Why Stress Reduction is Vital for Mom and Baby?


Pregnancy can be said to be the most precious time in a mother’s life, and we also know that it is a period of immense emotional and physical changes, and you might end up getting bothered by these changes because these are moments that you want to cherish the most. During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes a lot of hormonal changes, which in turn affects the physical and emotional health. Therefore, stress is very common during pregnancy.

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How does Stress affect an Unborn Baby?
Can Stress During Pregnancy Cause Autism?
Can too Much Stress Cause Miscarriage?
How can I be Happy During Pregnancy?

Importance of Reducing Stress During Pregnancy

How does Stress affect an Unborn Baby?

Though common, taking stress during pregnancy can have serious effects on you as well as your unborn child’s health- both physical and mental. Taking too much stress during pregnancy can result in the premature birth of your baby or even the low weight of your child at the time of birth.

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Can Stress During Pregnancy Cause Autism?

Autism in children can be associated with various factors during the pregnancy period. It comprises of a broad spectrum – ranging from the medicine intake of mother to insufficient folate consumption, or the mother’s metabolic conditions.

But it can’t be ignored that autism in children can be caused by stress during pregnancy too! According to a 2016 study in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was confirmed that stress could be a potential threat to a baby’s health, and may even go up to the extent of causing autism.

Can too Much Stress Cause Miscarriage?

Miscarriage is not very uncommon amongst pregnant women. Data reveals that about 10-20% of pregnancies end up in miscarriages. There is no firm proof that stress during pregnancy can result in a mishap like a miscarriage. But no matter what, stress is something that should be absolutely avoided during pregnancy.

Now that we are acquainted with the possible harm stress can do to the mother and the unborn little life, it is crucial to focus on the methods of prevention of any mishap that might occur due to stress, because why take a chance! So here are nine ways to help you deal with the stress and worries that have been bothering you-


Sufficient Rest is a Must

While pregnant, ignorance of rest and sleep is not affordable. Sleep is a regulator of bodily functions, and whenever you feel a little tired, what better a solution than rest! Also, maintaining the proper time for everything is important. Follow the rule – “Early to bed, early to rise, keeps a man healthy and wise.”

A Healthy Diet is very Important

Remember, when you are pregnant, it isn’t just you consuming the food you intake, but the little heart that’s beating inside you is partaking of it too. So make sure you provide your unborn child all the necessary nutrients and vitamins and do ask your gynecologist to help you with this. Eat a sufficient amount of food and consume enough water, and keep away from alcohol or smoking.

Try doing some Exercise

Gentle exercises can be really helpful, but vigorous exercises are to be avoided absolutely. Ask your doctor what exercise suits you best. You can also try some yoga, but not ones that involve too much physical bending or stretching. Pranayam can be of great help as it does not involve any physical stress that might linger into the unborn baby’s body.

Get Yourself a Massage

Exercises during pregnancy can be tiresome. If you are looking for alternate stress relief, why not go for a massage or a spa, where you can sit and dream of the new member that is to come soon? Massages can be a great stress reliever as it relaxes the muscles. Salons these days have special pregnancy massage packages.

Try Seeking Experienced Help

Who better a mentor than someone who herself has been through this entire cycle. Hence, you should talk to women who are mothers already. They will provide you with any kind of practical knowledge that you might be in need of. Most women face stress during pregnancy and succeed in dealing with it. So this hard- to- crack nut may be an easy one to crack for you with their productive guidance.

Don’t Burden Yourself with a lot of Work

Working during pregnancy is considered not considered harmful though, but too much of anything is never good. If you work outside, make sure you have limited the time you devote to your job. Also, chores that demand too much energy is better to avoid during later stages of pregnancy.


Give Yourself some Quality Time

We know you want to have some great time and stay away from all the tension. You can always satisfy your cravings for those tasty deserts, but please ensure they are hygienic. Ask your partner to take you out on a date tonight!

Stay Safe when Traveling

Most people would advise you not to go out of home because there are a lot of worries that follow. Travelling can be really stressful during pregnancy, so make sure you avoid jerk as much as possible, whenever you do travel.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

If things like labor pain and child care are bothering you, the best way is to educate yourself. Get to know what labor pain is like, and prepare yourself to deal with it for the sake of the beautiful time that is to follow. Trust us, motherhood is an amazing experience! All the pain is worth it, and if it still gets on your nerves, talk to your doctor.

How can I be Happy During Pregnancy?

It is absolutely understandable that stress does follow the news of pregnancy. But there is no other cure other than educating yourself about motherhood and taking care of yourself. Avoid unnecessary stress, and that is the key to staying happy.



Pregnancy, for most women, are full of memories that they cherish for a lifetime. But any kind of stress can lead to a deviation of your focus from enjoying these beautiful moments. So, it is advised that you shed all worries by following the above mentioned nine tips, and make the most of this time that is at your disposal!