7 Signs That Your Child Is Unhappy In Day Care


Here are some of the signs that your child might exhibit when he or she is not happy in day care. These include crying before going to daycare, scared or reluctant at the mention of day care, refusing food at daycare, change in temperament, signs of cuts or bruises and most importantly constant infections and ill health.

Having children and bringing them up is the biggest responsibility for any couple. But in today’s world where both parents in a household are working, it is impossible for them to be around their children all the time to meet their every need.

Signs That Your Child is Unhappy At Daycare
Signs That Your Child is Unhappy At Daycare

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Many parents opt for a daycare service for their kids while they slog it out in the office. But not all kids are comfortable going to the day care. Your child may have problems at the day care he attends, but may not be at the age or the maturity to recognize them and speak out about it. But as parents, we need to be alert to any of the smallest sign of discomfort or distress our kids show.

7 Signs That Your Child Is Unhappy In Day Care

here are some of the signs that you should be on the lookout and make an educated guess that may be your child is not happy in day care.

  1. Crying before going to daycare

When kids cannot speak or word their discomfort, they cry. This is the first sign of distress that any parent will notice. If your child starts crying before stepping into the day care, every day, this sign is not to be neglected. It is a sign that the child is not happy or comfortable in the day care.


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  1. Scared/reluctant at the mention of daycare

If your child appears to be scared and refuses to step out of the house or step into the day care, this is again an indication that all is not well at the day care. The child may not be feeling loved and secure in the day care. Do check on the daycare, if someone is ill-treating the child. You may also talk to other parents to see if their children are reluctant to attend the day care. Together, this concern may be addressed by the day care coordinators.

  1. Refusing food at daycare

Kids eat well and happily when they are comfortable with the ambiance and people around them. The first side effect of lack of attention and love is on the food intake. Kids refuse to take feeds from the people they dislike or at the place where they are not happy. If your kid’s lunch boxes are coming back half eaten then it may be a good idea to check on what’s going on at the day care.

  1. Nightmares and sleeplessness

When kids are really distressed or scared, their sleep pattern is affected. When something unpleasant has happened it can leave the child feeling uneasy and restless. A small incident in your opinion can be so disturbing for the child that it can lead to nightmares and rough nights. Parents need to check if something at the day care is bothering the child, if everything on the home front is okay. Remember your child spends a great deal of time at day care, so it is important that the ambiance and the people tending is amicable.

  1. Change in temperament

An active and happy child if suddenly shows withdrawal symptoms, or throws temper tantrums after joining a daycare, it calls for observation. Sometimes when a child first goes to day care, he/she might take time to adjust and settle down. It is common during this phase for the child to rebel and throw tantrums. But if the situation does not improve even after a couple of months it is quite evident that the child is not happy there and it is time to look for a friendlier day care.

  1. Signs of cuts and bruises

If your child comes home with hurt marks and bruises regularly, it is something that you should not overlook at any cost. Fights among kids is common but if your child returns with a cut or bruise almost every day, it only means that the caregivers are not vigilant enough. In rare cases, the caregivers can be doing the harm. With too many small kids to look after, some caregivers may resort to punishments by hitting or pinching them to control the kids. Change the day care immediately!

  1. Constant infections and ill health

A major pointer that the day care you have chosen is not a suitable one is your child’s general health. It is needless to say that children do fall sick in their growing years but constant ill health should raise a mental alarm.

After joining day care if your otherwise healthy child is catching infections and always falling sick it may indicate that the daycare may not be maintaining the sanitation and cleanliness needed for a day care set up. It is important to keep sick children away from the healthy kids. However due to lack of space a creche may not be able to do so. Also the daycare has to maintain the day care spotless and clean. A dirty unkempt place breeds germs that spread disease.

The best place to give a child all round care is in the warmth of a home. If there are grandparents living together or in the same city and are willing to look after the kids, then it’s the best option. Ladies who take care of kids of working parents at their own home, is also a great option if both parents work.

But sometimes when both parents are working and there is no other option, day cares are the best place where kids can be left behind safely. If the daycare you have chosen is the right one, you will see a happy, healthy child looking forward to be picked up, on your way back home.