Does Sugar Pregnancy Test Really Work?


Finding out that you are pregnant is one of the life changing moments in any woman’s life, and for her partner too. There are several home tests you can do to test if you are pregnant, the most simple one is the Sugar Pregnancy Test. Most of the time, such tests are meant to have only a preliminary idea of the condition, based on your own judgement and understanding of whether there is a chance of you being pregnant or not. These homemade tests are extremely simple to perform and use commonly available household items such as toothpaste, sugar or even soap and dandelion seeds.

Does Sugar Pregnancy Test Give you Perfect Result?

sugar pregnancy test

Firstly, what is a Sugar Pregnancy Test?

A Sugar Pregnancy Test is a test done by the confused expecting woman to see if she is pregnant or not. It uses sugar to test for the presence of certain hormones released during pregnancy.

How Does It Work?

Any homemade pregnancy test is done to check for the presence of the pregnancy hormone, hCG, in the urine. The amount of hCG that is present in a woman’s urine determines whether she is expecting a child or not. A woman releases this hormone the most when she is pregnant.


What will you Need to Perform the Test?

You will only need three common household items, such as:

  • A sterilised or clean bowl
  • White sugar
  • The first urine of the day, when it has the most chances of having a higher proportion of hCG hormones

Which Sugar Should I Use for this Test?

It is best to use pure, white sugar without any impurities or contaminants.It is highly necessary to use fresh sugar for the test, and not old sugar.

How Do I Perform Sugar Pregnancy Test?

To perform home pregnancy test with sugar, take a bowl and add two to three spoons of sugar into it. When you have an urge to urinate, pee into the bowl and wait for a few minutes to see the reaction, if any.

What if there is no Reaction?

 If the hormone hCG is present, the sugar will fail to dissolve and will form clumps instead. If the sugar dissolves, you are not pregnant, but if it clumps up, you can be pregnant. If hCG is not present, the sugar would dissolve in the urine as it does in hot water.

How to Do I Read the Test Results?

The results of the sugar pregnancy tests depend on the reaction the sugar has with the urine and whether or not the sugar is still visible in the bowl after the reaction. The test can either be positive or negative.

How Accurate is the Sugar Pregnancy Test?

How accurate is the sugar pregnancy test? It is not as accurate as using a home kit or going to the doctor’s, but it is a viable alternative if you are unable to access the pregnancy home kits. Using home kits are not dangerous at all but homemade pregnancy tests can never be relied upon. The sugar test provides a fun, quick and inexpensive way to find out if your waist and family will be expanding, but it’s accuracy is really sketchy at best.


Could Taking Health Supplements Cause a False Result?

It is quite rare, but definitely possible. Some supplements (such as those for fertility boosting) contain an abundance of hCG which could give false positive results, and make you believe that you are pregnant, when in fact you aren’t.

What Precautions Should I Take while Doing Home Pregnancy Test with Sugar?

There are certain factors that can impact your test results such as:

Maybe drinking too much water isn’t good for you since this can dilute your urine and possibly dilute the levels of HCG making it undetectable and producing a false negative test result.

You could be testing too early and using this method to confirm pregnancy too soon after a missed period may also result in a false negative reading. You should wait at least a week after you have missed your period to use any home test.

You might be unaware of contamination, and use unclean or unsterilized bowls or spoons may cause the sugar to clump and also cause false negative or false positive readings.

Only use clean, clear disposable containers if you are using plastic jars to test your urine in, you can sterilize them in boiling water before use as well. Avoid using metals at all.


Which is the Best Homemade Pregnancy Test?

There are several tests you can do to confirm your pregnancy, since most of the things you’ll need are probably already in your house. Some of these tests make use of bleach or Hydrogen Peroxide, which is already dangerous so it is not recommended.

The simplest test (called the Urine in a Jar test) involves nothing but that first morning urine and a clean, sterilised jars. The steps include:

  • Collect urine in the jar and leave for 24 hours
  • Do not pick up the jar when looking at the urine or disturb it all
  • If you see a thin, white layer on top of the urine in the jar, you may be pregnant

When Do I Go to See the Doctor?

Even if the results of the home pregnancy tests with sugar show that you are not pregnant, you must visit the doctor to be sure that you really are not pregnant. This is because the pregnancy tests done at home can be inaccurate and will therefore, make you miss out on the very important prenatal care that you need during the early stages of pregnancy. Only a blood test is 100% accurate.


Sugar Pregnancy Test: How It Works & How Accurate It Is?


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