11 Tips to Help Your Child Discover His Creative Genius


how to encourage creativity in your Child Studies conducted in the Harvard University had revealed that children often display intelligence in many different ways like in the form of words, numbers, pictures, music, sporting abilities, social & emotional development and so on. It is true that all children are talented. It is just that some of them show glimpses of their later than the others. However, as a parent you play a crucial role in the process of kindling and nurturing the talent or developing their creative genius through basic experience that you give them at home. You don’t have to crack your brains out to find creative genius within your child but at the same time you must make sure that your child gets a certain kind of exposure and experience at home which will help him/her nourish the inner talent.

11 Tips to Help Your Child Discover His Creative Genius

1. Let your child discover his/her own interest: You have to carefully observe the kind of activities he/she chooses in the free time. While playing on his/her own and choosing between various activities, you child will gradually will gradually show his/her hidden gifts.

2. Expose to Different Experiences: A child cannot start exploring the world on his/her own. So it is your responsibility to introduce new activities to him/her. But do remember that you cannot force your child to like certain activities and you also cannot assume that your child is not gifted only because he/she is not showing interest in something particular.

3. Allow to Make Mistakes: In order to unveil the hidden creative genius within your child you must allow him/her to make mistakes. If your child only has to do things always following the same pattern, then he/she cannot really take the risk later in their lives to bring out the special gift.

4. Question them a Lot: When you find your child interested in something, you must encourage his/her passion by asking questions about the things they are doing. Suppose if they have painted something you can ask them what made him/her think painting the picture.

5. Don’t Put Pressure to Learn: You can always encourage but not push. If your child is a good singer, a music class or a private teacher is a good idea. But you cannot force him/her to practice every day as it will ruin the natural interest he/she has for music.


6. Provide a Sensory-Rich Environment: The more your child learns to express through senses, the more likely that he/she will be able to express his/her inner genius. Keep sensory-rich stuffs like finger-paints, percussion instruments, puppets and other related things so that your child can spend more time fiddling with them.

7. Keep Your Passion Alive: Perhaps it is the hardest step but it is safe to say that your child will get motivated by you. For that reason it is important that you also follow your own passion in arts or maybe music so that your child tends to follow you.

8. Allow him/her to Participate in Community Activities: By allowing your child to participate in community activities like painting competition or a dance competition you will not only encourage him/her to follow the passion but also at the same time you will provide support to give your child the adequate confidence to perform in front of others.

9. Try Not to Label Stuff: Labels like “Dancing is for Girls” or “Football is for Boys” are dangerous as it might discourage your child to express the true talent without any inhibition. One must not be embarrassed of his/her own passion and as a parent you must make sure that your child is not excluded from anything due to labelling.

10. Listen to What Your Child has to Say: You need listen carefully to what your child has to say about his/her liking and inclination of certain things. It is more likely that your child will reveal his/her hidden passion for something to you and it would be unwise for you to ignore it completely.

11. Allocate a special space: If your child is showing signs of engaging him/her in certain activities then it is important that you allocate certain space to your child where he/she can paint or practice any instrument. The special space will encourage your child as he/she will then get to know that you are also serious about his/her passion and also it will give him the chance to explore more.


Apart from all these, you should always try and engage in certain degree of frivolity with your child and play games as it inevitably brings out the creative side for both of you.