10 Expert Tips To Improve Your Child’s Concentration


Some expert tips to improve your child’s concentration include warding off distractions, setting up a timetable, including good nutrition and maintaining overall health, positive talk, timing each and every task, staying away from too much of anything, involving them in games and puzzles, exercise and physical games,learning abacus, having some stress busters and overall emotionally healthy and happy family.

A kid’s world is full of color and activities. Their ever-active nature makes them restless and they skip from one activity to another with amazing speed. But as they start schooling it is important for kids to slow down and learn to concentrate on the task in hand. As parents, it becomes vital that we help them develop concentration and help them excel.

Improve your child's concentration
Tips To Improve Your Kid’s Concentration

Source: Learning Works For Kids

11 Expert Tips to Improve Your Child’s Concentration

Here are 10 simple techniques to bring an up in a child’s concentration.

  1. Ward off distractions

Kids are more prone to be distracted by noise and action. It becomes important to keep such nuisances such as television, radio and other electronic gadgets at a bay. Create a soothing atmosphere around the child’s workplace. Playing soft music to block any noises is also useful.

  1. Set a timetable

Setting a routine and sticking to it helps in developing discipline. Setting time for waking up, meals, schoolwork, play helps the child anticipate what comes next and eases him into that task. Children like to have rules and a set routine helps them find time for all their activities.

  1. Nutrition and health

A healthy, nutritious diet not only keeps the child healthy, but also keeps them cheerful. Good food and sound sleep are two essential factors that will help the child in concentrating. Deprivation of nutrition or sleep or both leaves the child weak and irritable, thus brings down the concentration.

  1. Positive talk and praise

Good words and appreciation always motivates a child to perform better. If the child is distracted the child should be brought back to the task with positive instructions. Negative remarks will only make the child sullen and more distracted. Praise for the work done inspires the child to perform better every time.

  1. Time a task

To help a child to complete a task within the allotted time, setting time for that work is a great option. Kids love challenges and the drive to finish the task within the given time helps them not only concentrate but also speed up their work. It also instills confidence in them that they can accomplish the job within a limited time.

  1. Too much is too bad

Some parents have high expectations from their children and drag them from one activity to the other non-stop. This induces fatigue in children and leaves them drained. A tired mind can never focus on any activity. Hence, it is very important that we get the kids indulge in activities they are interested in, but in a limit. When they enjoy a task, they perform better.

  1. Games and puzzles

Give kids games that will improve their memory and concentration. A clever game of chess, memory games, board games all aid concentration. Crossword puzzles, picture puzzles also help them focus and work on a task for longer time. Math puzzles like Sudoku improves their concentration and analytical skills. Storytelling and reading books also help.

  1. Exercise and physical games

Continuous schoolwork and studies drains out a child’s energy. Along with mental exercise, physical activities are also important. Good exercise or an outdoor game like football or cricket improves blood circulation and the drive to win helps them concentrate on the game. Studies show that a child that indulges in a minimum 30 minutes of physical activity fairs well in school also.

  1. Stress busters

Long work hours and excessive load of schoolwork leaves a child stressed. We may not be able lessen their burden, but can surely teach them techniques to cope with stress and bring the mind back to focus. Breathing exercises, meditations are one of the best methods to relax the mind and relieve stress. Deep breathing pumps in extra Oxygen into the body and relaxes the body and mind. Meditation too, has a soothing effect on the mind. Music is also a great stress buster.

  1. Family

It is the most important factor. When the family atmosphere at home is loving and peaceful, children are at their best. A positive air at home and understanding parents inspire the kids to perform well. A happy mind can work wonders and excel.

 11. Abacus for Kids

Abacus teaches children to concentrate more. By visualizing an image of an abacus in their heads, children learn to concentrate more and better. Read more : Benefits of Abacus for kids

Kids may fail to concentrate and under perform due to various reasons. Parents need to give them enough time and attention to understand the child’s inabilities and feelings. This will help solve problems and free the child from any signs of anxiety, anger and depression. These negative feelings are root causes for mental blocks and poor concentration. With parents and mentors who show interest in a child’s activity and the right atmosphere help the child to bloom and shine.