25 Cool Math Games For Kids


Do you want your kids to learn math more efficiently and yet not get bored by the subject? If your answer is yes, then you should probably be searching for math games. Yes, one of the best ways to make your child learn math is by this exciting and interesting way. It is perhaps the one good way to arouse an interest in math which most children find it difficult and boring to study and practice. But with math games, it’s a different story altogether. After playing few games, your child will be so interested to learn math that he or she would try to learn and understand complex math in order to win the game.

Most people think that math games are easy to find but in reality they are easier to be said than to find. There are numerous websites offering online games, but what are the best games for your child? Well, here’s a list of some of those very good and cool math games that your kid could play and also learn math at the same time.

Cool Math Games for Your Kids

Here is a list of some of those cool math games for your kids.

Add It Up Math Game: Add It Up Math Game is a cool game for your child to learn additions of numbers up to 2 digits. Like in a word search game, single digit numbers are placed all over in rows and columns and a target number is given. The player has to select those numbers which add up to the target number to win the game. A countdown timer is also given and each correct answer is given a score. The highest scorer wins the game. This is a simple yet a powerful way to teach additions in real time.

Moon Math Addition Game: This is an interesting game where a Lunar module needs to be landed on the moon while answering addition question in math. Right answers will add fuel to the module for better landing.


Apple Basket Multiplications: Here is a game that is basic for understanding multiplication. Apple Basket Multiplication has an apple tree and basket. The number of baskets and the number of apples inside each basket have to be multiplied.

Buzzy’s Times Table Challenge: Here is an interesting game that helps in remembering multiplication tables. The game has rows and columns of numbers starting with 1 to 10 on two sides and each place corresponding to both numbers will have to be multiplied and results must be entered in a box.

Magic Math Matrix: This is another interesting math game. This is a complex game best suited for 4th to 6th graders. The game has a 3×3 matrix which results surrounding the matrix. In the empty boxes, one has to enter values that add up to the numbers that surround the matrix. The game more or less resembles Sudoku.

Sudoku For Kids: Sudoku For Kids is yet another popular addition game that is not only interesting and a food for thought game for children but also for many adults. It is perhaps one of the best games for children learning math and for adults who want to brush up their math, at least addition skills.

Sunny Bunny Subtraction Game: Sunny Bunny Subtraction Game is a simple game which teaches subtraction. A question on the screen is given which has to be solved by the bunny by eating the vegetable which has the right number displayed. Any other numbered vegetable eaten will result in losing life and game over.

Apple Basket Division Game: Here is a game for division. As mentioned above, an apple tree and a basket are given and numbers to be divided and the right answer must be entered in the box. The numbers will be divided on the basis of the number of baskets and the number of apples in each of the basket.


Snork’s Long Division: Here’s another game which teaches division to children. The game is suitable for kids studying 5th to 7th grades. This game teaches division in a step by step manner and children can remember each of those steps very easily.

Clock Work: Here’s another interesting and important game that you might want your kid to play, which is Clock Work. This game helps in telling time. The game teaches your kid to identify time with the clock setting with minutes and hours.

Tick Tick Clock: This is another time telling game, which is similar to the above mentioned Clock Work game.  In this game both digital and analog clocks are given and the right time needs to be selected.

MathCopter 2: MathCopter 2 is an interesting game that helps to understand divisions. A question of divisible numbers is displayed on screen A flying helicopter must be manoeuvred through parachutes with right and wrong answers. Touching a wrong answer parachute will blow the helicopter.

Math Transport: Math Transport is a game where trailers attached to a truck are numbered and you must get the trailers in position with the right equation for materials are loaded and transport them carefully to a place where they are unloaded. At the unloading spot, you need to repeat the process of aligning the trailers with the right equation of the numbered trailer. An interesting game with many levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Matt H. Dark Forest: The Secret of Mathematics: This is another of those adventurous games. Help Matt H in finding his way around a dark forest. Help him manoeuvre in the forest terrain and solve the math questions that obstruct Matt H’s way through the forest. This game is perfect for those kids who like adventures.


Factor Feeder: This is yet another interesting game for your child. It helps in teaching division and establishes the fact about what are the factors for a given number. Its almost styled like Pac-Man and the main character can only eat those numbers which are factors for a given number.

Skater Math: Skater Math is a good game for your child who’s interested in sports. In this game, a skater can jump and avoid obstacles only when the right answer to the math question is given. 3 slams or falls in a row will lead to game over. This game has addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All the player needs to do is to select the right answer just before the skater hits an obstacle.

Mathepillar: This is another interesting game that teaches sequence of numbers. A caterpillar has to be positioned correctly to catch the falling numbers. These numbers must be aligned according to the given sequence, say 1 – 10. Catching all the numbers in the right sequence correctly will help it to become a butterfly and fly away from a dangerous bird.

Math Apocalypse: Math Apocalypse is a game where alien invaders have started their attack by snatching away human brain activity. You can stop them with math. Each invading alien has math question, which when answered correctly kills it instantly. An interesting action packed game with a dose of math.

Number Eaters: Number Eaters is a simple Pac-Man style game where a given number and its sums, or subtractions, multiples, or factors must be eaten and only those numbers must be eaten and nothing else. For ex: For Sums of 2, the answers would be 1+1, 0+2, 2+0, etc.

Math: Math is a simple game for 1st to 3rd graders who are just learning additions. The game will have simple addition questions where the right answer must be picked up from a given set of numbers. An easy game that most kids would like to play.


City Under Siege – Decimal: This a war game where you have to answer correctly, the questions posted on enemy aircrafts to bring them down. An interesting game for those kids who like war games. Of course, this game comes with the twist of math. The best part about this game is that the questions are in decimal and hence, we think it is the best game to teach decimals.

Brainie: Brainie is a Tetris type game where different numbers fall in a plane and a given number must be solved in terms of addition or subtraction. This game helps to rapidly do calculations and find different combinations of additions or subtractions for the given number.

Triplets: Triplets is a game that teaches fraction. Fractions of different numbers and their equivalent picture representing the fractions will given and the player has to arrange them in the right order. For ex: ½ and 2/4 will be equal, so they go into one place. In the same way, all the fractions must be placed in given spots.

Pumpkin Multiples: Pumpkin Multiples is a game a great game that teaches multiplication. Choose a number and its multiples will fall as numbered pumpkins. You need to catch only those pumpkins which are multiples.

Percent Shopping: Percent Shopping is a good way to teach percentages to your child. This game is ideally suited for 6thand 7th graders. The player chooses items while shopping and has to sum the total amount and deduct a certain given percentage out of the total amount.

These are some of the good math games that are best suited for your kids studying 2nd to 7th grades. Encourage your kids to play these games so that they’ll not only improve their math skills but can also brush up their skills in real time.