21 Amazing Benefits of Calamine Lotion for Babies


Calamine lotion is used to treat minor skin related problems like itchiness, rashes, sunburns, to major skin ailments like eczema. It is a combination of zinc oxide and ferric oxide and is produced by adding other ingredients like phenol and calcium hydroxide. Calamine lotion is believed to be so effective that it had made its place in the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. It has also been in use for skin health since as far as 1500 BC.

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calamine lotion for babies

Most people use calamine lotion to treat skin issues in their babies. But if your baby has an allergy to zinc then not using this lotion is the best choice. Also do not mix this lotion with any other herbal preparations, since it might lead to other allergic reactions. Consulting a physician before using it for your baby is always a good idea. Now let’s get into learning about the various benefits of using calamine lotion for babies.

Top 21 Benefits of Calamine Lotion for Babies

Treats Diaper Rashes

One of the most common skin problems in infants is diaper rashes. Since your baby spends most of his time in a diaper it is common for him to develop diaper rashes. Therefore, one best medicine you could use to treat this problem is the calamine lotion. It will reduce itchiness and eventually heal the rashes.

Treats Dry Skin

Babies have a very sensitive and soft skin making them prone to lose moisture really soon eventually turning their skin into dry and rough. Calamine lotion helps to soothe your baby’s skin and keeps it moist and soft.


Cures Insect Bites

You might be able to protect your baby from the aliens but you can never protect or avoid insect bites. And since avoiding insect bites is impossible, reducing the pain caused by it is a better idea. Calamine lotion helps to provide relief to the irritation and pain caused by insect bites.

Heals Mosquito Bites

As we have discussed insect bites are unavoidable, and mosquito bites are something really irritating. Calamine lotion reduces the redness caused by mosquito bite and also provides relief from it. Apply the lotion on the affected area and let it do the work.

Treats Irritated Skin

The fragile and sensitive skin of babies is easily prone to get infections or skin irritation from dirt or other grimes. Calamine lotion helps to treat any skin irritation and also provides the required moisture needed for their skin.

Reduces Excess Oil

Unlike other lotions or skin products, calamine lotion locks the moisture in the skin and keeps it hydrated. The skin of your baby might get oily and greasy with some products; calamine lotion can be a good barring.

Treats Armpit Rash

The folds on your baby’s body might rub to each other and due to friction the skin in that area gets rashes and becomes irritant and red. One of the most common places that might get affected is the armpit area. For these kinds of rashes, calamine lotion helps to reduce redness and also soothes the skin.

Cures Chickenpox Blisters

Calamine lotion works amazingly on chickenpox blisters. The blisters caused due to chickenpox stay and are itchy and irritate even after the illness has gone. Calamine lotion helps to reduce these blisters soothing the pain and itchiness caused by it.


Cures Eczema

Calamine lotion works magically in treating not just the simple skin problems but also major skin condition like eczema. The zinc oxide and ferrous present in it help to treat skin irritation caused due to eczema. Apply the lotion on affected areas and repeat this for a few days and you will see the results.

Note: since every skin type can be different, for major skin issues consulting a doctor before using it is recommended.

Treats Psoriasis

Psoriasis is not a common issue but in some cases, babies tend to get affected by it. Red raised lesions may appear on the knees, scalp, lower back, and elbows in babies suffering from psoriasis. Calamine lotion has antiseptics elements that can help in reducing the symptoms of psoriasis to a great extent.

Cures Jock Itch

Jock itch is a fungal infection that thrives on wet and moist skin. Since babies have more folds and the skin in those areas tends to be wet most of the time, they are more prone to develop this infection. Calamine lotion provides relief from the irritation caused due to the infection, nevertheless, consult a doctor before using the lotion for major skin issues.

Treats Hives

Applying calamine lotion on the hives is a great way of curing the allergic reaction and avoiding future infections. Your baby’s temperature can increase due to the itchy red raised bumps on the skin causing discomfort and uneasiness. Calamine lotion provides relief from it and heals the bumps.

Treats Scabies

Scabies is a contagious infection commonly present between the fingers. It is characterized by severe itchy red bumps. It can also develop on the neck area, head, shoulders and other areas of the body. Calamine lotion can be used to ease discomfort in babies suffering scabies.


Heals Wounds Faster

As babies grow older they start exploring things and sometimes may get hurt during their adventures. Calamine lotion can be applied to such wounds for faster recovery as it reduces discomfort.

Helps Treat Shingles

Shingles is a viral infection where small stripe of blisters pops up on the skin. This is a painful condition especially if babies develop it, it may make them uncomfortable and irritated. This condition can be cured by applying calamine lotion. Apply the lotion on the eruptions and your baby will feel relieved.

Provides Relief from Heat

During the summer months, prickly heat might make your baby sweat a lot which results in them developing skin rashes or irritation. Applying calamine lotion on your baby’s body might provide relief and soothe the skin.

Treats Yeast Infections

Calamine lotion works in a great way of treating yeast infections. Usually, yeast infections are caused due to the wet and moist skin in the groin region. Calamine lotion helps to prevent such infections from spreading to other parts.

Treats Poison Ivy Rash

Children may not directly develop this infection but might catch it from adults, other children or pets who might be the carriers. But in case your baby has this rash, calamine lotion can be used to cure it and reduce itching and redness.

Helps Open Skin Pores

Calamine lotion can be used for its soothing and healing properties. It can be ideal for opening up the pores and keeping the skin hydrated. It also reduces and dryness and keeps your baby’s skin soft.


Deals with Nail Infections

A baby’s nails may curl inwards as they grow to make it pierce the skin and thus cause infection. Applying calamine lotion helps to soothe the infection and also prevent it from spreading any further.

Cures Genital Warts

The healing properties of calamine lotion can be used to treat genital warts and may also help to kill the virus. However, this is based on anecdotal evidence only; therefore consult a doctor before using it.


Calamine lotion is one of the safest skin lotions that can be used to cure and heal various skin issues. But it is best to consult a physician before using anything blindly on your skin, especially if you are using it to treat your baby’s skin infections, discuss it with a pediatrician.





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