6 Vitamins to Reduce Inflammation in Your Body


Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Vitamin B are some of the best vitamins that help with reducing inflammation in your body.

The human body reacts to different things, disease and infections in a variety of ways. When the body gets hurt, the immune system reacts with the white blood cells to create a swelling which causes inflammation in our body. Inflammation is also caused when the wound starts to heal. Any disease and infection can also lead to inflammation in our body. Inflammation can be reactive, sensitive and painful at times. To deal with inflammation our body needs different vitamins and nutrients so that the inflammation decreases. Here are 6 vitamins that help with reducing inflammation in your body:

6 Best Vitamins for Fighting Inflammation

vitamins to reduce inflammation

Vitamin A and is one of the best vitamins that help in reducing inflammation.

Green and leafy vegetables have vitamin A, iron and calcium. This vitamin can be taken through the green vegetables, leafy vegetables which possess these vitamins. These vegetables have iron and calcium and even folate that helps the body to deal with inflammation. Vitamin A is present in many vegetables like spinach, kale, and cabbage. Thus, eating these vegetables will help the body to fight with inflammation.

Vitamin C is a great help for fighting inflammation.

Vitamin C is one of the most appropriate vitamins that helps in dealing with bodily problems. It has anti-inflammatory properties which can be a great help in dealing with inflammation. It can be taken through fruits like orange, lemon, and grapes. The food items which have vitamin C in them usually have a high fiber and folate ( B9 ) content. It helps the body to develop a strong functioning immune system, healthy blood vessels and strong tissue network which helps in fighting disease, infections, and inflammation in the body.

Vitamin E is a great anti-inflammatory to fight inflammation.

Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties which help the body to reduce inflammation. It is very helpful for maintaining good metabolism and it has a good energy production capacity for the body. It helps to create energy in the body which helps in fighting infections. A food item that contains vitamin E is olive oil, walnuts, and almonds. Olive oil is a great food supplement which is natural, doesn’t have any side effects and is completely free from chemicals. It can be taken every day by using it to cook food. Thus olive oil, walnuts, and almonds are a great source of vitamin E which helps fight inflammation.


Vitamin K helps in reducing inflammation in the body.

Tomato can be a good source of vitamin K. Vitamin K has medicinal properties that help the body to fight many problems that might accompany the disease and infections. Vitamin K has the property of blood clotting, so whenever any wound is there it gets healed with the help of Vitamin K. It also has the property of making the bones strong. So, this vitamin prepares and makes the body strong enough to deal with bodily problems. It is a great anti-inflammatory vitamin. When one is suffering from inflammation, eating tomato during the whole day in your diet can be a great help to reduce and stop inflammation.

Vitamin D helps in fighting inflammation in the body.

Vitamin D can be a good source to fight inflammation in the body. It has anti-inflammatory properties in it. It helps in the development of bones and in the development of a strong immune system. When one is facing inflammation in the body vitamin D can be a really good source to fight it out. Vitamin D can be taken through food supplements like fish, milk, oil, eggs and other dairy products. Fish can be a good supplement of food to help fight out inflammation. Thus, vitamin D intake can help the body to fight out inflammation.

Vitamin B and its different supplements help fight out inflammation.

Vitamin B also has anti-inflammatory properties in it. It is a good source for reducing inflammation. Homocysteine is responsible for inflammation in our body. Vitamin B helps in decreasing the levels of both amino acids and homocysteine which are associated with inflammation. Vitamin B has different types, all of them work as an anti-inflammatory for the body. These types are B6, B9 (folate) and B12, the trio is present in many food supplements which can be included in the everyday diet. When there is inflammation in the body, the intake of vitamin B can be a great help. The food items having vitamin B are Bell pepper, fish, eggs, and other poultry items. Thus vitamin B can be a great vitamin which can help the body to fight inflammation.

Inflammation in the body is usually a result of some infection or when there is a wound. Usually, when we get hurt, the blood clots and it usually results in inflammation. There are a variety of vitamins that help in the reduction of inflammation. Vitamin A, B, K, E, and D help in fighting out inflammation. These vitamins have a variety of nutritional values which are very helpful for the body. Vitamin D which includes dairy items is easily available and has medicinal properties. Vitamin B is also a good nutrient for a reduction in inflammation it is present in many food items like red meat and poultry supplements. Vitamin A which includes leafy vegetables and vitamin E which is present in olive oil are good for including in anti-inflammation diet.

Even fruits and vegetables can have nutrients and vitamins which can be really helpful while dealing with inflammation and swelling in the body. Vitamin K and C is present in citrus fruits and vegetables. Thus all these food items can be included in the diet to reduce inflammation. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get enough of these vitamins through diet alone. In these cases, taking over-the-counter supplements or getting an IV infusion can help ensure you are getting the vitamins you need to fight inflammation. These six vitamins can be a great help and they are really effective anti-inflammatory substance which will help in dealing with inflammation in the body. So, to avoid inflammation one can easily resort to these six effective vitamins which certainly will help in fighting and reducing pain and inflammation in the body.