11 Most Common Causes of Testicular Pain in Teenagers


Some of the most common testicular pain causes in teenagers include inflammation, sudden trauma or injury, testicular torsion, hernia, kidney stone, tumor, STD, swollen scrotum, cancerous growth, etc, to name a few.

As we all know that teenage life is the adolescent period that causes lots of changes to the body, it is common to come across weird painful moments. However, any kind of pain surrounding the reproductive system cannot be left unattended if there are abnormal signs. For teenage boys, as they have their testicles developing, it is common to experience occasional pain down there, just like pain in the growing breasts among girls. But, there are also other factors to consider if the pain becomes too much to bear or if it keeps recurring.

11 Must Know Testicular Pain Causes in Teenagers

testicular pain causes

The eleven central reasons behind testicular pain among teenage boys are:

Inflammation can cause Testicular Pain 

Epididymitis and Orchitis are the two most common categories of testicular inflammation that result in acute pain for several days. Epididymitis is the inflammation of the epididymis, which is a tube that is located behind the testicles. Orchitis, on the other hand, is the inflammation of the testicle itself, due to some bacterial or viral infection caused by humidity, dirt, or other external factors. These mild diseases add up to the pain in testicles, and need to be addressed medically if the pain does not subside through natural treatment.

Sudden trauma or injury leading to testicular pain 

Especially for boys who are into intensive sports and physical activities, this might seem to be a common reason. A sudden hit in the groin or any area around it can also affect the testicles, bruise them, and thus result in pain.


Testicular torsion

This is a situation in which the spermatic cord gets twisted and hence restricts the flow of blood to the testicles, which results in gradual death of the tissues present in them. Naturally, as the tissues die out, there will be an acute sense of pain. This situation can arise due to the practice of intensive physical exercises like weight training. The moment your boy complains of a nagging pain in the testicular region, take him to the doctor so that twisted cord can be set in proper place.

Hernia can cause testicular pain 

This might come across as a surprise for many, as hernia is generally considered to be a condition that mostly affects older people. The first thing that must be understood is that hernia has so such business with the age of its victim. This is a situation in which the mesh-like protective surrounding of the intestinal or abdominal area wears off. Due to this, the spermatic cord and the testicle might descend, causing pain.

Kidney stone in teenagers

Kids these days are contracting all those diseases that, once upon a time, were mostly meant for the middle-aged people! Hence, don’t rule out this one too. Although a stone in the kidney is not a very serious condition, it must be considered as one of the causes behind constant testicular pain among teenagers.


These days even kids or teenagers are not quite spared the burden of tumours and operative procedures to get rid of them. Another possible cause of constant pain in the testicles in the presence of a tumour. Due to the unnatural growth in the testicular region, it is likely for the victim to feel acute pain while sitting up or performing activities that require intensive physical force.

The moment the pain rises and keeps nagging, you must take your boy to the doctor in order to avoid future malignancy.

Testicular pain due to enlargement of the prostate gland

Since the prostate gland is located right near the testicles, and since teenage is time for the body’s physical development, an infection in the prostate gland can make it swell and also cause pain in the testicles. This disease is called prostatitis. A timely visit to the doctor can rectify both the organs and revive proper functioning of the budding male reproductive system.


Sexually transmitted diseases in Teenagers

Just because your child is still a teenager, you must never make the mistake of ruling out the possibility of a sexually transmitted disease, which might be causing that pain in his testicles. You obviously know kids that these days are way smarter that you probably were!

Testicle has not yet descended

Physical and reproductive maturity appears at different times for different boys. Hence, there are some cases in which the testicle takes a longer period of time to descend into its proper place. In this case, the testicle keeps halfway dangling for quite some time before properly descending. This causes pain and irritation. Visiting a doctor is the best thing to so as they will provide some medicine to simulate the situation and make the testicle drop into its desired position.

Swollen scrotum

The scrotum is located behind the testicles. Any infection that causes the scrotum to swell up, is likely to also affect the testicles because of the pressure on them as well as the gradual flow of the infectious matter to the area. Sometimes a swollen scrotum can also lead to swollen testicles due to the spread of infections. Hence, if you see your boy complaining of testicular pain for about a couple of days, it is time to visit the doctor.

Cancerous growth around the testicles

This is the last thing to consider, but not to be shunned anyway. If you notice that there is an unnatural growth around the testicles, along with complaints of testicular pain, visit the doctor to get tested before things go out of hand.

Generally, there is not much to worry about, even in cases of recurrent testicular pain among teenagers. All that you need to do is talk to your boy openly about the physical changes that he is likely to encounter, so that he too feels courageous to share his ordeals instead of shying away from them. Be open about these topics so that there is no negligence in attending to the health problems related to sexual or reproductive development.