Amazing Benefits of Using Grape Seed Oil for Babies


Pregnancy for any woman is a beautiful phase. In fact it’s a different life all together. She prepares herself physically and mentally for this new chapter in the journey called life. However she also has to be ready intellectually to play the role of a good mother. She needs to know what is best for her new born and how to take care of the infant. Of the many things one of the most important is the oil used for massaging the baby.

Of the many kinds of oil available in the market Grape Seed Oil is preferred because it has many advantages. However one must remember to use the oil meant for human consumption that is the oil is of the food grade quality. This particular wonder oil is a by-product obtained from the process of wine making, where the seeds are further pressed and the oil is extracted. The oil can be used for cooking, in cosmetic products, aroma oil for massage and many more. It has a high heating point, has a clean taste and is considered light for cooking. The poly saturated fat content is high as well. It is widely used in sunscreen lotions.

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Grape Seed Oil for Mothers

Grape seed oil can also be used by the mother as it has cosmetic properties and it glides on the skin very smoothly. It also acts as an astringent and has anti-septic properties. It assists in mild skin repair and makes the skin tight. It also has vitamin E and reduces signs of aging. It can also be used to reduce stretch marks, dark spots and wrinkles.  Apart from anti-aging it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

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A few advantages of using the grape seed oil for the baby are as follows:


Benefits of Grape Seed Oil for Babies

1} Safe to use

It is absolutely safe for the skin of a new born baby. In case if it gets into the eyes or the mouth it shall not irritate the baby. It can easily be digested. When the grape seed oil is applied it leaves a glossy film like appearance over the skin. According to many experts this particular oil also has linoleic oil and oleic oil which are essential oils and contains some amount of resveratrol as well. There are no reports of any kind of allergy or side effects from usage of grape seed oil.

grapeseed oil for baby

2} Suitable for delicate skin

Babies are blessed with delicate skin when compared to adults hence there are greater chances of them developing dry skin, rashes or skin infections. A baby has greater surface to mass ratio hence the body heat, body moisturiser can be lost when exposed to excessive cold, dry heat or warm air. To prevent such conditions it is advisable to use a natural ingredient.  It also reduces the rash which appears due to constant use of diaper.

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3} Make massage time special

Massage time need not be boring anymore. In fact mothers who massage their babies themselves tend to experience a bond formation during that time and so does the baby. Make sure to talk to your baby during the process so that it fun and the communication become easy.

4} Easy process

Since babies are generally massaged more than once a day. The process has to be easy for the mother. Grape oil is highly recommended as it is smooth and glides on the skin. While massaging the baby the mothers can also massage their tummy to reduce the stretch marks.


Grape seed oil versus Mineral oil and olive oil

With so many options available in the market one gets confused what is best for the baby. Mineral oils have the tendency to clog the pores whereas using a nut based oil can cause allergy if the baby is allergic to that particular oil. Grape seed oil has high linoleic acid content and hence it is easy on the skin of the new born baby as compared to oil that has high oleic acid content such as olive oil. Hence there can be redness on skin which is not sensitive as well. Grape seed oil does not leave any residue on the skin of the baby. Hence the baby does not feel heavy or irritable after the massage. This particular oil can also be used on the scalp of the baby.

Grape Seed Oil versus Coconut Oil

Grape seed oil and coconut oil both are widely used for massaging the baby’s body. However they have different properties and must not be confused. Grape seed oil is used for reducing the dryness of the skin whereas coconut oil is used for treating chapped skin. In very cold climates where the skin of the baby gets chapped easily it is advisable to use coconut oil and then once the skin gets healed one can switch to grape seed oil to prevent dryness.

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Expert’s Advice

Taking care of a baby is a huge task but it can be made easy and enjoyable if the right baby care products are used. Make sure that you do not apply anything in excess. Always consult a doctor before applying anything or changing any ingredient as far as baby care is concerned. Massage is one of the most critical stages and it also makes an impact on the physical growth of an infant so make sure that all the right methods are adopted. It is also advisable to use grape seed oil for massage and reduce the bath time as it prevents exposure to water too many times. Use warm water for bath whenever possible and make sure to dry the baby completely.

These small little steps go a long way in maintaining the health of the baby and ensure the healthy growth of the baby. If you have a baby or are expecting one soon do not panic instead educate yourself well enough and enjoy watching your bundle of joy grow.