4 Practical Tips to Shop for Clothes with Your Tween Girl


Another holiday season is right around the corner, which means your tween daughter has likely begun to drop hints about all the new clothes she wants to rock this winter. And since she is entering that phase of life when fashion becomes an outlet for self-expression, chances are, she’ll want to pick out these clothes herself. 

tips to shop with tween girl

In other words, it’s time for a shopping trip—and the sooner, the better. Whether you shop online or in stores, COVID supply chain issues are projected to cause retail shortages, price inflations, or shipping delays over the next couple months, The Washington Post confirms. So start shopping early and turn it into a mother-daughter activity. Here are some tips to consider as you shop for clothes with your tween girl this holiday season.

Make It a Fun, Body Positive Experience

Tween girls often face pressure—either directly from their peers at school or indirectly from the cultural messages around them—to have a certain body shape. This can make shopping for clothes a stressful or insecure activity for some girls, so help your daughter to see it as a fun experience that you can bond over together. 

The easiest way to do this is to take the emphasis off the size your daughter wears or how her body looks in a piece of clothing, and focus instead on how the outfit makes her feel. Does she exude sheer confidence in that pair of jeans? Then don’t worry about what size is on the tag. This will communicate to your tween girl that her worth and self-esteem are not based on a number, which helps to instill a body positive mindset.

Give Her the Freedom to Express Herself

A tween girl’s sense of style is both personal and unique to her, as well as a constant work in progress. This time in her life is all about exploring her own identity, which she’ll often reflect through her outfit choices. One day, she might want to dress retro and alternative, with a flannel shirt and Converse high-top sneakers. While the next day, she might be into a softer, more delicate look, with flowy materials and bright, floral prints.


So as you shop for clothes, allow your daughter to experiment with all different types of fashion. Whatever bold color, quirky pattern or specific clothing item catches her eye, encourage her to try it on. Fashion is all about self-expression, so give your tween the independence to shop for clothes that show off the uniqueness of her vibrant personality.          

Think Comfortable, Age Appropriate Styles

Of course, because she is still rather young and not yet a teenager, it’s also important to ensure your tween girl picks out clothes that are appropriate for her age. Help her choose modest, comfortable outfits that make her feel stylish, without looking too mature or exposing too much of her body. She might push back at first, but gently communicate to her that clothes can be fashionable and appropriate at the same time.

Your tween girl is in a transitional stage of life, where she’s not quite a child anymore, but she’s not a young woman either. So she will need some practical guidance from you on how to dress for this in-between phase. Start her off with a few classic, mix-and-match pieces—for instance, a pullover sweater, denim jacket, or high-waisted trousers are all perfect for this time of year, while taking both modesty and trendiness into account. 

Go for Convenience with Online Shopping

While shopping at a brick-and-mortar retail store can be fun, consider shopping online too, as you’ll often have a wider selection of clothing styles and sizes to choose from on the web. Many e-commerce retailers also allow you to narrow the search with specific filters such as “blouses,” “maxi dresses,” or “cardigans” to help you locate the exact clothing piece your daughter wants. You also might find exclusive online discounts, promotions and clearance items through a retailer’s website that are not offered in store.   

In these pandemic times, online shopping has become easier and more accessible than ever, so rather than driving to the mall, spend an afternoon with your tween girl at home, searching for clothes on the internet. This is a convenient, low-maintenance—not to mention, COVID-safe  way to score the clothes on her wish list right from your own couch. You can even make it feel special and festive by drinking hot cocoa while shopping online.