15 Health Benefits of Caraway Seeds for Children


Caraway seeds, also called as cumin or black jeera is a commonly used Indian kitchen ingredient in every household. These seeds are obtained from caraway plants. Belonging to the Apiaceae family, the caraway seeds initially originated from Africa, Europe, and Western Asia. Rich in minerals, vitamins, flavonoids, phytonutrients, and anti-oxidants, caraway seeds are loaded with health benefits and is extremely good for our mental and physical health.

15 Must Know Health Benefits of Caraway Seeds for Kids

Like adults, children also need all the essential nutrients to supplement their growing bodies. A complete balanced diet is extremely important to keep children mentally and physically fit.  Listed below are some of the health benefits of caraway seeds for children

1} Possess Anti-fungal properties

Caraway seeds contain anti-fungal properties which makes it easier to store for longer duration without the worry of it getting spoilt. Regular consumption of caraway seeds reduces the risk of developing fungal infections in your children.

2} Remedy for Colic Pain

Colic is a condition that is characterized by severe abdominal pain. It is a traumatic condition that affects most children especially infants. Caraway seeds are said to be very beneficial to relieve colic pain in children. Caraway seeds can be boiled in water or milk and mixed with honey before consumption.

Caraway seeds

3} Treats appetite loss

Children need to have a healthy appetite and eat nutritious food to stay fit and healthy. Many children suffer from appetite loss and suffer lack of nutrition. Making your children eat caraway seeds regularly helps treat appetite loss and make them enjoy a healthy meal.


4} Maintains digestive health

Children often suffer from digestive problem during childhood. If you are looking for a remedy to maintain good digestive health in your children, make them consume caraway seeds regularly. Caraway seeds are rich in dietary fibres which improves bowels, eliminates toxins from the body and acts as a laxative. Caraway seeds also provide timely relief from constipation, gas, stomach pain, and flatulence.

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5} Gives relief from heartburn

Like adults, children also suffer from heartburn from time to time. The painful burning sensation in the stomach can irritate your children and make them suffer. An easy quick remedy to relieve heartburn in children is to give them caraway seeds. The best way to consume them is to boil caraway seeds in water and drink its mixture.

6} Strengthens our immune system

Children need to develop a healthy immune system to stay fit and healthy life long. Caraway seeds contain anti-microbial properties that help our body fight infections and prevent them from recurring. It also makes the immune system of children strong in the long run.

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7} Cures nausea and vomiting

Children are a common victim of nausea and vomiting as they are always outside. Additionally, they are also prone to intestinal infections and suffer poor digestive health. Caraway seeds reduce the risk of developing intestinal infections and also brings down the incidences of nausea and vomiting.


8} Possess anti-inflammatory properties

Many kids are prone to allergies and suffer poor health due to this. But the good news is that caraway seeds contain anti-inflammatory properties that treat symptoms of allergies in children and prevent them from returning.

9} Contains anti-septic properties

Children and wounds go hand in hand. There is no child who return home after play without a wound or bruise. Caraway seeds contain anti-septic properties and acts as a natural disinfectant. It promotes the quick healing of wounds and prevents it from contracting secondary infections.

10} Promotes cardiovascular health

Maintaining good cardiovascular health is extremely important right from a young age. Caraway seeds are rich in phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and all the essential nutrients that keep the heart functioning in a healthy manner. It also prevents the free radicals in our body that cause any kind of oxidative damage to the heart cells.

11} Antispasmodic Benefits

Children always suffer from muscular pulls and cramps during physical activities. There is nothing to worry and you need not rush to a doctor. The remedy lies right in your kitchen. Caraway seeds contain antispasmodic properties that prevent certain enzymes that are responsible for muscular contractions in the body. This prevent immediate relieve from muscular pain and cramps.

12} Diuretic properties

Some children unfortunately suffer from renal calculi and obstructed urination at a very young age. The good news is that this can be treated naturally with caraway seeds. Caraway seeds contain diuretic properties that eliminate all the toxins from your child’s body and improve the urine frequency in them. Regular consumption of caraway seeds keep your child’s kidney healthy and prevents him from contracting urinary tract infections.

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13} Good for respiratory health

Children suffer from a lot of respiratory infections including the common cold and flu. An easy way to improve their respiratory health is to make them consume caraway seeds on a regular basis. Caraway seeds contain anti-oxidant properties that fight free radicals and reduces oxidative damage caused to the respiratory system. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and prevents the occurrence of respiratory infections.

14} Improved cognitive function

Good cognitive function is extremely important for your children to be mentally active. Regular consumption of caraway seeds improve brain function and prevent neurological diseases and cognitive decline.

15} Excellent Insecticide and vermicide

Caraway seeds are excellent insecticides and vermicide that kill worms and insects not just outside but also within the body. Children suffer from worms in their intestine, stomach and as lice on their hair. Caraway seed oil can be used treat lice on hair and can also be consumed to kill intestinal worms.

As parents, we take a lot of care to ensure our kids eat right and healthy. One of the easiest way to add to those efforts, is to incorporate caraway seeds in their regular diet. Start consuming caraway seeds regularly and make your children also be a healthy part of it. Regular intake of caraway seeds by your family will keep them healthy, fit and strong for many years to come.




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