7 Tips On How To Reconnect With Your Teenager


Parenting is undoubtedly tough, but so is teenage. Nevertheless, it is important to connect or reconnect with your teenager. Many people think that parents and teens can’t fundamentally get along with each other, but that is not true. With a little bit of patience and understanding, parents can learn to understand their growing kids. In turn, they can also help their teens understand why they do what they do. In this article, we will discuss 7 tips on how to reconnect with your teenager.

Why are parents and teens estranged?

Teens have tons of energy and most of it is spent trying to figure out who they are. while parents and adults have already gone through the same things teens have, they often forget what it’s like to be young. Adults have already accepted the very fact that they’re who they are. Teens on the other hand attempt to gain independence and respect, often wondering about many things. This is the rationale for most teens and adults who often don’t understand this. Thus most of the time they are estranged.

reconnect with your teenager

7 Tips On How To Reconnect With Your Teenager

Bond with their friends

For your teen, nothing would appear more important than their friends. But, here’s how you’ll make it up to your teen. Whether it’s study groups, after-school hangouts, or maybe sleepovers, let them invite their friends. This will make them feel that they have really ‘cool’ parents, who have an interest in their life and it’ll help you reconnect with your teenager. The bonus is that you will get to understand what their friends are like and can be ready to keep an in-depth watch without interfering.

Create rituals

The only method to attach yourself to your teen is by spending some quality time together. By making it ‘your’ thing, it adds that special touch. Both of you’ll be able to connect over something as simple as eating out at a restaurant or venturing on a brief vacation. Let your teen choose the destination; assist them if they need help.

Find similar interests

There could also be a generation gap between you and your teen, but there’ll still be a couple of areas where your interests converge. For example, it could be movies. There could also be a particular genre of movie that you simply both like or an actor; it doesn’t really matter what. Have a fun chat together with your teen about those movies or stars; or better yet, depart for movies with them that you both want to watch. Your teen would like to boast about their ‘fun’ parent to their friends too. This makes you reconnect with your teenager and can make them feel comfortable around you.


Share your teenage years

Your teen might distance themselves from you because they think that you don’t understand how they feel. What they forget is that you were a teenager too at one point in your life. So, go ahead and tell them about your teenage years; share both the great and embarrassing moments. This way, they’ll understand that you went through an equivalent phase as them.

Allow them to lead at times

As a parent, you think that you recognize what’s best for your child. But, at times, it’s best to permit your teen to lead; in other words, give them what they want to reconnect with your teenager. Learn to mention ‘yes’ rather than ‘no’, for a change. When your teen wants to hang out with their friends or go to a concert, allow them to, after setting appropriate curfews. If need be, accompany them. You could drop them off at the venue and wait till they’re done. That way, they will get to try what they want to and you’ll also feel assured. It will also make your teen appreciate you for all the trouble that you simply took and assure them that they can approach you for absolutely anything.

Minimize anger interactions

Your teen is nearly an adult now and doesn’t feel the necessity to be told what to do all the time. This said and done, your teen should by now have gained your trust and respect, They can tell you everything before you get the urge to question them. Asking too many questions about something can upset your teen.

Hear what they say

Finally, it boils right down to something as simple as listening. Whether it’s battling grades, bullies, or rejection, teenagers are often really overwhelmed. As a parent, you ought to be your teen’s go-to person when they need someone to listen to out their problems, without being judgmental. If you do not hear what they have got to say, they may feel rejected, which may cause more emotional and psychological problems.


Parenting is often trying sometimes. It can bring out the simplest and the worst of a person. In the end, it all comes right down to that bond which we share with our youngsters that molds them into the individual they’re going to be. The better your connection, the higher the upbringing. Thus it is integral to reconnect with your teenager.