15 Amazing Hair Styles for Toddlers


With holiday and school images on horizon, why not pep up the hairstyles of your little ones? It is hard to map them and hereby we have gone on to illustrate some among the best hairstyles (for both girls and boys) they are trendy and give a classical blue print which means that you will not regret it in the days to come.

Each hairstyle suits a particular type of personality relating to the kid. You can take the images to your hair dresser or can replicate it in the comfort of your home with able supervision. If your kid has short, long, curly hair there is a hairstyle to grace him or her. The entire gamut is covered and here are the best among the lot.

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The Pixie

Your girl could replicate a pixie, but are you nervous in making a chop? You can resort to this style in order to fake a look before you plan to make it permanent. Make the side part deep and which one is working for you. Run it all the way back to the head so as to create two sections. This is one of the easiest hair styles to opt on a wet hair. Who says that hair styles of toddlers cannot cash in on the past?


The Bardot

This is an easy hairstyle to do. It gives you an inspired look. Irrespective of your hair structure or length it is going to work. Take a small portion of the hair measure it correctly and that should be between the center of each eyebrow and with an elastic tie secure it tightly. With the help of hot rollers curl the hair all around and spread it till the pony tail.


The Renaissance

If your kid has got a curly hair, then this is the best hairstyle for him. A little hair than the normal self should be left and thiswould mean that you have longer length of hair to work upon. The hair is a bit loose and not that tight. After washing your hair, gel it to give it a little more style. Applying a little style product keeps it in control throughout the day.


The Bieber

If your kid wants to replicate Bieber, then ensure he does not become shaggy. Carry forward the image to a hair dresser and they are likely to cut downwards or use a razor to provide you with a perfect V style. Do not opt for straight edges as it is not going to look well.


Beauty queen

For all the girls out there whose hair is a little bit longer, in a dressy manner this is a great option to pull your hair back on a formal occasion. A tinge of hair should be taken from the hairline that can be modeled on the sides. Then the rest of the hair can be twisted on to a pony tail.


The heartthrob

Your son can opt for this longer hair cut and this style can be adopted when the hair needs to kept away from his eyes and for any formal occasion. This is a simple hair style as all one requires is a comb along with a gel. In case of thick hair you may need some additional product. It is advocated that you keep a comb in your purse so that you can use it with water when the need arises.


All American

This is a classic grooming style which your little one is not going to regret. It is great for all hair types along with structures, and it is easy to maintain because it works out to be thick. It is a better option for kids who love to play sports a lot and the hair does not get into their eyes and they can don a helmet for several hours. Since it happens to be a short style it works great for summer months.


The flirt

Your cute wonder is going to be an epitome of beauty in pigtails. It works better for short or long hair and strands are kept out of the face. To the ponytails you can add some curls as well if you are on the lookout for fullness or textures. Clipping in a pin sideways will keep the look intact.


The flower child

The simplest coupled with easiest way to style the hair of your girl? It replicates a situation that you wear a red lipstick when you are tired. If you are hard pressed for time, or cannot brush it just topple a hair accessory and no one ever catch a glimpse of it. If your hair cannot be pulled back, hair accessories would be an attractive option.


Mad man

To formulate this dapper style, keep the hair of your son a little longer. It is a classical look and will not require too much of a time or effort.  Wet your hair with a few tinkles of hairspray, then part your hair on one side and apply the brush on both sides.


The fashion plate

For straight hair without any curls this is the way to go forward. It is a classy style without the need of any brush or any product. When bangs are needed for playing, take them to a side and put a pin. It also looks extra ordinary when a hair clip is put.


The dude

Does your son have a tinge of curliness on his hair? This cut is going to highlight it for sure. The hair is to be swept on the front side and this is just going to be above the eyelids. To add  an element of style, incorporate some curl mousse towards the end. This is going to ensure that the curls remain frizzy proof. The best part about this cut is that it is going to look nice on your little one and you would need to take them to a saloon.


Live wire

If your kid loves to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, then give him this style. Get the hair dresser to taper off the sides, and then with the help of a strong gel ensure that the hair is in a standing position. You can send him to school with a gel in his bag and he can then apply it during his bathroom break if he feels so.


The Debutante

This is a classical style of all ages and girls love it. It is going to go along with all types of hair styles or textures and it gives a great look when you pair it with a cute accessory.


The Prepster

This hair style is going to be an inspiration for your hair dresser. It is shorter towards the sides and it is a hairstyle when you are looking to play it safe. The best part about it is that no form of styling product is  needed. When it is wet simply go on to brush it towards the back. If you are aware that your kid is going to spoil it in the playground then apply gel on it.