Working Mothers: Being Judged and Fighting Discrimination


When God created mankind, He instilled life into two biologically different body structures. In this miraculous conception, he made no discrimination in the heart and brain of these two genders. Least did the Almighty fathom that the world would very soon pitch the woman against the man and subject her to discrimination in every walk of life.

The Beauty of Motherhood

If there is one relationship that transcends all other human relationships, it is the bond between a mother and a child. Motherhood is one of the bravest endeavors facilitating the cycle of life. When illustrating unconditional love, the love of a mother towards her child undoubtedly stands at the pinnacle. No limitations, no conditions – just pure love.

The umbilical cord binding the two during the months of pregnancy propagates a lifetime spiritual connect that nothing can shatter or overpower. The conception of a child for any woman marks the commencement of a commitment that she makes to her soul. An unsaid promise of sacrificing her all today towards the building of her child’s prosperous tomorrow.

The integrity of this relationship leaves no space for doubts. Any sane mind should have no have qualms acknowledging, that a father could still lapse in the upbringing of a child, but a mother never makes any compromises towards the welfare of this life that she so painstakingly created from her own flesh and blood.

Stepping Over the Threshold

With the passage of years, there has been a colossal evolution in the thought process of mankind as well. There was a time when there was a clear demarcation between the roles of the two genders. While the man was considered as the bread winner of the family, the woman was crowned as the homemaker. Confined within the four walls of her household premises, she was expected to abandon all her aspirations towards the solitary aim of rendering undivided attention to her husband and children.

Gradually, one witnessed a transition in this ideology. The biggest reason for the shift was the rising economical requisites of family members. The pursuit of financial contentment made it imperative for the woman to step out of the household domain. This growing trend very soon witnessed umpteen women crossing the threshold of their homes to take over the novel role of a working woman. Consequently, this drift perpetuated the concept of babysitters, nannies and day care centers.


The Stakes and Impending Guilt

This alteration of lifestyle ushered in a dichotomy of thought process. Despite the best intentions, there was obviously some amount of compromising on the parameters of motherhood, especially in terms of time duration spent in interacting with the child. While some brought in the philosophy of ‘quality over quantity’; there are others who opine that this evolutionary trend has marred the concept of ideal motherhood.

Today’s working mother constantly stands judged and evaluated; sometimes acquitted and at times termed guilty. What is astounding is that those who stand in judgment have somehow completely overlooked or sidelined the purity of this relationship. How can a mother who risks her life to achieve motherhood ever impede the prospects of child development?

Research conducted at Brandeis University highlights media as a crucial culprit in this whole scenario. It is the irresponsible category of media members and website operators, who resort to scrutiny and labels. One click on the Internet and you will be amazed to see numerous sites furnishing the unsubstantiated characteristics of a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ mother!

Ironically, one thought that the word ‘mother’ itself embodied all goodness present in this world. Where is the space or the necessity to judge someone honored with this priceless designation? Ideally, a mother deserves no speculations on her parenting attributes as this unconditional bond encompasses no violations. However, the conventional cultural norms, diverse opinions of beholders, and the hype of ‘ideal motherhood’ leave her soul heavy with guilt.

Thanks to the constant influx of judgments and prejudice, the relatively weaker personalities soon get into the syndrome of feeling apologetic. The working mother is made to believe that she is unable to match the set standards. Despite making umpteen endeavours to fulfill requisites of both domains, personal and professional, the guilt of incompetence looms large over her being.

Is The Discrimination Really Justified?

The truth is that when in employment, a working mother not only contributes to the income of the family, thereby elevating the economical potential, but the additional finances pave way for a better prospective life for her children as well. Is it a crime to dream big for your loved ones?


In fact, in this attempt of accumulating more funds in lure of better education and living for her children, she toils from morning till night without rest. While a man calls it a day after a tiring work schedule at the office, for a woman entering the house after office hours signifies yet another work domain. The former requires intellect, the latter calls for emotional inputs as well. It is indeed heart rendering that a woman who exhausts herself physically, mentally and psychologically receives no laurels for her contribution or endeavours.

While a man gets applauded for his financial inputs, a working mother only receives intolerance. Unfortunately, she is at the receiving end from both quarters. A slip up at home tags her as a careless mother and even a minor faux pas that can be omitted for others, renders her to be an unprofessional in office. It is a shame that even in the 21st century; a working mother needs to put in double the amount of effort in comparison to another colleague to assert that she means real business.

Well, it may be an eye opener for many chauvinists to comprehend that as per authentic research the fairer sex has far larger potential to handle multi-fold profiles in contrast to the opposite gender. Women have an inherent attribute of multi-tasking and working mothers certainly top the charts!

She is Human as Well

Why do we all forget that becoming a mother does not mean stifling one’s parallel emotions and drives? This entity also has the right to intellectual stimulation and financial independence as any other human being. How can a rusted brain promote the mental faculty of a child? A progressive mother assimilates all wisdom from her external surroundings and adult interactions during the day; thereby evolving as a reservoir of knowledge for her progeny.

It is high time that the working mother stops getting demoralised by the discriminations levied upon her in different walks of life. No one other than you has the right to judge your potential as a mother. Neither is there a requirement for you to emulate another woman.

You are certainly doing better than a homemaker who chats all day on the phone or is glued to the idiot box under the charade of being at home for her children. This quantity of time falls massively short in front of the quality time that you shower on your child once at home. Since, you have lesser time on hand, not only do you value that duration, but put it to optimum use as well.


There is a famous adage, ‘Since God could not be present everywhere, He created Mothers’. If the similarity is of that high an order then where is the need for questioning? The fact that a mother can put her life at stake for the security of her child needs no reiteration or justification. Each mother may decide to travel a different path, but the goal illustrated by the child’s well being remains the same.

So, for all the working mothers reading this article, the only word of advice is to fearlessly take your own course and undergo your own journey with cautious balancing. Shed your unwarranted shame and guilt. You instilled life and brought your child on this Earth, so you can never go wrong!