9 Amazing Health Benefits of Salak (Snake Fruit)


The skin of this fruit looks like a snake, that’s why it has an uncanny presence. It contains a sweet pineapple flavoured flesh inside. Salak is called snake fruit as well. It is considered to be crispy like an apple. It contains three structures inside, which are more like cloves and have an inedible seed each. It mostly grows in Java and Sumatra, south asian islands of Malaysia, Maluku, and Sulawesi.

Salak is more technically known as salacca zalacca. Apart from having a sweet and slightly acidic taste, the snake fruit is the real storehouse of numerous beneficial compounds. After pollination, salak generally matures within five to seven months. It is recommended that the salak fruit should be harvested before they fully ripen. This fruit is considered to be evergreen, tillering, and very spiny. This snake fruit is generally cultivated on mineral soil. Here in this article, we will know about the amazing health benefits of salak along with some other details such as nutritional value, side effects, and the like.

salak fruit

Firstly, let’s know about the nutritional value and health benefits of consuming salak fruit.

Nutritional value of salak fruit

As mentioned above, salak fruit contains a lot of important nutritional properties such as vitamins and minerals. The following are the nutritional properties of salak fruit. 100 grams of salak fruit provides:

Iron 3.9 milligrams
Vitamin b2 0.2 milligrams
Vitamin c 8.4 milligrams
Carbohydrates 12.1 grams
Calcium 38 milligrams
Phosphorus 18 milligrams
Protein 0.8 grams
Total fat 0.4 grams
Total dietary fibre 0.3 grams

9 Must Know Health Benefits of Salak Fruit

Salak fruit contains a lot of beneficial nutrients that are great for your overall health. The following are the 9 best health benefits of salak. Have a look.

Great memory booster

Salak is also known as ‘memory fruit’ as it is loaded with high nutritional value. Salak contains a high amount of potassium and pectin. These two compounds improve the cognitive function of the body and enhance memory.


Helps in weight loss

Salak contains a high amount of fiber and antioxidant contents. That’s why it’s a sought-after fruit for weight management diet. If you consume salak while you’re on a diet, it will provide your body necessary energy and stamina as it consists of carbohydrates and calcium. You can make a wonderful tea with salak, which is very beneficial for reducing weight.

Good for eyes

Salak can be used as an amazing eye medicine. This specific fruit is a rich source of beta-carotene, which is great for eye health. Anyone who is bored with consuming carrot juice constantly, in order to maintain healthy and balanced eyes, can exchange the boring carrot juice with salak juice. Consuming salak juice is the best way to get the required amount of beta-carotene.

Controls blood sugar

You can make tea by using the skin of salak fruit. This tea helps in the cell regeneration of the pancreas that controls blood sugar levels. Salak contains a blood glucose-lowering agent called pterostilbene. So, adding salak fruit frequently in your diet is very beneficial for controlling the blood glucose level.

Beneficial for cardiovascular health

A good amount of potassium content present in salak fruit helps to maintain a healthy heart. Salak contains a high amount of minerals and antioxidants that keep the cardiovascular system function properly. It helps in the water regulation within the body as well.

Good for stomach

Salak is considered to be one of the nutrients dense fruit that contains flavonoids, beta-carotene, calcium, saponin, and tannin. Salak contains numerous amazing health benefits for the human body because of the presence of these nutrients. Tanin of salak is anti-diarrhea, it helps to cure diarrhea. Salak is highly beneficial for treating stomach indigestion. If it is eaten with its epidermis, it can prevent constipation as well.

Treat nearsightedness

Only vitamin a is not enough to correct sharp eyesight. It can only treat night blindness. Constant use of glasses and drugs are recommended. You can overcome the problem slowly by consuming vitamin-rich food such as salak frequently.


Promote a healthy body

Salak contains vital vitamins and minerals which help in maintaining proper body function. Salak is considered to be a nutrient-dense fruit that promotes overall good health. Antioxidants present in salak prevent our body from any harmful carcinogenic damage. You can reduce the risk of hemorrhoid formation by consuming a portion of salak daily.

Substitute of carrots

To get all benefits of vitamin a, it is recommended to consume a lot of carrots. But if you’re on a wrinkle-free diet, doctors suggest avoiding carrots. Because foods rich in vitamin a can cause inflammatory reactions. But it is perfectly fine if you consume salak juice. It has no side effects if consumed in the wrinkle-free diet. Salak can be a great carrot substitute.

Now, we will know if salak is safe for a pregnant woman or not. As we all know, salak is one of the most beneficial fruits which contains numerous important nutrients and promotes overall good health.

Can It Be Taken During Pregnancy?

It is recommended for pregnant ladies to select good foods that can provide benefits to the future baby. Healthy foods should be a priority always. Salak can prevent the problem of morning sickness and nausea of young pregnant women. But do not consume an excessive amount of salak, as such protein-rich foods should be consumed frequently. The nutrients of salak are highly beneficial for your body during pregnancy.

The pectin present in salak is very effective in building a system of intelligence for babies in the womb. It may increase brain memory also. But an excessive amount of salak consumption in an empty stomach can trigger an increase in stomach acid production.

Side Effects of Salak

Apart from having a lot of benefits, salak has some uncomfortable side effects as well. If it is consumed in excessive amounts, then you may experience such conditions.


It is not good for ulcer patients:

Ulcer patients should not consume salak, as some contents of salak can cause the stomach to become injured.

Cause constipation:

You should not consume salak in excessive, as the high amount of fiber can cause stomach problems such as constipation.

The danger for typhoid:

When a person is experiencing any disease like typhoid, it would be better if they avoid consuming salak. High-fibre foods are not at all good for typhoid patients. It may worsen the condition.

You can make some delicious pickles, and juices by using salak fruit. You can provide a lot of amazing health benefits to your body by adding salak to your regular diet. But excessive consumption is not recommended. If you experience any of the above-mentioned side effects after consuming salak, consult with a doctor immediately. Pregnant women should also ask their doctors before consuming salak.