Happy Summer: Backyard Adventures Your Kids Will Love


Summer is here, and the days are getting warmer, which means it’s time to have some backyard adventures with your kids. Your outdoor areas can become enchanted locales for kids with a little bit of imagination. 

You can recreate the excitement and delight of summertime camping in your own backyard in a variety of ways, from setting up a pretend campground under the stars to cooking delicious snacks over an open fire. 

summer backyard adventures for kids

To help you, we’ll give some great ideas for backyard adventures that your kids will love. So, continue reading and get inspired to create some amazing moments with your little ones this summer.

6 Ideas for Backyard Adventures Your Kids Will Love 

Backyard adventures are a great way to find new and exciting ways to bond with your children while enjoying the outdoors. Here are some starting ideas:

1. Jumping in a Trampoline

Trampolines are one of the most fun backyard activities for kids. Fun and engaging, it encourages coordination, balance, and physical activity.


Consider getting a trampoline set if you don’t already have one. Vuly Play offers a trampoline range that is extremely safe and reliable, with features like mesh walls that prevent children from falling out. Plus, they’re perfect for encouraging your kids to play outdoors and get some fresh air.

2. Creating a DIY Tent

Creating your own tent is an excellent family activity. It won’t just give your kids hours of entertainment; it will also give them a sense of achievement and direction. Stakes, canvas or other strong materials, a few zip ties, and a few lightweight poles are all you need.

For instance, you can create your kids a tent out of an old sheet or tarp. Simply zip-tie the tent together after securing the cloth to the poles with a few stakes in the ground. By doing this, you may quickly have a tent that is uniquely yours.

3. A Stargazing Adventure

The night sky and constellations are fun to study by stargazing. Parent-child bonding in your garden sanctuary is also fantastic. You can make this activity even more special by setting up different lights around the yard or having someone tell stories about what they see in the stars. 

Take out a star chart or use an app to identify different stars and planets that your family can observe. Plus, there are plenty of books available online about stars and constellations that can add to the adventure. 

4. Backyard Treasure Hunt

Another fun and exciting way to keep your kids engaged in the backyard is a treasure hunt. You can hide different goodies around your garden for them to find, or you could make it into a scavenger hunt by making a list of objects they have to locate. 


You can even play music while they search for their prizes, adding an element of fun that will draw out their excitement. You can come up with clues and riddles for them to solve or simply give them a list of items and let their imaginations do the rest. 

5. Nature Art and Crafts

Nature art is an excellent way for your children to create something unique. You can provide them with basic materials like leaves, twigs and stones that they can use to their advantage in making something spectacular.

Aside from nature-based art, there are plenty of other projects you can do together. Collect some bark or pinecones and turn them into a beautiful outdoor decoration or wreath. Or let your children paint the garden stones and rocks with bright colours for a pop of colour in your outdoor space. 

6. Water Balloon Games

Water balloon games are a fun summertime activity that your kids will love. There are many additional activities you can do with water balloons outside the traditional game of tossing them. Each youngster should stand in a line and pass a few filled balloons over their heads without using their hands. 

The kids can take turns standing on some large balloons that have been filled and trying to burst them. Alternatively, you can divide your group into two teams and have a water balloon battle. This way, your kids can have a blast while cooling off at the same time. 


Backyard adventures are a great way to keep your kids entertained and active. From jumping on a trampoline to creating a DIY tent and to water balloon games, there’s something for everyone. 


These activities will be sure to create plenty of great memories with your family and give you an opportunity to have some fun in the sun together. So consider the above ideas and get creative with your own backyard adventures today. Happy Summer!