Top 9 Simple and Natural DIY Tests to Check Pregnancy


The greatest delight a woman may experience in her life is motherhood. However, getting there is a long, uncertain journey, and the first step is taking a pregnancy test. When taking the pregnancy test, you might experience anxiety regarding the results. It makes sense that you would prefer a private pregnancy test to a public one conducted in a medical facility.

pregnancy test diy

These days, a drugstore has a wide selection of pregnancy test kits that you can buy if you’re looking for ways to conduct at-home tests for pregnancy. According to studies, they are not as precise as they are advertised.

So that you can check your pregnancy status confidentially, we’ve included some DIY pregnancy tests that you can use.

Test for Pregnancy with Salt

There will be salt on every kitchen shelf. To perform a quick at-home pregnancy test with salt, all you need is a sample of the morning urine, a small quantity of salt, and a clean glass.



Add a few pinches of salt and the urine sample to the glass. Allow three minutes to pass.  If you are expecting, you’ll see that the response has produced creamy white clumps.  You are not pregnant if there is no interaction between your pee and salt.

Test for Pregnancy in Sugar

Sugar is something you’ll always have around the house. This strategy is thought to be the most straightforward of all. For this test, all you need is one bowl, a tablespoon of sugar, and a urine sample taken right after you wake up. What you must do is as follows.


Fill the bowl with sugar, then add the urine sample. It is challenging to digest sugar because of the hCG present in urine. If sugar starts to crystallize in your urine, you are likely pregnant. Your lack of pregnancy can be determined by the ease with which the sugar dissolves in the urine.

Pregnancy Test on Wheat and Barley

Every Indian consumes wheat and barley as part of their daily diet.  In a pregnant woman’s urine as opposed to water, both seeds germinate twice as quickly. The test requires a clean bowl, a sample of your urine, and barley and wheat seeds.



Add a sample of urine to a bowl that has been filled with wheat and barley seeds. Give it a couple of days to grow. If you see the seeds sprouting in a couple of days, you must be expecting. If they haven’t sprouted yet, you aren’t yet pregnant.

Pregnancy Test with Mustard Powder

Use this homemade pregnancy test if you have missed a period and think you might be pregnant. An empty bathtub filled with warm water and between half and three-quarters of a cup of mustard powder is all you need for this experiment. In addition to raising body temperature, the mustard powder is thought to help women stop missing periods.


Immerse yourself for about 20 minutes in the warm bathtub water that has been flavored with mustard powder. There should be a two- to three-day gap. After the waiting period, if you don’t start getting periods, you might be pregnant.  If you experience periods, it will be clear that you are not yet pregnant.

Test for Pregnancy Using Dandelion Leaves 

There is evidence to support the high accuracy of this at-home pregnancy test. If you have a dandelion plant in your backyard, you can therefore take advantage of this test. A urine sample that was collected very early in the morning, some dandelion leaves, and a plastic sheet are all you need.



Spread a few leaves of dandelions there and make sure the sheet is not directly in the path of the sun. Give the urine sample 10 minutes to metabolize before covering the leaves. If you see bubbles forming or the leaves turning reddish-brown, you should assume that you are pregnant. If the leaves don’t appear to be changing, you are not yet pregnant.

Keeping Urine to Test for Pregnancy

By simply keeping an eye on it, you can also use your preserved pee as a home pregnancy test. A urine sample taken in the morning and a glass container are all you need.


The sample should be added to the glass jar and kept hidden for roughly 24 hours. You are pregnant if you see a thin layer or film that has formed on the surface of the sample that has been preserved. You are not yet pregnant if there is no layer or film present.

Pregnancy Test For Wine

Did you know that one of the pregnancy tests you can do at home is wine? A morning urine sample and a bottle of wine are all that is required for this.



Pour equal parts of wine and pee into a cup. Watch the subsequent changes now. If the color of the wine changes, you are likely pregnant. Consider yourself not pregnant if the hue of your wine doesn’t change.

How Can I Be Certain the Results of My Pregnancy Test Are Accurate?

  • When you gather the urine sample, use a pristine container.
  • As it will contain high levels of hCG, test your first urine of the day.
  • Be careful when you gather a sizable amount of urine. You could have false test results if it is too low.
  • Wait for the reaction to occur after you have completed the test. The wait could last up to ten minutes.

How to test for pregnancy at home must be burning through your mind right now. Here are some simple home pregnancy tests that only require a few basic ingredients.

Natural Pregnancy Test Benefits

Only a select few of us would use homemade tests, but those who are hesitant to go natural may miss out on some advantages, like:

  • When you anticipate an unintended pregnancy and don’t want people to know, this strategy can be useful.
  • It can be challenging to conceal the disposal of a pregnancy test, but not if you use natural materials.
  • The necessary materials are all stored in your kitchen.
  • Instead of going to the drugstore, you can take the test in the comfort of your own home.
  • It is affordable to use natural pregnancy tests.
  • Since the natural ingredients are fresh, there is no need to be concerned about an expiration date.

HCG values < 5 mIU/ml are regarded as negative pregnancy indicators. Uncertainty about pregnancy is regarded as existing when the hCG level is between 6 and 24 mIU/ml. The common consensus is that HCG levels greater than 25 mIU/ml indicate pregnancy.

To Sum Up

Many women who wanted to learn about their pregnancy status in private have used all of the aforementioned tests. But you must keep in mind that sometimes the above tests may not yield accurate results. It is advisable to take more than one of the aforementioned tests in such a situation. If nothing seems to be working, you should have a blood test performed in the doctor’s office. This will show you not only whether you are expecting or not, but also what stage you have reached in your pregnancy.