7 Common Reasons why Babies Cry


Is your baby crying incessantly? Is that worrying you endlessly? All babies cry, but if you are a new mom you are tend to feel overwhelmed and worried as to what could be wrong. Read on to know why a baby cries, so you know what you should do to make him or her feel better.

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Most Common Reasons why Babies Cry

Young mothers get worried, often wondering why their little baby cries. Each time it’s for a different reason, and parents can’t figure out what it is. They try to communicate their need for sleep, food, water or milk and perhaps when they are teething too. So, how do you tell why your baby cries? Let’s find out:

1. He wants to be fed

The fact that your baby is hungry is the first thing that you would think of. AS a new mother, it would help you a lot to recognize that your baby is hungry and that’s why he’s crying. Some of these signs include the need for fussing, putting their hands near or in their mouths and lip smacking.

2. He’s teething

When your baby is four months old, he will begin teething and you will notice that he needs a lot of fussing. He might drool, suck on his pacifier or your finger or bite anything he comes across.Massage his gums as often as possible or make him chew on teethers for relief.

3. Stomach problems

Do you find your baby, pumping his legs or wriggling? He could have colic or gas problems which cause him to cry a lot. Colic problems, make him cry for about three hours a day, or three times a week.


If your baby fusses a lot and cries soon after he’s fed, it means he has a stomach problem. He might also have gas pain which could keep him in great discomfort until the moment passes.baby cry

4. Dirty diaper

Some babies can continue to wear a dirty diaper for a long time without complaining about it. However, there are others who cry immediately the moment their skin comes in contact with wetness. All you need to do is to open your baby’s diaper and check for wetness and change his diaper accordingly.

5. Wants to burp desperately

If you find your baby crying after a feed, it means he wants to burp. When they breastfeed or suck on a bottle’s nipple, they automatically swallow air. This could make them uncomfortable if air isn’t let out. Some babies want air in their stomachs, while others don’t care one way or another. If you’re not sure why your baby’s crying, all you need do is to pat her back. This usually helps babies burp naturally.

6. Need to fall off to sleep

Not all babies find it easy to sleep when they put their heads on their pillows or on your shoulder. The truth is that the more tired your baby is, the harder it is for him to fall off to sleep. Try out a few methods to see what calms your baby and sends him off to sleep. Most babies go off to sleep when they are rocked or when you sing a lullaby to them.

For your baby to get sleep at a particular time every night, you need to set a bedtime regimen that signals to your baby that it’s bedtime now. Though your baby may not go to sleep immediately, yet a few of your strategies might work well to calm him down and send him off to sleep.

Get him out of the habit of having naps through the day so that it’s easy for him to sleep at night. However, if he’s tired at a time that’s not his usual nap time, let him rest a bit. Remember, if your baby is sleepy, let him sleep. Don’t keep him up for any reason.


7. Wants you to hold him

Babies feel warm and cuddly when you hold them. They like to see your face, listen to your voice and to your heartbeats, and learn to identify your body smell. If they want you to hold them, do so else they will begin crying and insist that you hold them.

Babies need the comfort of their parents’ closeness and bodies. So, give them as much of this as they want during their babyhood. You certainly won’t be spoiling them if you do this, so go for it.

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As a new mother, you must be aware of these reasons for your baby crying. Have you come across any or all of them?