51 Math Games for Kids (6yrs and above)


Children are intimidated by maths. This fear develops at an early age and in some cases, stays with one for life.  To get over this feeling, it is necessary to make this subject fun, interesting and approachable.  One good way of doing this is to teach this subject through games.

For parents, math games for kids help them get more engrossed in the subject and develop math skills at a much younger age. At school, teachers can use these games to introduce skill sets or new topics.

How do Playing Math Games Help Kids?

Here are a few salient reasons for kids using math games:

  • Cool math for kids comprise games that introduce a subject to a child in a fun and interactive manner which they can accept readily.
  • These games instill analytics, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, besides addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.
  • These free games for kids teach children that they can use the principles of maths in unimaginable ways. Such skills, build their confidence in math skills which make them high-performing students.

51 Cool Math Games for Children (6yrs and above)

Math games for kids

Here are some paper and pencil based free games for kids that they can play anywhere and anytime. These games can be adapted to the class curriculum for students of Grade 1 through Grade 6. Here are 21 cool math games for kids that make children confident of a dreaded subject.

  • Number pyramid

Through this game, children of Grade 1 through Grade 4 can learn to add, subtract, divide and multiply and have fun too! Children are asked to complete the pyramid full of numbers by filling up all blank spaces as they go upwards. To make this game more challenging, add in a few small prizes so that children can be motivated to play it.


math number game for kids

  • Join the dots

For children of Grade 1 to Grade 5, here’s an exciting game that can teach inline addition, number recognition and subtraction, multiplication and division. To play this game, convert the numbers in the dots to make small questions.

  • Sudoku

Here’s a brain teaser of a game that will entice anyone to play more than one game. This game is for slightly older children who can follow the rules of this game and fill in numbers from one to nine horizontally and vertically.

games for kids

  • Number crossword

This cool math game is for students of Class 2 to 6, with varying levels of difficulty. From this game, kids will learn math skills like fractions, geometry, LCM and HCF. A crossword grid with 15 interesting math questions going across and down will make up the puzzle.

crossword math game for kids

  • Number Smith

Here’s one innovative way of teaching maths through fun and exercises. Children are asked to find the correct numbers from a jumble from the given clues. They learn basic math skills like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, decimals, etc.

  • Sum Swamp

As kids journey through a swamp of addition and subtraction, they meet all kinds of crocs and critters, while learning addition and subtraction and honing their math skills. Good for K-2. Such fun games for kids help boost a child’s morale.

sun swamp math game for kids

  • Rack-O

Here’s a game that tests your child’s ability of sequential numbers. There are several game variations for third graders.

racko math game for kids

  • Payday!

This game teaches children basic skills of handling money, which will make them responsible adults. Just right for Grade 3 students.

  • Honeycomb Hike

Little ones will learn about sizes and colors as they wend their way with their bears along a path of paws to a honey-filled bee hive.

bet math game for children

  • Tour De Time

You can have two play levels in this double-sided game board- Leaving for Vacation and Bike Challenge. Children can learn time calculation and comparison skills.

best math games for kids

  • Bank Account

Older children who need to learn all about banking like writing checks, keeping correct records and making deposits. Kids who play this game can apply their learning to real-life transactions. Recommended for Grades 5-12.

  • Dirty Feet Game

The feet here are measurements of feet and inches. This game teaches children all about measurements.


dirty feet best math game for kdis

  • Conceptual Bingo

The conventional game of Bingo helps children learn certain math aspects like integers, decimals, fractions, whole numbers, etc. Anyone from Grade 1 to 12 can play this game.

bingo conceptual best math game for kids

  • Chase!

This game has a board on which kids are supposed to race their pawns as they learn decimals. Meant for Grades 4-7.

  • Tri-Ominos

Children need to match their triangular shaped number pieces with those already on the table, using strategy and luck. The first of them all to score 400 points wins! Aimed at third graders.

math games for kids

  • Math Magic

For children who find learning concepts like square and cube root, here’s a game that is all set to bring clarity on this topic. It’s just right for middle-schoolers. Maths kid games like this one are really popular these days.

  • Math Magician Multiples Game

Kiddies match the bunnies and the correct solutions on the hats in this engrossing game. The innocence of this game is coupled with the fact that it is one among the many free games for kids online.

  • Rummikub

This game is both fast-moving and easy to learn. It teaches skills like patterns and sequencing. With strategy and luck, players should arrange their number tiles into groups of the same number or in consecutive numbers of the same color. It’s both fun and addictive.

Rummikub math fun game for kids

  • Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!

Papa Louie and his customers are trapped by kidnapped by Sarge and Radley Madish. Children playing this game have to travel to the Munchmore to rescue Papa Louie and the others. The use of strategy comes into play here.

  • Slime Laboratory

Children are asked to imagine themselves as a blob of gooey slime trapped in a lab. Children playing this game have to use their slimy powers to evade traps and lasers in order to escape.


slime lab game for kids

  • Pyramid Math

Students of Class VIII can choose from a pyramid of math concepts such as square root, LCM, HCF, etc. Next, they will have to answer certain problems by dragging the correct answer to the answer jar. Adding to the fun of this game is the fact that it is a free kids game.

  • Abacus

Abacus can be an interesting game option for kids. Apart from being fun, it can help sharpen their brain, increase concentration, helps in activating the functioning of the entire brain, good exercise tool for the brain and teaches children logical reasoning.


Here are some more awesome Math games to develop your kids analytical skill, mind power and concentration : 25 cool math games for kids

With so many delightful kids games free, your child will quickly become confident in this subject and expand his mind to understand and apply math formulae correctly.