Best Earrings for Kids


A cute pair of earrings is a great gift for a girl of any age. Infants, toddlers, and older children alike can safely and comfortably wear earrings and many young girls love the grown-up feeling that earrings give them. However, it’s important to remember that choosing kids’ earrings requires some extra consideration. Some materials and styles are more suitable for children’s ears than others.

Whether you’re picking out a gift for your granddaughter or helping your child choose her first pair of earrings, this guide is here to help you pick out the best earrings for your little girl.

A Guide for Choosing Best Earrings for Kids

earrings for kids

Choose Hypoallergenic Materials

Good kids’ earrings must be made of a material that is gentle on little ears. Ensuring that earrings are hypoallergenic is especially important when you’re picking jewelry for children because young skin can be extra sensitive.

Always avoid earrings that contain nickel. This material can cause itching, swelling, and redness. Materials like gold and sterling silver are best for preventing irritation. Kids’ sterling silver earrings come in a variety of adorable styles, shapes, and colors. You can also opt for metals that have been plated with a protective layer of gold, silver, or rhodium.

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Go For Screw Back Styles

If you’re used to wearing earrings as an adult, you probably just pop the backs of your earrings onto the posts without a second thought. But when shopping for kids’ earrings, you need to consider how easy it is for your little one to lose or remove their own jewelry. Especially for babies and toddlers, ensuring that earrings are difficult to loosen or remove is important for preventing the loss of the earrings and eliminating a choking hazard.

Screw back earrings feature a threaded post and a back that screws securely into place. This style of earring back won’t come loose or slide out of place, even if little fingers start prodding and prying. As a further benefit, screw backs also cover the end of the earring post, which means that no sharp bits of metal will poke against your little one’s neck.

Choosing the Best Earring Style

Kids’ earrings come in a variety of styles. Which one is best for your little girl depends on her age and what kind of look you’re going for.

The three main earring styles are:

  • studs, which are small and lie flat against the front of the ear
  • hoops, which are shaped like rings
  • huggies, which closely encircle the earlobe

Studs often come in cute shapes like stars, foods, and animals. They may be coated with colorful enamel or set with eye-catching crystals. Because they can be shaped like objects, they are often the best choice when looking for fun kids’ earrings based around a specific theme, such as a holiday.

Huggies and hoops are larger and more noticeable styles. Huggies are often set with colorful crystals. Hoops are usually simpler and sleeker, although they may feature small dangling pendants in various shapes.


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Studs, Huggies, or Hoops?

In general, studs are the simplest style of kids’ earrings for children to wear. These classic earrings have the advantage of being small, light, and lying flat against the ear. They won’t get caught in hair and are difficult for tiny fingers to tug. This makes them an ideal style for babies, toddlers, and girls who have newly pierced ears.

Huggie earrings are another good choice for children. With their low-profile and close fit, they provide a little extra flair while still being comfortable and easy to wear. Although they’re most suitable for girls who are a little older, even babies can safely wear huggie earrings when they are purchased in a small enough size.

Nothing beats the stylish sophistication of a pair of hoop earrings. Because they can easily get caught, this style is best for girls who are old enough to treat them with care. When she gets her first pair of hoop earrings, your little girl will love the feeling of graduating to a more mature style and looking more like her mom or older sister.

Take Her Personal Style Into Account

Once you’ve considered all these factors, choosing the best pair of kids’ earrings is simply a matter of finding something that suits the little girl you have in mind. Earrings for kids come in a treasure trove of shapes and colors.

Animal lovers will be delighted by designs featuring sea turtles and elephants while young princesses will look charming wearing crown-shaped studs. Girls with a bold style will love funky hoop earrings adorned with brightly colored crystal pendants, while refined young ladies might prefer the look of classic studs in yellow gold and simulated pearls.


No matter the tastes of the little girl on your list, choosing earrings she’ll love is simple when you’ve got a great selection of children’s jewelry at your fingertips. In Season Jewelry offers a great selection of kids earrings to find the perfect pair for your little princess.