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Can I Eat Mangosteen During Pregnancy?


A Thai tropical fruit, mangosteen or Garcinia mangostana, is identified by its thick skin, purple in color and juicy flesh. It is full of nutrients and vital vitamins and minerals that could help pregnant women. Having said this, pregnant women should not eat this fruit before consulting a physician.

Mangosteen helps pregnant women in several ways, which are:

Benefits of Mangosteen for pregnant women

Prevents birth defects: Mangosteen is rich in folate. In fact, a cup of this fruit contains 61 mcg of folate, a nutrient very essential to pregnant women as it prevents birth defects such as brain and spinal defects in babies by about 60%. Mangosteen also reduces the chances of babies being born with a cleft lip or palate and heart problems.

mangosteen for pregnant women

Helps form the skeletal system: Mangosteen also contains manganese which is instrumental in helping the skeletal system and supporting cartilage form normally. Manganese also contains antioxidants that give mother and foetus ample protection against cellular damage.

Keeps the immune system healthy: Mangosteen contains Vitamin C which helps pregnant women have a strong immune system. It also reduces the chances of catching infection that could affect the growing foetus. Vitamin C also stimulates the manufacture of collagen that helps the skin retain its elasticity, something very important to pregnant women whose skin extends to accommodate the growing foetus.


Reduces the risk of stroke: Mangosteen may also be helpful in reducing risk of stroke or myocardial infarction. Findings of a study indicate the cardio protective effect of mangosteen on the antioxidant tissue defense system and lipid peroxidation during a stroke.

Prevents inflammation: If pregnant women suffer from inflammation-related diseases, eating mangosteen can provide the necessary relief. Once the inflammation is reduced, it can prevent the onset of more chronic health problems like heart disease, cancer and respiratory problems. It also treats inflammation-related problems in those who have mobility issues because of sore joints and swelling, aiding them to walk better.

Gets rid of constipation during pregnancy: It’s not unusual for pregnant women to go through constipation. By eating mangosteen, constipation and its discomfort can be alleviated due to the fruit’s rich fibre content and smooth bowel movements can be experienced.

Reduces the chances of preeclampsia: Mangosteen also reduces the risk of preeclampsia, caused due to high blood pressure that is caused due to genetics, diet and problems related blood vessels. By eating mangosteen during pregnancy, any complications caused due to preeclampsia can be vastly reduced.

Protects pregnant women from cancer: Mangosteen contains compounds better known as Xanthones that offer anti-cancer benefits. These compounds prevent the growth and development of cancerous cells of pregnant women and their unborn babies. Xanthones are strong and effective antioxidants that also protect the body from the effect of free radicals that are instrumental in causing oxidative stress, which are precursors to chronic medical problems.

Normalizes diabetes: One of the most natural remedies of diabetes is a daily diet of mangosteen. If pregnant women eat this fruit every day in a limited manner, their blood glucose levels can be normalized and they can be safeguarded against the ill-effects of diabetes during pregnancy.


Treats UTI: Being rich in xanthones also has a positive impact on treating urinary tract infections (UTI), tuberculosis, eczema, fever, gonorrhoea, thrush, dysentery, pain and menstrual problems.

Regulates cholesterol levels: Mangosteen lowers cholesterol levels and in doing this, it lowers a pregnant woman’s risk for atherosclerosis. By eating a diet abundant in mangosteen, not only are cholesterol levels reduced in pregnant women, but triglyceride levels are controlled so that the heart¬† functions optimally.

Fights gastrointestinal disorders: Mangosteen is very effective in getting rid of ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, gas, diarrhoea and acid reflux and other such gastrointestinal disorders.

Normalizes digestion: Thanks to the fibre content in mangosteen, pregnant women who experience digestive problems can find relief in eating this fruit. This results in better overall health for the pregnant woman as several digestive problems affect other parts of the body and can also serve as a lever for other more serious problems.

Anit-allergic properties: Mangosteen is also a natural histamine which can ward off any allergies. According to the people of Thailand, this fruit can reduce allergies in some cases. The antioxidants and vitamins contained in the flesh and skin of the mangosteen help combat the ill-effects of free radicals and lower the inflammation caused by allergies in the body. If pregnant women are not sensitive to fruit, but have other kinds of allergies, they can rely on mangosteen to get rid of them.

On the other hand, eating mangosteen can lead to allergies in people sensitive to fruits. By eating this fruit, such people can display allergenic reactions like joint pains, skin rash, headaches, etc.


Gets rid of anaemia: Mangosteen stimulates blood flow, promotes red blood cells and prevents pregnant women from suffering from anaemia. By causing the blood vessels to dilate, mangosteen improves blood flow. This helps safeguard expecting women from chronic diseases such as high cholesterol, chest pain, atherosclerosis and heart congestion. When the blood flow to the eye is increased, Mangosteen’s Vitamin C saves women from cataracts and improves overall vision.

Tuberculosis: The antifungal and antibacterial properties of mangosteen are capable of increasing immune systems. Its preventative action against bacteria helps pregnant women recover from tuberculosis.

Mangosteen dosage for pregnant women: Though it is safe for pregnant women to eat mangosteen fruit, they should eat it only in small amounts. The nutritive value of this fruit helps promote the foetus’ growth and development and protect it from any birth defects and malnutrition. This makes it imperative for pregnant women to eat mangosteen. Before eating the mangosteen fruit, speak to your doctor and ensure it is safe for you to have in your condition. Remember not to consume any medication that contains the rind of mangosteen as it may have a negative effect on your foetus.


If you are pregnant and have any of the above-mentioned conditions, you should consider eating this rich and nutritious fruit, the mangosteen, but not without the consent of your doctor.