7 Simple Ways to Keeping the Romance Alive as Parents


A common question that is put up a lot! The spark and romance of your marriage goes out of the window with dirty diaper and a crying toddler to deal with. For marriages, the transition from romantic couples to parenthood can be a tricky affair.

Love is an unconditional choice and the onus is on both of you to rekindle the spice and spark in your marriage. There are numerous options to keep romance alive and let us explore some methods to do so

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7 Simple Tips to Keeping the Romance Alive as Parents

1} Spoil not your kids, but your spouse

The best thing that could be done to your kids is to prioritize your spouse first. The kids are not only provided with safety or security, but it would show them what real love means. If you focus on your kids more than your spouse, then you are not doing any favour, but a disservice to them. A happy home is the need of the hour and happy couples formulate a better home.


2} Focus on the PDA

Remember those days when you were in love with each other! You could not keep your hands away from each other, holding hands, snugging and occasional bouts of kissing were a routine affair. Well now consider how affectionate you are? With the advent of kids things tend to get a bit murkier. It is important that you are involved in the relationship to foster the closeness. As part of being better parents it would be to display to kids the virtues of a strong marriage.

3} Let the flirt mode begin! Girlfriend

Yes you are his wife, but does that stop you from being you his girlfriend. Bring on the playful element of any relationship which is the essence of romance.This is especially at home and adapt the art of flirting in front of your kids. You can send some flirty or romantic messages and let the fun flow in. Do not worry if you have forgotten the art of flirting as practice makes a man perfect.

Romance Alive as Parents

4} No scope of completion.

Do not get into the blame game on who is working hard! Both parents need to go an extra mile and one thing that you would need to be aware is both of are a team. If one loses the other also loses automatically. Ideally you should be your spouse biggest cheerleader and not a competitor. Complement each other  not compete with each other and share your dreams along with aspirations in each other’s company.


5} Don the hat of a lover and not a mother

Though you are a mother but not the mother of your husband! Do not get into the habit of nagging and women complaint that their husband is like a kid. If you want the man in him, then do treat him as one. Shower him with all the love or respect that he deserves, for sure you will get the best out of him.

6} Be on the same page in terms of parenting

Parenting is not an easy thing. The chances are pretty high that both of you might have contrasting parenting styles. Try to be united so that the kids cannot pit you with each other. Since both the parents have the interest of the kids on top of their list, quiet often they do not agree on what the best interest of the child is. As our up bring is different so too our parenting styles differ based on that.

7} Love making is important to stay in love

This might surprise you, but in reality it is the best way to be in love. Sex is not everything as intimacy works like glue in a marriage. There are some nice benefits on routine physical encounters with your wife

With the arrival of children, the pedal on the accelerator reduces and you are grossed in other things. But trust me intimacy is a vital clog in the wheel of a marriage. So all efforts should be taken to improve and preserve it. If you are struggling in this department and communicate with your partner on how you can make this happen.


With baby’s arrival, the fact is that parents struggle to cope up with the romantic bliss. To a large extent their priorities in life change. But trust me you would need to keep the light of romance flowing to have a purposeful and healthy marriage life. Hope the above tips would come to your rescue.