Covid-19 Vaccine for Children in India


Ever since covid-19 vaccines were developed for adults, it became a major talk of town. Everybody who was eligible got vaccinated except for the children. For parents and guardians it became a very concerning topic as to when will their kids get vaccinated. As children are more exposed to outer world in school and playground, they are most vulnerable towards Covid-19.

covid vaccine for kids in india

Developed countries like US and Canada have already started vaccinating kids of all age groups. Though in India, vaccination for children below the age of 5 has not been provide yet. 

Which Age Group Of Children Can Get Vaccinated In India?

About 20 million youngsters aged 15 to 18 got vaccinated since the vaccination drive started in India on 3rd January for children. The reason behind giving priority to this age group was as they would have to appear for their board exams in few months, so they need to be vaccinated against covid-19 before they get out in the open. Those children who haven’t received vaccination yet and are under the age group 15-18, can get vaccinated now. 

How Does Vaccination Impact Children’s Life? 

When kids get vaccinated it will be beneficial to them as we their family, friends and community. As it will lead to following results:- 

Prevent Kids From Getting Covid- 19

Kids when get vaccinated, it helps them from getting infected with corona virus. Though it is said that symptoms in children are milder than symptoms in adults, yet some children can get severe lung infections and become very sick which requires hospitalization. So prevention is always better than cure! 


Reduce The Spread Of Coronavirus

If children get infected with covid-19, they can easily transmit the coronavirus to others, even if they have no symptoms. Thus getting vaccinated reduces the chance that children might transmit the virus to others, including family members and friends. As adults are more susceptible in developing severe infections. 

Stop New Variants From Emerging

Delta variant seems to be playing a role in the emerging cases of covid-19 among children. So when children get vaccinated they reduce the virus’ chance to mutate into new variants that may be even more dangerous than the existing ones. But if children remain unvaccinated then the virus can transmit between children and adults easily, giving new variants a change to emerge. 

Helps in Restoring Normal Life

If kids get vaccinated they will be able to go back to their normal school life and will be able to participate in daily outdoor activities they enjoy, with their friends. Children who are vaccinated are less likely to get infected and hence they can carry out their daily normal life without any disruptions. 

Protects Health And Community

Each child or adult When children get vaccinated, it helps in protecting their health as well as the health of those living or working in their area. As every child who is infected with the coronavirus can transmit the virus to others in the community, it is best to get vaccinated as soon as possible. 

Who Is At Greater Risk of Getting Infected? 

Although children have better immune system than adults there are some factors which make them more exposed towards covid-19 infection, such as

  • Kids who have Type 1 diabetes
  • Children who are obese
  • Children who already have a pre existing medical condition. 

How Dangerous is COVID for the Children? 

Mostly, all symptoms shown by kids are mild and asymptomatic but there is a hovering risk of post infection complications. Children may suffer from a condition known as MIS-C also known as Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome. 


Are There Any Side Effects For Children After Receiving Vaccination? 

It is seen that most side-effects for children are as same as they were for adults. These side effects include

  • Fever
  • Pain at the site of injection
  • Redness at the injection site
  • Body pain
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Sore throat

When Can Kids Get A Booster Shot? 

Booster shot is the dose of vaccine given after a person has had the original vaccine to boost the immune system. As immunity from the original vaccine can fade over time, so a booster shot can help in this case. For children over the age of 12, the shot is recommended after they have passed 5 months since their primary vaccine. It can provide protection for children against covid and help them in building and boosting their immunity. 

Teenagers aged from 15 to 18 can also get booster shot after their two doses of vaccines get completed. And as for children who are aged between 6 months to 5 year old are concerned, Clinical trials are underway for them, once they get approved, the vaccines will be made available. In countries like Canada and USA and Europe, children who are below 15 are getting vaccinated but it may take some time for that to start in India. 

Covid Vaccinations for kids under 5 | When will it begin?

Little kids under the age of 5 are not eligible for covid-19 vaccines yet. This is very concerning for the parents as they are not being able to decide what activities are safe for their children and what may pose as a threat to their unvaccinated children. Although when compared to adults, kids in this age group are less at risk of getting severely infected with covid-19 But the arrival of Omicron Variant has drived a surge in pediatric hospitals. As it is believed to be more transmissible than the earlier strains of corona virus. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can possibly authorize Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for children under the age of 5 by next month. In mid December it was announced by the Pfizer that they planned to submit Data to the Food and Health Administration during the first half of 2022 if the three-dose study was successful.