11 Teas That Boost Fertility


The best way to enhance female fertility in a gentle way is by consuming herbal teas. Tea is the best means of receiving the medicinal advantages of herbs to boost fertility. There are many herbs that have exceptional medicinal properties that can help you in conceiving.  Herbal teas also improve your overall health and immunity.

Some of the herbal teas like red clover tea, stinging nettle tea and red raspberry tea are extremely helpful for female fertility. Also chaste tree berry tea, maca tea and wild yam teanhelps in boosting fertility. Other herbal teas like milk thistle tea, motherwort tea and ashwagandha are popular for their fertility boosting properties as well.

11 Herbal Teas That Boost Female Fertility

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Red clover tea

Red clover is an effective herb to boost fertility in women.  Both the leaves and the blossom of this herb can be infused in water to make red clover tea. Red clover herb is very rich in different vitamins and also minerals. These vitamins and minerals purify your blood. They also help in nourishing the egg in the ovary, thus helping you to be fertile.

Red clover is knows to treat many infertility problems like irregular menstruation or blocked fallopian tube. This herb also helps to detoxify the body from toxins thus helping in conceiving. It is a miracle tea that can make you fertile from a state of infertility.

Stinging nettle tea

Stinging nettle leaf is a herb that contains high mineral content. Drinking nettle tea is very good to increase your fertility.  This herbal tea can nourish and tone your uterus before conceiving. It also strengthens other parts of your body. This will help you to prepare your body for pregnancy. Stinging nettle tea also restores the overall health of your body. This is an effective herbal to enhance female fertility.


Red raspberry tea

Red raspberry leaf is a very effective fertility herb. It is high in calcium. This herb is wonderful tonic for the female uterus. Drinking red raspberry tea is therefore an amazing way to boost fertility in women. The herb also promotes overall hormonal balance in women. Hormonal balance is very necessary to conceive. Imbalance in hormone can lead to sterility. Red raspberry leaves can also nourish the eggs and increase chances of conception. Consuming organic red raspberry tea is the best.

Maca tea

Maca root is a wonderful herb to enhance fertility in both male and female. According to research, this herb contains over 30 minerals and nutrients.  These minerals help in creating hormonal balance and proper thyroid gland function. This boosts the fertility in women.  It is necessary to take the tea between menses and ovulation. Discontinue it once you become pregnant. The herbal tea is made by infusing powdered maca root in boiling water and straining it.  Make sure that the herb or herbal tea is 100 percent organic.

Chaste tree berry tea

This herbal can taste bitter but it is an excellent fertility booster. Chaste berry herb is a traditional herb used since many centuries to treat hormonal imbalance in women. Research shows that this herb is very effective in curing infertility and boost fertility. The herb stimulates the pituitary gland and normalizes hormonal function. Consumption of this herbal tea can also help your body regain normal hormone function after use of contraceptive pills. Regular consumption of this tea will promote fertility in women. It is important to get only natural organic herbal product.

Dong quai tea

Dong quai is a popular Chinese herb that can boost fertility in women. It is useful as a tonic to the blood. It contains several minerals and vitamins that build the blood.  Dong quai herb can balance the sex hormones and also regulate the menstruation cycle. The herb also increases blood circulation to the uterus and fallopian tubes. It is one of the most effective herbal tea that can promote fertility.

Ashwagandha tea

Ashwagandha balances the hormone in your body. This herb also ensures proper function of the thyroid glands. Ashwagandha tea can improve your libido and promote fertility. Not only women, ashwagandha tea also improves male libido. It also relaxes the central nervous system and helps you to sleep better. Consuming ashwagandha tea is very useful if you are planning on conceiving any time soon.

Motherwort tea

Motherwort is a herb that can cure any infertility problems like irregular menses and ovarian cysts.  This tea is extremely useful to boost your fertility. it also cures uterine fibroids that can lower your chances of conceiving.  However this tea is best to consume before getting pregnant.


Milk thistle tea

Milk thistle helps in restoring normal hormone function. It also ensures proper liver function. A functioning liver enhances fertility. Proper hormone and liver function is necessary to enhance fertility in women as well as men. Drink milk thistle tea regularly to improve your chances of conceiving.

Licorice root tea

Licorice root is a herb that regulates the production and release of hormones in your body. It is able to balance the hormones.  Proper production and release of hormones also improves the chances of conceiving. Licorice root tea is therefore very effective in boosting your fertility. An added bonus is that the tea also tastes pleasant.

Wild yam tea

Wild yam is a wonderful herb that boosts fertility. This herb enhances the overall balance of the reproductive organs. It also balances the hormone level.  Wild yam is effective in ensuring the proper functioning of your uterus as well. Drinking wild yam tea is extremely beneficial if you want to stay fertile.


Herbal teas have been used for medicinal benefits for over 2500 years. This kind of tea is made of infusing dried parts of medicinal herbs with water. Herbal tea is made without tea leaves. There are several herbal teas which are excellent fertility booster for women. According to experts, herbal teas can effectively cure many infertility problems in women. However, it is important to take precautions before taking herbal teas.  Herbal teas can cause side effects as well. It is necessary to use completely organic herbal tea. Always consult a doctor before consuming any herbal tea.