11 Side Effects Of C-section No One Told You About


C-section deliveries are normally safe. However, they are not free from any side effects. Side effects of C-section delivery can include post-surgery infection, profuse loss of blood, fatal injuries to the organs, clotting of blood, dangerous reaction to anesthesia and so on.

There are also various risk factors associated with c-section delivery. Like for instance, c-section deliveries can lead you to emotional challenges, obesity, and infections in the wound, postpartum sepsis, bleeding, and hemorrhage.

These are the side effects which can always haunt a women undergoing c-section delivery. However, it is not true that every woman faces this kind of a situation. But nonetheless it is good to be aware of the side effects of such massive surgery.

11 Side Effects Of C-section

Post-Surgery Infection

One of the major scares is of course the infection. If the wound is not healed the infection can manifest. It can be in a pretty deadly shape. Post-Surgery Infection depends on the way the surgery has been done. It also depends on the aftercare. If the wound is not properly taken care of, the infection might creep up. This is where the problem is. Under normal circumstances the wound dies up within a week’s time. But if it is not healing properly, then it is a matter of concern.

Loss of Blood

Loss of blood during surgery can also be a challenging factor. Every pregnancy is different. That is why every c-section is also different. Some surgeries go out of hand. In such cases the blood loss occurs more. That affects the mother by a great extent. Excessive blood loss might even lead to death.

Fatal Injuries to Organ

Depending on the criticality of the condition, the complication of the surgery can increase. There can be fatal injuries inflected upon your aligning organs. Your uterus can be in harm’s way. The quality of surgical intervention determines the safety of the procedure. The consequent injuries are also dependent upon the surgical process. The size and position of your baby is also another factor determining the extent of injury. Sometimes internal injuries remain hidden and increases serious complications later on your life.


Emergency hysterectomy

If something goes fatally wrong then a hysterectomy becomes necessary. It is a surgery to remove your entire uterus. Sometime the size and position of your baby makes the c-section more complicated. That is where this kind of additional surgeries become necessary. Losing a uterus will necessarily mean that you will never become pregnant again. Many women, around the world, needs to undergo this surgery.


With infection fever also creeps up at times. When the body is weak the temperature also might rise. The overall immunity of the mother also gets lowered, thereby making it easier for the infections to attack. Fever after C-section is not common. You should consult your physician immediately if you face such situation.c-section effects

Blood Clot

Sometimes instead of bleeding some blood gets clotted inside. This symptom is also very risky because it opens up chances of further infection. This is very risky as blood clotting can turn very nasty and cause a lot of pain for you, in the future.

Reaction to Medication

C-section delivery will mean that you need to take plenty of medications. The medications are necessary for cancelling out any chance of infection. However, these medications have severe negative reactions. These include drowsiness, lack of appetite and constant fatigue. However, it is very normal and it is a matter of time that you recover. The earlier days of motherhood can be challenging due to these reaction.

Reaction to Anesthesia

Whether it is a local anesthesia or a general one it always comes with a reaction. The spinal cord takes its toll. Also it causes back pain. It causes tremendous muscle spasm. Cramps become regular. The worst part is that it stays for a long time. Even months and years after the actual surgery the pain remains. It is not very risky or harmful but truly very annoying.

Emotional Problems

Many mothers face emotional problems after delivery. However, the problems double if the delivery is a caesarian one. The medicines and the injections misbalance the hormones to a great extent. This can lead to depression and other serious problems. This can make you feel like being separated from your baby.


Scars Tissues

A c-section delivery can scar many tissues. Those tissues might never heal. This can cause severe problems. They might not hurt you physically or emotionally. But they remain there. However, it might cause future complications. It might cause difficulties in future deliveries.

Harm to the Child

Considering the complication, a c-section delivery might even harm your child. The baby might be differently positioned. The umbilical cord can be prematurely damaged. There can be blood loss for the baby as well. All of these factors increase the life risk of the child.


There are many causes of having a c-section delivery. Some of them are emergencies whilst some can be preplanned. Either way c-section deliveries are now safe alternatives. However, there are many severe and fatal side effects that you need to know about. There are other not so fatal side effects like increase in the blood sugar level or obesity. C-section mothers tend to gain more weight than mothers who have given vaginal birth. Moreover, the blood sugar related problems are also less compared to the mothers who have given vaginal birth.

Fatal risk of c-section obviously includes the death of the mother. Though rare nowadays, profuse blood loss can actually cause the death of the mother and also the death of the infant. The risks of such events are actually very low.

Advanced technology and anesthesia has made the delivery process almost painless. The birth rates have risen all over the world. If your doctor advises you a c-section delivery please clarify the reason of the decision with him or her. Every pregnancy is different and the complications can be many. That is why you should know what you are up to.