UTI in Women: 11 Must Know Home Remedies


Among all clinical bacterial infections, urinary tract infections account for almost 25% of all clinical bacterial infections among women. It’s not uncommon for women to develop UTI symptoms at least once in their lives. To treat UTI among women, antibiotics are usually given, but bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics, making infections commonplace and an often recurrence. Due to this, it is important that women resort to safe and reliable home remedies for UTIs that completely get rid of bacteria and lower the risk of developing UTIs often.

What to look for in herbs that treat UTI?

There are certain properties that herbs have that make them ideal for treating UTIs. They are:

  • Antimicrobial properties: Herbs with antimicrobial properties help to get rid of bacteria that cause the infection UTI.
  • Diuretic properties: Though it is well-known that diuretics treat several problems. They increase the sodium content that the kidneys flush out in urine. When this happens, along with urine goes some water, while the fluid content in the blood reduces. When there is less fluid, it means there isn’t much pressure being applied on the arteries. For this reason, it is used to reduce high blood pressure. For patients of UTI, it helps to stimulate more urine as this helps flush out bacteria and reduce discomfort and pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties:An inflamed urethra lining means a lot of discomfort to the UTI patient. If the inflammation is reduced, automatically the pain reduces too.
  • Anti-spasmodic properties: By taking anti-spasmodics,patients of UTI can be relieved of pain spasms that take occur in the bladder.

Home RemediesĀ for UTI in Women

Here are 11 of the best home remedies for UTI among women:

  • Baking soda

Drinking a solution of baking soda with water helps ease the beginning symptoms of UTI, such as burning and pain. It can also relieve the urge to urinate often. To make this solution, mix one teaspoon of baking soda with a cup of cold water. Stir it thoroughly and drink it to reduce the acid content of your urine, which is responsible for pain and burning when urinating.UTI home remedy for women

  • Echinacea

The herb echinacea that is replete with antioxidants and antibiotics substances that help combat early symptoms of UTI. You can get rid of bacteria in your urinary tract by taking echinacea either as a supplement or as herbal tea.

  • Turmeric

Here’s an herb that is conventionally used to reduce inflammation, and kill bacteria and viruses. You can take it either in tea, capsule or extract form. Turmeric contains curcumin, its chief ingredient that’s yellow in color. Its oil extract also contains antibacterial compounds that can effectively treat UTI. Curcumin also destroys strains of E. Coli, the leading cause of UTI infections and and Staphylococcus aureus.

  • Drink a lot of liquids

By drinking as much of fluids and water as you can through the day, you contribute to flushing out bacteria from your body. For every meal you eat during the day and every snack you eat, drink one glass of water each so that you can flush out bacteria that could cause UTI infection.

  • Uva-Ursi

This shrub found in the American mountains, is rich in chemicals that are good antiseptics such as arbutoside, which turns into a type of hydroquinone as it flows through the bladder and fights infection there. However, hydroquinone is also cancerous and can lead to liver damage, so doctors recommend this with great caution.

  • Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges have an abundance of Vitamin C. This vitamin plays a significant role in keeping the bladder well and healthy as it gets rid of infection that causes bacteria from the body. When women suffer from UTI, they should increase their intake of citrus fruits by eating it, drinking fresh juice, without sugar or they can take Vitamin C supplements. Women who suffer from UTI should take 5000mg of Vitamin C each day and eat a nutritious diet. They should also avoid eating sugar in any form and processed food.

  • Goldenseal

Goldenseal is an herb that is famous for containing a very powerful compound called berberine. This compound prevents bacteria from clinging to the urethra’s walls.

  • Wear loose garments

To avoid UTI symptoms, it is advisable to wear loose cotton undergarments.While cotton absorbs moisture from the skin, a woman’s private parts are not just clean but dry too. If the skin is wet and sweaty, bacteria get the right environment to multiply alarmingly. To avoid it coming back, practice good hygiene habits.

  • Urinate frequently

When you urinate often, you make sure that bacteria does not proliferate in the urine but remains in the bladder. You should also urinate after sexual intercourse so that any bacteria that might have entered the urethra can be flushed out naturally. If this is not done, the bacteria that has been held in the urine will get a chance to multiply while within the urinary tract, leading to UTI.

  • Keep yourself hygienic and dry

After a bowel movement, you should wipe yourself from front to back. By doing this, you make sure that bacteria don’t enter the urethra. You can keep your urethra dry and clean by wearing loose-fitting cotton clothes and underwear. By wearing tight clothes like jeans or nylon clothing, moisture gets trapped inside and stimulates the growth of bacteria.

  • Heating pads

Anyone suffering from UTI is in pain when urinating and due to the inflammation and irritation that leads to a constant pain. To get over this kind of pain on the bladder, you should apply a heating pad which will ease the pain and relax your muscles and take away the inflammation. If you choose not to use a heating pad, you can opt for a hot compress at home by soaking a towel in hot water and dabbing it on your abdomen and bladder for gentle relief.


If you suffer from UTI symptoms or know someone who does, you can try any of the above home remedies for quick and safe relief.