. Eucalyptus oil has similar properties, so it is also widely used for erasing mites from your home. You just need to mix two cups of distilled water with essential oil and decant it into a dark-coloured spray bottle. You can use it while wet dusting or spray to kill mites.

Keep pets away

Well, let me tell you that the fur and feather of pets acts as a food supply for mites. So, the pets should be kept away from cushions, carpets and bedding so as to avoid extra dander. You must also wash the bedding of animals regularly at high temperature so as to avoid any chance for mites. Moreover, there are many chances that your pet may suffer from allergy as well, so you need to be careful and seek medical attention  for the pet animal if required.

Use vacuum

The bed we sleep in can become a home to dust mites because it is dark and cozy and it also contains the dead cells from our body which can be a great food for them. Vacuum removes the dust and dead cells from the bedding, thus restricting the growth of dust mites, it also avoids the growth of allergy. Though, it is inefficient in removing dust mites, using vacuum twice a week can keep you on the safer side.

Use anti-allergen mattress

Using an average mattress can get you a gift of thousands of  bugs which can cause allergy and asthma, whereas using a good quality mattress which is anti- allergen can let have a sound sleep as well as an allergy free life. So, allergen proof mattresses or mattress covers, cushion covers, etc. can help you go a long way without encountering these bugs.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a soft, porous, crumbly fossil of aquatic animals, it comes in form of fine powder. The skeletons of these animals which as sharp edges is harmless to humans but deadly for parasites  such as mites. So, as to remove these parasites all you have to do is dust the bedding and carpets with diatomaceous earth. Leave it for a few hours and then vacuum it. The food-grade variety of diatomaceous earth is the best for use, it also has some health and beauty use.

May attention to your carpet

Carpets are a good breeding ground for mites, they can trap dead skin cells from human body as well as animals, so make sure you keep it clean and minimise the dust on the carpet. Weared out carpets cannot be cleaned properly even if you use vacuum or wet wipes. So, it’s advisable to get rid of it as soon as possible. Hardwood and laminate flooring are much better than carpets as they do not trap as much dust, dead cells and dander as compared to carpets.


Embrace minimalism

Dust can easily settle on anything that you have in your house, be it cushions, frames or any other fabric item. So, it can be a great idea to reduce such items from the home. You can also swap padded and  fabric headboards  with wooden ones. It’s better to reduce ornamental cushions and other throws on sofa. Blinds can work well instead of curtains. Also, homes with bare floor, with tiles or wooden floor is ninety percent more safe than carpeted floors. Minimalism works!

So, here was a list of things you can do to get rid of dust mites from you home. They are not at all a good guest to have because once they peep in, you make have to throw your belongings away because they have been taken over by mites. So, stay cautious and handy in case of mites or else they may lead to fatal consequences.