Pros and Cons of Billings Ovulation Method to Get Pregnant


One of the most modern, simple, and effective ways of natural family planning is the Billings Ovulation method. Millions of people have used this method to achieve or avoid pregnancy. It also helps monitor the reproductive health. A patient and relaxed couple, with a sound understanding of fertility, will be able to maximize the chances of welcoming a baby into the family. It is the most scientifically researched method by which one can enjoy the benefits of natural family planning.

Pros and Cons of Billings Ovulation Method to Get Pregnant

What is the Billings Ovulation Method?

The Billings method was developed by Dr. John and Evelyn Billings. It is a way of family planning used by some couples to prevent pregnancy and some for achieving pregnancy. At the simplest, it can help optimize the chances of achieving pregnancy by knowing when having the best chance of conceiving. It is altogether a safe, natural, and reliable way to timing pregnancy. This method uses natural techniques, no drugs or other devices and is pretty easy to comprehend. The Billings method and fertile days can almost be termed synonymous as it revolves around the fertile period of a woman.pregnancy

How Does the Billings Method Work?

The most important and major part of the Billings ovulation method is to teach women to pay attention to ‘fertile cervical mucus’. Closer to ovulation, the mucus becomes more abundant, slippery, and wet. Women are supposed to take note of the cervical mucus, any discharge, and dry or wet sensations of the vulva. The amount and consistency keep changing. The most fertile period is when the woman has a lot of cervical mucus. This is considered to be the best time to have sex to get pregnant. Extensive scientific research and billing ovulation method effectiveness trials have proved that it can be taught in most countries of the world regardless of people’s race, religion, and economic status, educational or cultural background.

How Accurate is the Billings Method?

Billings method with perfect use have 0.5-3% failure rates.

Rules of Billings Method to Get Pregnant

  • Avoid intercourse on days of heavy menstrual bleeding – avoid having sex on the days of heavy menstrual bleeding. Bleeding can mask the presence of mucus which indicates fertility.
  • Have intercourse on alternate evenings of the BIP (basic infertile pattern) – the wait till the evening is to ensure that there is no change from the BIP. Alternate evenings are suggested because the day after sex, a little discharge of seminal fluid and dampness can be felt which can mask the mucus pattern.
  • When there is a change from BIP, wait and see – a change from BIP shows potential fertility and chances of sperm survival. If the peak is observed, then the peak rule should be applied. If the BIP returns, then wait and revert to rule 2 after three days.
  • The peak rule is applied once the peak of fertility is attained – ovulation takes place until the fourth day past the peak which is the lifespan of the egg. For the remainder of the cycle, one remains infertile as the egg is dead and ovulation does not happen until next menstruation.

Sex over the days of the slippery sensation and one or two days past the peak are considered to give the best possibility to conceive making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginning.

Pros of Billings Ovulation Method

  • No side effects or health risks – there are no associated health risks or side effects like bloating, irritability, headaches or severe reactions of drugs if the chances of conceiving are optimized by Billings ovulation method.
  • Prevents pregnancy – the Billings method does not interfere with the delicate balance of natural processes in the body. The hormonal method of contraception can induce various carcinogenic effects which can be fatal.
  • Absolutely natural, drug-free, and non-invasive – this drug-free, non-invasive method does not require any hormones or devices. It takes us back to basics. There are simple things which are often the best.
  • For all stages of reproductive life – whatever is the stage of one’s reproductive life whether breastfeeding or approaching menopause, the Billings method helps in understanding fertility on a regular basis.
  • Simple to use – this method has been used by even illiterate and blind women. It is actually for every woman everywhere.
  • Affordable – the money that is spent on fertility treatments or IVF or contraceptives can be saved by leaning this simple yet easy method. Only a small fee has to be paid as consultation fees.
  • Environment-friendly – this method does not require any packaging which adds to the landfills. Since it is hormone-free, it will not contaminate the environment.
  • It is empowering – the Billings ovulation method helps to understand, appreciate, and protect reproductive health. It puts a person in control when the person gets empowered with its knowledge.
  • Strengthens relationship – the relationship of a couple can improve if communication, care, and cooperation are inculcated to implement the Billings ovulation method.
  • Universally approved – couples having moral objections to using contraceptives readily accept the Billings ovulation method. It is morally acceptable to all cultures and religions.

Cons of Billings Ovulation Method

  • Though the average life of sperm is three days in the body, some sperms exist for up to seven days also in the body. So, determining a safe period to have sex is difficult.
  • It is difficult to assess a woman’s fertile period as stress, diet, age, and other factors affect the menstrual cycle.
  • This method does not provide any protection against any sexually transmitted diseases like HIV.
  • Time and effort need to be invested in recording and accurately observing the fertility indicators which are difficult for busy women.
  • It doesn’t work without continued commitment and practice.
  • It is a subjective method that requires education from a trained professional.



Billings ovulation method is a kind of natural family planning which is safe and secure. By recognizing the changing characteristics of cervical mucus, one can predict the ovulation which in turn can help to determine when to conceive.