Is White Discharge an Early sign of Pregnancy?


Vaginal secretion during pregnancy is thick white or milky white, but rarely pregnancy secretion is red or yellow. You cannot refer it to as an infection if no smell emerges. Women are known to experience an increase in the levels of white discharge during pregnancy. At this stage the cervix and walls of vagina become softer. With white discharge infections are prevented travelling from the vagina to your womb.

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Discharge associated with pregnancy

Important pointers about vaginal discharge

Treatment associated with vaginal discharge

Is vaginal discharge an early sign of pregnancy?

Vaginal secretion relates to fertility and ovulation

At the starting and ending phase of your cycle, white discharge is common. Itching accompanies a normal white discharge. It is fertile in nature and indicates you are on your stage of ovulation.

Discharge associated with pregnancy

In the first trimester of pregnancy, a thick mucus white in colour discharge is noticed. In medical terms is known as leucorrhoea and every pregnant woman is part of it during pregnancy.  It is visible and accompanied by a slight smell. If a pregnant woman is concerned about this white discharge they can wear a pad or disposable underwear. Pregnant women should not resort to the following

  • Vaginal douche is a strict no during pregnancy. With douching it alters the balance of healthy bacteria in your vagina and can lead to pregnancy complications.
  • Tampons are not sterile and infections could be passed on to the developing baby.

white discharge during pregnancy

Important pointers about vaginal discharge

A white vaginal discharge is considered to be normal during pregnancy. When the discharge is red, yellow or green and foul smells, then it is not normal.

  • During ovulation, the white discharge may leak on to the protective pads or underwear. The discharge may resemble the same during pregnancy, but the levels will be larger
  • Pregnancy is accompanied by a white thick discharge during its entire course, even as it leads to the last few months.
  • In the fag end of pregnancy a sudden downpour of white discharge with a tinge of blood is noticed. This is the mucus plug being released out from the cervix.

Treatment associated with vaginal discharge

First and foremost you need to understand that vaginal discharge is normal. A doctor is an ideal person to seek advice. Panty liners or pads are safe to be used during pregnancy.

Some discharges are known to have a fishy smell that is a cause of concern. If the smell is foul, then it is better to get an examination done straight away. The outside of the vagina, labia could reduce the scent associated from the vaginal discharge. Once again pregnant women should never resort to the use of a douche to clean their vagina. The PH value of your vagina could alter and breakouts or irritations could arise.

Is Vaginal discharge an early sign of pregnancy?

A white secretion is noticed during the early phase of pregnancy and emerges upon your last missed periods. This typically is one of the early signs of pregnancy.  Women notice an increase in the levels of discharge pointing to chances of an early pregnancy. Women are not aware that a thick and regular white discharge could indicate an early sign of pregnancy. The reason is during pregnancy an increase in the hormone levels are witnessed stimulating vaginal secretion.

All the women do not experience this form of white vaginal discharge during pregnancy. So if you do not happen to come across it, in no way it means that you are not pregnant.

Vaginal secretion relates to fertility and ovulation

Vaginal secretion points to ovulation. In this phase, mucus resembles a rubbery texture and between the fingers it can be stretched. During bleeding, women are likely to notice a thick white discharge from their vagina. The walls of the vagina thicken and after conception the discharge starts on an immediate basis.

During the third trimester of pregnancy, women notice an increase in the levels of discharge. Normally it is associated with mucus plug shedding.

During pregnancy safe sex should be practiced. Excess discharge could lead to STD, though most of them are not passed on to the baby, but in some cases it is. During pregnancy vaginal discharge is common and all women have to undergo it. Do keep in mind the following points

  • Do not use a tampon or vaginal douche
  • Safe sex is to be practiced
  • If any significant changes in vaginal discharge is noticed, consult your doctor

By following all the above mentioned tips, your pregnancy will wind off in a flash. Any vaginal discharge during pregnancy will not be a concern at all. Once the baby is born, within 4 to 5 weeks uterus will be cleaned by menstruation and vaginal discharge are expected to return to normal.

Each woman is different, and this relates to the experiences of pregnancy as well. Every woman may not have the same symptoms or this could alter from one pregnancy to another.