10 Best Protein Powder to Make Your Child Stronger and Smarter


Protein is one of the five essential nutrients that help in the growth and development of muscles. Growing children, especially between the ages of 6 and 15, need protein in a good amount for their growth and development. While, an adult person requires a comparatively low amount of protein, as it is needed for repair of muscles only.

Most children don’t even need to add extra protein powder if we are feeding them a balanced diet. However, it is difficult to have control all the time over a balanced diet. A nonvegetarian can get enough protein from the meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, yoghurt and whole grains that they are taking regularly in their meals but for a vegetarian child, you have to take more care for regular intake. The need for taking protein supplement is required for those children who are:

With nutritional deficiencies

If children are suffering from protein deficiency, it may be a good idea to give them protein powder as a supplement. It helps them to get the proper nutrition without adding too many calories to their diet.

Children who are very active

If a child is an athlete and participating in or involving in any physical activity, he/she has to follow special diets usually recommended by coaches and nutritionists, and adding a bit of whey protein to their diet can help them to get enough amino acids to keep their active muscles well nourished.

Children of vegetarian parents

Feeding a child a vegetarian diet should be done in a very careful manner, as the minerals and proteins needed by children are found only in meat and poultry. To ensure that the child gets the proper nutrition and amino acids, protein powder can be added to their diet.

Children who don’t eat properly

Some children are very particular about what they eat and they don’t like certain foods well. They are very fussy about eating. Sometimes they want to eat junk food only. Their nutritional requirement cannot be fulfilled by regular diet. In that case, they should be provided with some additional protein supplement. If we find that our child is hard to feed, adding protein powder to their diet can help them to get balanced nutrition. Whey protein for kids in this instance can help to make up any deficiency in the child’s diet.


Protein supplements promote growth, conducive to hormone production, help in weight loss and boost the immune system: Protein supplements usually taste not so good. By using protein powder, hot chocolate, brownies and cookies can be made.  It’s very easy to mix protein powder in the right recipes. Eggs, Chicken, turkey Beef, Pork, Fish, Nuts, Tofu and Seeds are natural protein sources.

In case, we feel that our child really need an extra protein supplement, it should be given in adequate amount and under the advice and supervision of a doctor. The different proteins can be Whey protein, Casein protein and Soy protein. Whey protein is derived from cow’s milk and it is the best protein for small children, as it supplies all nine essential amino acids to the body, which helps in building muscles. Casein is also sourced from milk and helps in building muscles but children may feel difficulty in digesting it.  Soy protein may not be as nutritious as dairy milk. According to the researchers, it may lead to shorter height while some children are found allergic to it.

Protein Powder for kids: 10 Best Powders

Protein Powder for kids

Healthkart Protein

It is extracted from 100% natural resources and contains three quality proteins. In addition, it is fully loaded with vitamins and minerals and can fulfil the requirement of nutrients to a great extent.


It is a high-calorie protein supplement with vitamin B complex. It is supposed to be taken in between meals supplying vital protein for those whose intake of protein is insufficient. It is easily digestible and the taste is also good.

Protinex Health Drink

It’s a tasty chocolate drink. It has zero trans fat and contains adequate amounts of nutrients.


Protinex Junior

It is exclusively formulated for children, keeping in mind for child’s mental and physical growth.

Pediasure Nutritional Powder

It is a complete and balanced premium chocolate diet for young children. It is a strong, complex and balanced blend of prebiotics and probiotics. It is a systematically planned formula having 37 vital nutrients for the age group of 2 and above.

Muscle Blaze Mass Gainer

As the name suggests, this is for highly active children. It has a multi-enzyme DigeZyyme that supplies all the essential amino acids with 27 vital vitamins and minerals and ensures better absorption of nutrients and provides better results.

Muscle Blaze Weight Gainer

Muscle Blaze Weight Gainer has a balanced blend of high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals to help in a healthy weight gain and digestion.

B- Protein Chocolate

It is the best protein powder available in India.

Muscle Blaze High Protein

It is any time nutritious meal and contains wheat flakes, soy flakes, oat rings and black raisins. It is delicious crunch and a healthy dose of antioxidants.


Amway Nutrilite Kids Nutrition

It is a vitamin and protein supplement needed during the formative years of childhood. It ensures the adequate supply of nutrients necessary for growth and development.

You should be very careful while choosing a protein powder for your child, as he may be sensitive to gluten, eggs, nuts, and/or dairy products, and taking protein powder may cause an allergic reaction. It should be taken after proper medical advice and guidance and should be monitored after giving them their first dose of protein powder. If they exhibit any signs of allergies stop giving them the protein powder immediately! You can think of giving a protein powder to your child if required, but keep in mind the points that are mentioned above so they will stay healthy.

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