7 Reasons You Don’t Want Kids


If you ask a question that should you or should you not have a child, then you will be sorry to hear that there is no absolute answer to that question. It all depends on you and everyone has a different perspective. Your life might get completely ruined after bearing a child or it might turn out to be the best decision you have ever taken in your life. No studies have proved that there is one answer that perfectly fits this question. It is contingent from person to person.

The decision to not having a child is referred to as “childfree” and not “childless”, as childless is a term that is used to define the situation where the couple wants to have a kid but can’t bear due to whatever reasons. Nowadays many couples plan their lives in a way that they don’t want to have kids and if you are someone who has firmly decided to not have a child then that is utterly right.

7 Most Common Reasons Why People Don’t Want Kids

7 Reasons You Don’t Want

Given below are seven reasons why you might now want to have kids:

Kids are not that significant for your relationship

There is a wrong perception that society has made that having a child will bring the couple close to each other as many couples assume that bearing kids will intensify their relationship and will build it more powerful as a result of bonding over a bit of an individual that they created. But the reports have shown that the marital contentment usually retards after the birth of the first kid. Researchers have also proved that almost seventy percent of couples experience a flump in their marriage within two months of the birth of their first kid. There might be many reasons for the same starting from sleepless nights to delusive expectations and therefore the indisputable fact and incompatible ideas regarding a way to raise their toddler will generally collapse their relationship.

Kids mostly take away your sleep

Couples usually think that they will experience lack of sleep in the beginning months after having a child but that is not the case. In the first three to four months you will experience around four to five hours of lack of sleep due to reasons like diaper changing or kids might get cranky and cry all night. Once your child has started to sleep throughout the night you will still have two hours of deficient sleep on an average. Even after your kid is all grown up your sleep will be affected because he might get sick or is having bad dreams. Because of this you might experience stress and strain and it can also adversely affect your relationship if one partner is getting more sleep than the other.


You might have to leave your job, especially if you are a mother

Women usually have to leave their jobs starting from the time of pregnancy till their kid becomes all grown up. Reports have also shown that even if they go to work again they experience a four percent decrease in their wages for every child they have. Not even common people but celebrities are affected by this. Many famous actresses have to quit their profession after the birth of a child. So if the career is a vital part of your life then it is best for you to do not have a child.

Parents indulge in unhealthy lifestyle after the birth of a child

It is true that there is very less time left for yourself after having a kid. You usually tend to quit gym and long runs. Also, when your kid demands for having fast food you can’t control yourself either because obviously it takes time to cook your own healthy food.

Kids ruin your bank balance

Yes, it is very true that raising a child is extremely expensive. Starting from the time of their birth till their marriage everything requires an ample amount of capital to be invested. In the beginning you will have to pay for all the clinical bills during the time of pregnancy, then comes their school and college fees. Also, they will fall sick so additional hospital bills. Kids can sometimes be very demanding too and might ask for something you can’t afford. Many parents suffer from debts after having children.

Kids are the cause of overpopulation

People are having kids in a very fast rate. Currently the world’s population is around seven billion and the scientists have found that earth is capable of having ten billion people only. Reports have shown that by the year 2050 the population will be 10.5 billion and will increase to 12.5 billion by the year 2100. Such extreme population will lead to scarcity of food, water and basic things that are required for a living and will also lead to various violent conflicts all over the world.

Trust me, it isn’t that easy

Raising a child is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are so many sacrifices that parents have to do in their lives for their children, they even have to change their lifestyle completely. It is not as easy as falling in love or finding a new job rather it takes your blood and soul to grow up a kid. Although it is true that having a child can be a true gift for you but if you feel that you are cheerful in other ways then be proud of yourself.

It’s your life, the society will always be judgemental no matter what, so just do what you want to do and not what people want from you. If you and your partner are contented without a child then don’t have one. Focus on your career and your relationship as there is nothing more beautiful than two people falling madly in love with each other and if you think that your kid might take that happiness away from you then it is totally okay to not have one as today every one woman out of three three remains childfree by decision.