Two Week Wait Period: Symptoms and Tips to Survive


Waiting for two weeks to confirm a pregnancy can make the couple anxious, nervous as well as frustrated as they may be too excited to expect the little ones. The two-week wait phase is the time interval between the attempts of pregnancy and the result day. The term appears unfamiliar to people who have not tried to conceive yet. But women, trying hard to conceive, know it very well. Whether the pregnancy is natural or through fertility treatments, a woman needs to wait for 14 days for the confirmation.

What Is The Two-Week Wait?

This two-week wait refers to the luteal phase of the pregnancy. Normally, the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle occurs after ovulation and lasts until the breakdown of the corpus luteum or initiation of pregnancy. Thus, two–week wait can be defined as the duration between the ovulation and the next expected menstruation phase. Women having a 28 days cycle, tend to have a luteal phase of pregnancy for about 14 days. These 14 days wait can be frustrating to the couple trying to conceive.

two week wait period

Symptoms and Emotions During This Phase

Waiting for the results for 2 weeks seems to be a long period for a couple trying to conceive. To deal with this period, one can consider and learn about the symptoms. Following are some common symptoms expected to happen during this two-week wait :


This is the first symptom to be experienced in pregnancy and is caused either due to PMS or in the initial stage of pregnancy. Therefore, it can be a little confusing to distinguish. Bloating is triggered mainly by progesterone during this phase.


Soon after the fertilization of the egg, the egg starts growing and gets implanted in the uterus. Usually, 6 to 12 days are enough for the egg to reach the uterus. During this implantation occurs the bleeding, which is referred to as spotting. Spotting can occur even before the pregnancy tests turn positive. Around 30 % of women observe light spotting during implantation.


Rise in basal body temperature (BBT):

BBT is measured soon after waking up in the bed itself as the body is at complete rest and relaxed position. Soon after conception, the BBT in women rises by one degree and is maintained throughout the pregnancy. Therefore, in women monitoring the BBT regularly can notice the rise of BBT.


It can be caused due to hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy. Morning sickness is common in women but usually occurs after 6 weeks of pregnancy. But if a woman trying to conceive experiences nausea, it can be considered as a symptom of pregnancy.

Back Pain:

Soon after conception, the body changes initiate to maintain pregnancy. The major physical change experienced by the mother is for the accommodation of the baby in the uterus. Some women may experience back pain during this 2-week wait.

Mood Wwings:

Mood swings are common during pregnancy and PMS because of hormonal changes. The woman may giggle one moment and another moment she may burst into tears.

Increased Smell Sensation:

The majority of women experience the change in their smell sensation. This can be experienced in this two-week wait phase. This change is because of estrogen sensitizing the nostrils to even the mildest smells.

Frequent Urination:

This is a good sign of pregnancy and thus urge begins within 10 to 14 days of pregnancy due to pregnancy-related hormone, known as hCG. This hormone enables the increased blood supply to the uterine wall helping the developing baby through nourishment.


Tenderness Of Breast:

The breasts undergo mandatory changes during pregnancy. Having tender breasts could indicate pregnancy. Later these tender breasts would change in size.

Food Aversions:

During pregnancy, most women experience food aversion or they may have food cravings. But this is usually experienced during the 5th week of pregnancy.


It is also among the earliest symptoms of pregnancy and can be experienced within 14 days of pregnancy.


The hormonal changes alter the blood volume in the first trimester. This change in blood volume can cause headache or it can be triggered through stress or dehydration.

Two – Week Wait After IVF

This us an emotional time interval a woman experiences after an in-vitro fertilization treatment. It may appear challenging for some women. It is important to cope up with the 2-week wait after IVF as this increases the chances of pregnancy. Following tips are beneficial :

  • Taking medication from time to time without any delay or any skip.
  • Eating healthy and taking complete rest.
  • Avoiding intercourse during this 2-week wait.
  • Preparing mentally for any worst prognosis of the IVF.

5 Tips To Survive Two–Week Wait Period

It is very hard to wait for two weeks if a couple is desperate for pregnancy. Following tips would help to stay calm and get the couple through this phase :

  1. Staying positive and taking proper care is important. To relax, one can go to parks or gardens. Getting plenty of rest and eating healthy is another thing to go for.
  2. Let the feeling flow. If a woman feels sad, she should express it rather than holding it inside.
  3. Get into good habits like yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises because they make one feel calm and good.
  4. Expectations should be kept minimal and this will help the negativity to stay away.
  5. Keep oneself busy I.e. the mind should be kept occupied rather than just thinking about the pregnancy. Try engaging yourself in things like a manicure or talking to friends and family to relax.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Many women can experience certain symptoms soon after conception and even before the confirmation by the pregnancy test. Following are some of the early pregnancy symptoms :

  • Tenderness of the breasts
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased sensitivity of nipples
  • Increased smell sensation
  • Lethargy, usually after lunch and dinner
  • Having metallic taste in the mouth, known as dysgeusia


Not every woman experiences the symptoms during the two-week wait phase. Thus it is important not to get anxious and wait for long as these 2 weeks will pass and may bring upon the good news.